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Step by step guide to planning a 2019 renovation

Step by step guide to planning a 2019 renovation.

After last weeks hit post about the new 2019 trends many of you must have felt inspired to change something about the spaces you occupy-home, office, rented room, perhaps… Today we wanted to turn your attention to renovations, and in particular, how to plan one-the things to consider, the things to remember, and the order in which you should approach these tasks. And since it is still January and the blues might slowly be kicking in, we wanted to keep your mind focused on these resolutions and plans that you set have set for this year. 

Our in-house building company has a successful track record delivering high quality projects across London. The broad experience in the building industry has thought us that renovations are tricky and even if they are planned very much in advance and very precisely, there could be unpredictable pitfalls. With this guide we hope to cover the basics. Of course if you are experiencing issues or are not entirely decided yet, you can always get in touch with our friendly team, book an appointment and discuss how we can help you with your project.

Let’s get down to it!

First things first, assess the buildings condition

An exterior view of our Netherhall gardens house Project

Netherhall Gardens project

Even though, you might have just bought a property, it is important to asses it, before starting any building work. In fact it’s best to bring a main contractor on site prior to purchase if opportunity allows as they can give you realistic idea of the works you envisage is possible and if it’s realistic to your budget. There might be some hidden problems, you didn’t know about, so before any work is done it’s best to get consultants on site to prepare some tests for you.

Look for:

  • infestation
  • subsidence or heave
  • damp, leakage, previous water damages
  • drainage problems
  • ground survey (conduct a CAT scan to find any pipes and cables not on plans)

Plan the Size of the Renovation Project

temza design and build construction team is discussing temporary works

What do you want to do? Make a list of the things that are really important and some thing that you can compromise on. Are you renovating a bedroom, a kitchen, a couple of bathrooms, or a whole house? Any changes you make during the building process can cost time and money.

Work out the Cost of the Project and Set a Realistic Budget

Before taking on a project you should thoroughly cost out the renovation. Consult and get a couple of estimates.

At Temza Design Studio we always start the initial process with a free of charge meeting, listening to our clients and and discussing the project’s potential. Following the meeting, we develop the scope of work and prepare our fee proposal. So you can rely on us here! You will also need to consider the cost of rent, if you have to move out as well as new finishes and furniture. Add about 10% to cover unanticipated costs.

Check for Restrictions and Building Regulations

London street and beautiful old buildings along the street with bright front doors in Shepherds Bush

Loftus Rd. Project

Do you need a planning permission, building regulations approval or listed building consent? Your property may be listed, or located in a conservation Area. You can check if it is listed atBritish Listed Buildings and therefore gain a Listed Building Consent for alterations. Even repainting with the wrong paint or using gypsum plasters might be unauthorized, so always check before you start work. Also, remember the Party Wall Act, if you are building near the boundary, you should check if this act will affect you.

Get the Right Insurance

Another important thing to remember is insurance. Forgetting to insure your property and its contents, may result in financial losses and impossible claims should anything go wrong, and when you are putting your life savings to build a home for your family, taking risks is the last thing you want to do. The level of insurance required will depend on the works carried out.

Protect the Site

After you have insured the property you will have to protect it against break-ins and vandalism too. Only somewhat surprisingly pipes, wiring and professional equipment can be easy target for burglars. You need to agree with your main contractor, as this can be also included in their proposal.

Decide on the Design

top view of studio hand sketching and rendering

Think aesthetical, but practical too. Do you want to restore the original appearance of your space, or dramatically transform it? In any of these cases ensure that the finished design will meet your needs. What do you hope to achieve? It might be best to consult with an architect or designer to look at all of the possibilities. Our comprehensive range of services within interior architecture and design, includes concept creation, spatial planning, material selection and designing and sourcing bespoke joinery, furniture and accessories packages. We specifically tailor the project briefs to the client, and create the full design package as well as liaise with subcontractors and industry specialists to bring our designs to life. Should you require any assistance or help… well you know where to find us.

Talk to Your Neighbours (Maybe Bake for Them?)

Finally, be considerate of your neighbours and remember that having a next door building site is almost as stressful as living in one. You should also warn them about large delivery vehicles and excessive noise and bring them a box of chocolates while you are at it. A good relationship with your neighbour can go a long way.

You are almost set to go! One last thing is, remember construction comes in specific order, follow the steps bellow and you will go through the renovation with least amount of stress and obstacles.

Order of building work:

  • Demolition
  • Structural works
  • Any repairs on roof and /or foundations, address water or damp issues
  • Glazing and windows
  • Exterior works
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing first fix for heating, bathrooms and kitchens (running the pipes, but not fittings any of the fittings yet)
  • Electric first fix for lighting, power, alarm, speakers and electric blinds (running the cables, but not fittings any of the fittings yet)
  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Interior Painting, Decorating, Surface Finishes
  • Plumbing and electric second fix (fitting the actual fittings in the prepared locations)
  • Tiling
  • Joinery, including hanging doors, fitting architraves, skirtings and covings as well as other fitted joinery such as kitchens, bespoke storages and cabinets, staircase, handrails and spindles
  • Garden, Swimming Pools, etc. (can run parallel to the rest of the works as for gardening works you have to follow the seasons)
  • Snagging
  • Final Clean, handover and move-in
  • This is the point when you can move furniture and window dressings to site and let the pretty part begin!
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