8 interior design trends you will fall in love with

8 interior design trends you will fall in love with

Planning to redecorate your home in the new year? Start making notes now. Whether it’s a whole new beginning or just a little refreshment after the Christmas decoration comes down, our 2019 trend guide will give you plenty to think about. Updating your home is the perfect way to keep you entertained and in good spirit during the post-holiday period.

2018 saw some very particular trends, including the continued popularity of rose gold metallic finishes, terrazzo tiling and an obsession with mid-century vintage furniture. But the big question is: what’s next?


Interiors always have an overarching concept that’s more than the sum of their parts, such as the colours, textures or furniture. So, what are the 3 biggest inspirations behind 2019 interior design trends?

  • On one hand, self-expression! Just like our fashion choices, our home interiors are an extension of the self. The market is rapidly moving in a direction where pieces are easily customised and available in an abundance of colours and materials.
  • A cosy and calm atmosphere is also a big one. More and more home decorators focus on creating a place for the self rather than ‘for show’, leading to practical and comfortable style over grandeur. Homes are becoming more classic, calm, nostalgic, and ultimately a place for relaxation.
  • Creating spaces to encourage happiness and joy is another key trend. Interior design is a chance to bring out your inner artist, creating something uplifting through colours, textures and scales.
residential interior design for a living room with stylish burgundy armchairs in Bromley London

Images by Temza / Drakefell Road Project

Neutral palette living room interior with fun furniture pieces, red armchairs and a tent


For self-expression and to appeal the happy design trends, it’s no wonder that rich, bold colours are trending. Colour schemes with warm neutral base colours and contrasting, dark accents will be a key interior trend in 2019.

Beige seems to be reclaiming the lead as a neutral base from cooler grey tones, creating cosiness and homely. This can be easily combined with warm colours such as burgundy, chocolate tones and deep forest greens. The leading colour trend we’ve discovered in Temza Interior Design, will no doubt be warm peach and living coral.

spacious interior desgn for reception room with pink and gold designer furniture, white walls and bay window

Image by Barker and Stonehouse   


Similar to colour trends, the popular textures in 2019 will be all about creating inspiring spaces with a sense of curiosity.

Mixing metals, (which used to be a big no-no) can become rather popular with the new, daring finishes that are available on the market. This includes brass, bronze, rose gold or black chrome. However, if opting for only one, brass will definitely stay the popular choice.

We are seeing a hugely exciting array of natural stones being rediscovered. Still in their original forms, or as quartz surfaces, HD printed stone effect porcelain tiles or even digitally printed wallpapers. Many colourways including greens, burgundies and gold-blue tones are popular and, the busier the pattern, the more it will rock the 2019 interior design world.

As for fabrics, velvets are keeping their pole position in every colour imaginable. However, some exciting and rather cute fabric feature such as fringes or contrasting trim details are also emerging.

floral cushions by Romo fabrics

Image by Romo


Even though the emphasis seems to be on colours this coming year, there’s a place for patterns, especially tone on tone. Our interior designers recognised florals and geometrical patterns can even be used side by side. Also, there is an emerging trend of large statement patterns: the larger, the better.

The prominent use of these is in wallpaper form, enjoying its comeback recently and notably will continue firm in 2019. After the storm of wallpapered bathrooms last year, Temza London are waiting to see how they will incorporate it in other non-obvious parts of the house. I see the desire to use them in demanding areas such as kitchen splashbacks. The manufacturing processes however, still need development to cater to this.

interior design for a bedroom with bright blue designer bed

Images by Anthropology

bright and comfy armcahirs


The yearning for spaces to cocoon us leads to the popularity of curving and roundedness. Organic and nature-inspired shapes will reign, but can also expect to see several arches as features of the design schemes.

residential interior design for a custom made home bar, Bromley, London

Image by Temza / Drakefell Road Project 

Smart Design

More than any actual trend, we think smart spaces will enjoy a lot of attention in 2019. Maximising the potential of every corner and designing spaces in a very logical way, or on a smaller scale creating functional joinery pieces to fit our storage requirements. This is something we have always been advocating here at Temza Interior Design Studio.

Elements like home bars are a great example of how a piece of furniture or joinery can perfectly fit our lifestyle. It can take the place of a feature element while being designed to the smallest detail to one specific function. It’s able to cater for that very well.

dining area in grey palette with wooden furniture

Image by Erik Lefvander for Residence

interior design for a kitchen with pink and green walls and with a lot of plants

Image by Pinkhouse 

The Comeback of the Comebacks

In the ever-circling emergence and disappearance of specific eras, 2019 will see both Victorian and Mid-century inspirations in the form of original unique antique pieces, furniture and accessories that you cannot find anymore. Think darker wood finishes, mahogany, original details and authentic craftsmanship. Investing in items with history reinforces the home’s role as a shelter and safe place that will last and protect.

pink bathrrom with free standing bath

Image by H&M


Although we keep hearing that kitchens are the heart of the house, we are expecting to see some bathrooms in 2019 that will question that phrase. There has been a lot of creativity put into transforming utilitarian and small suites into places of relaxation and pampering. This starts with the layout, and our interior designers have been seeing homeowners wanting to dedicate more space to wet areas, which in return allows for more creativity and diversity. In terms of the bathroom trend forecast for 2019, it will likely bring us more spa-inspired bathrooms with a luxurious feel that will result in highlighting these spaces of the house and becoming real showstoppers. You can achieve this with wallpaper, 3D effect tiles, bespoke joinery, polished plaster or terrazzo. For more updates on interior design trends in 2019, make sure to visit our blog page, where we will keep you posted on any emerging stories and inspiration.


Top picture is by Home Designing

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