A Temza London Apartment Interior Design Guide

You have access to your new apartment, and you are ready to renovate and transform an ideal space for you or your family but don’t know where to start? Temza Interior Design and Build Studio have provided you with a full apartment design guide to kick start your journey and create the property you’ve always wished for!

As exciting as it is, it may also be daunting when you are uncertain on how to start designing your apartment. Our interior designers recognise this and have decided to assist your journey with considerations when working with a design and build studio or independently. Let us explore the journey for the ideal apartment design.

Think about the purpose

First and foremost, it is critical to recognise the purpose of the apartment as this will guide you on how to design your apartment. Different motives will result in different solutions and results, this being if you are planning to rent out, or if you and your family will occupy it. Before the concept and designing process, the interior design team must establish what you are looking to achieve in the long run and the tools required. If it is an apartment for the family, the design should be easily adjustable to a constant change of family needs. Furniture and finishes should be children proof and safe to use if a possibility arises. This was an essential feature for our Drakefell Road project where our interior design team were conscious in supplying freestanding furniture, which was child-friendly.

If you are planning to rent out the apartment, keep the apartment neutral and adaptable. Our interior designers suggest keeping the colours light and use natural materials as this will appeal more to others looking to rent.


A good layout and structure are the core of a comfortable apartment. As discussed in our blog post on Space planning and layout in interior design, it is critical to dedicate some time in creating a layout which is ergonomic and functional. The layout of the apartment should be harmonically balanced within the distinct zones. Additionally, it is incredibly vital to consider the lifestyle of the residents, to prioritise which rooms are essential and focus on how the apartment can be used to its best ability. Our interior design team focuses on having the right balance within the apartment, so no space is wasted. Unfortunately, there is never too much space in London apartments, so it is critical to design an intelligent interior which meets all the needs of the client.

For example, the kitchen should be proportional to the dining room or living area, so we need to be realistic in what is necessary and how to incorporate it. If you love your kitchen islands but believe that will result in no space for dining area, regrettably you’ll have to let it go. Make sure to communicate to the interior design team what your specifications are and how realistic it’ll be for a limited London space.

Smart storage solutions to maximise your space

If you haven’t guessed already, our interior design team praise and advocate a smart storage solution which provides complete functionality and maintains elegant within any space. We at Temza, pride ourselves by being experts in this area as we always focus on implementing it with any residential or commercial interior. Our interior design team like to spend extra time to think about storage before designing. Can we not focus on storage and organising once the space is complete? Not necessarily, as it is easy to overlook more technical parts of the design while rushing to complete a project. You wouldn’t want to create a space which doesn’t have enough capacity to fit your belongings and personal goods.

Luckily for you, many furniture and pieces provide multiple functions and become easier to create storage in even the most discreet places. This industrial coffee table by Westelm allows as suggested by the name: a coffee table, as well as, convenient pop-up storage where you may keep some personal documents. Convenience should be the focus here, as much as you buy a beautiful wardrobe which is to die for, if it doesn’t contain enough space taking in consideration of what you currently have, it’ll be ineffectual. If your stunning bedroom or hallway is full of shoes and clothes due to not providing enough space, we will lose the objective.


Never underestimate the power of lighting, as this single feature can alter your space and apartment radically. An ideal lighting source can transform a simple white room into a luxurious, relaxing space. Additionally, if not considered correctly, it may spoil a flawlessly designed interior by using the wrong colour temperature or not using sufficient lighting to showcase your room. Our interior designers collaborated with Phos lighting to explain all from the type of lighting to temperature, too fixtures and layering.

Our interior designers emphasise you do not need a grand and expensive chandelier when we mean good lighting, but verify there is the right amount of lighting and adaptability to create focal points according to the room and your needs. An office requires designated lights to create an environment which you can fully concentrate. Use different types of fixtures to ensure you obtain proper general, task and accent lighting depending on the area’s function.


Probably the most favourable topic in designing the ideal apartment; the style you choose. Our interior designers note again; the style of the apartment depends on the purpose. Will this be a rental space? If so, it’ll be wise to incorporate a neutral palette as more freedom and choice is allowed in choosing furniture and pieces. If it is used to serve a particular resident, you’ll want to create something which will be timeless and not bore over the years.

At Temza Interior Design & Build Studio, we strongly trust the art of mood boards and how creating a mood board can help to define your preferred style. Our interior designers want to evaluate and understand what attracts you the most to integrate into your apartment. The objective is to not copy exact solutions from the mood board but to establish the style for your interior. Once you have determined your desired look, make sure to be consistent! It is easy to fall in the trap and use as many currents trends as you can, but think what will work in years to come. If you are uncertain on what style will suit best, pick a neutral scheme and add character using accessories and free-standing furniture which are easily replaceable.

If you require design and build services for your London Apartment, you can contact our interior designers now and book a free consultation online! Let us transform your space in the best finish.

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