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A soothing mix of the best Scandinavian chairs for your dream home

A soothing mix of the best Scandinavian chairs for your dream home

Stockholm Design week 2019 has been an absolute explosion of inspiration and ideas for our Temza Design Studio team. And yes, chairs are one of these many ideas. Everyone loves a good chair to snuggle in. Today our interior designers bring you a unique selection of 7 distinctive Scandinavian design recliners that surely will make your heart melt.  

But first, let’s discuss what makes these beauties so typically Scandinavian and worth reading about. Authentic pieces with distinctive character, the 7 chairs happen to be a perfect mix of contemporary and classic. Playful and funky at times, yet bringing the homey, cosy, warm feeling to your dream home.

It is a well-known fact that the core of Scandinavian design is slow living- the joy and appreciation of life. People love to surround themselves with minimalistic and simple items, yet pieces that represent the art of essentialism. In respect of the truly necessary in everyday life, products and furniture design comes with its own special kind of character… Balance is key. Timeless design is achieved through a harmonious, intriguing mix of traditional and contemporary. 

Incorporating natural elements is a must. The respect for the environment can be seen in the choice of finishes, textures, forms and even colours. Find the best possible fit to your London property, as we explore the importance of neutral colours which can help maintain the natural element.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the cloud of ‘hygge’, cosiness and comfort. Sit back, relax and check out Temza London’s selection of 7 Scandinavian design chairs to fall in love with. And if you can not sit back and relax… well, you might need to consider investing in a new armchair! And we will be more than happy to specify this for you!

Covent Chair by New Works Furniture

A very contemporary, truly modern form, yet classic chair. Freestanding and delicate looking, this is one very sleek looking piece. Definitely suitable for both a dinner table or while you curl up in a dimmed reading corner with just a simple pendant light above it. Inspired by the Mondrian’s line work, the Covent Chair could be a beautiful addition to your dream home. Not just a chair but a piece of art. Our interior designers find this classic chair versatile and suitable for any corner of your property.

Its frame comes in two different metal finishes-iron black and metallic white and 5 upholstery options. 

A very contemporary, truly modern form, yet classic COVENT chair by New Works Furniture

The Fly chair comes with an exciting and very appealing concept. Pushing the idea of lounging to the fullest Danish company Space Copenhagen has created a piece that allows the user to sit back, relax and rest. Simple design, yet another classic mid-century inspired shape.  The seat itself is optimised for comfort, with loose cushions for the back that can be arranged according to the user’s own needs. Made of solid oak, the chair is then treated with smoked oil which causes it to age gracefully and becomes more beautiful with time. 

Little Petra was first introduced to the big public in 1938 at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild. Designed by the architect Viggo Bossen this petite chair has been recently relaunched. The piece is of perfect size and fits in all kind of spaces. Upholstered in the new favourite sheepskin or moonlight fabric, this piece is super comfortable and allows you to curl up with a book and a cup of your favourite tea. The legs come in oiled oak and walnut wood. 

Another classic piece, inspired by Danish furniture design from the 50s. The elephant chair is an elegant mixture of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese aesthetics. Representing an elephant ear, the shape of this lounge chair is specially providing that superior comfort.

The chair comes in 4 solid oak variations-Natural, Dark Stained, Black and Smoked. It can be upholstered in leather, wool or sheepskin. And although the leather piece looks incredibly sophisticated and like a class act, we are biased here and would love to have one of the plush sheepskin ones.

Fun and playful this piece by Tom Dixon studio is just what you would expect from the designer. Curiously called-Fat chair, it is designed to hug the body and allow for multiple sitting positions. The design is available as a dining chair, bar stool and lounge chair. “The extreme simplicity of the components is a testament to form following function while maintaining a humorous silhouette and a reductionist aesthetic. Quite a balancing act!” As the studio describes.

The fat chair is made from moulded foam with a metal leg in high gloss black lacquer and made to order upholstery. We fell in love with it straight away and would love to specify it for you! Anyone interested?

Curiously shaped but extremely elegant the Pavilion lounge chair appears almost like a” rope that’s come undone”. We loved the continuous flow of its delicate lines and curves. A lounge chair that leaves the impression of lightness and airiness, it’s specially designed to be slightly laid back. In doing so, the Pavilion lounge chair is openly inviting you to lean back, relax and stay a while.  

Last but not least comes this little Danish sweetheart that captures everything that Scandinavia stands for. Comforting, embracing, peaceful, simple, sophisticated and incredibly charming! Upholstered in the timeless, yet easeful bouclé fabric, which is woven of uneven yarn to attain the rich, loopy texture of the surface, this peace sits with such grace. We love its curvaceous nature, that almost feels like a mother’s embrace. Modern elegant, and with real character! 

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