The Ultimate Guide to Art in Interior

Art has become such an influential part of our lifestyle and growing to be quite the necessity in interior design for London residential and commercial spaces. Artwork can substantially complete the look or transform your interior space, giving that extra unique touch which your property may lack. What is the beauty of introducing art, and why should you do it? That is what our interior designers will be discussing today through our ultimate guide to Art in Interiors. Temza Interior design studio share insight on how you can select the perfect artwork for your home, what you should consider when fusing it to your space and the best setting and location so it can truly stand out!

Why Art in Interior Design is Important

Elevate the quality of your space and overall impression of your home and everyday life with art pieces which are significant to you and bring in character to your London space. The beauty of art in interior design is that it doesn’t even have to be the largest statement in your home. Even a more subtle piece or smaller frame will create a difference and make significance to your living space. As explored by Artwork Archive, there are many beneficial factors to introduce this beautiful creative form in your London space. Artwork will set you apart from other interiors which may lack life and personification, especially interiors which are keen to use high street prints that are repetitive and overused. The idea to perfect this is finding pieces which are meaningful to you and represent something. Allow yourself to have a conversation starter and let is be a focal point within the living room, a great first impression in your hallway or a piece to admire in the dining area, much like our wonderful Westminster project. So, we’ve convinced you that art is a must, how will you go about finding the perfect piece?

Studying the perfect piece

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The first thing to remember is to follow your instinct and heart; you need to find a piece which speaks to you and that you’ll cherish endlessly. Our job as an interior designer is knowing how to incorporate it to your residential home and giving you advice on what you can work around on so it fits perfectly. Artwork is not limited to paintings. Our interior design team are talking about graphic prints, photographs, sculptures or 3D pieces (even neon lighting). Temza have experience and know many art suppliers which you may explore and inspire from. Future icons will provide you with high-quality collections of design and craft, fitting for interior art accessories. Modern Muse has a selection of incredible artists with exceptional prints and pieces to frame. We have also mentioned Quintessa Art and Partnership Editions on 5 solutions into modernizing a living room through interior design, which explains why art will help accentuate. There are many available platforms for you to explore, so here is some question to ask when finding art for your interior.

What is my main element to focus on?
How will the colour scheme work?
Where should it be located and displayed?
How will I select a style to match with my existing interior harmoniously?

As discussed in our previous blog, it is always good to consider one or more of the following elements when finding a piece: colour, style and scale. Allow yourself to explore the options, which our interior designers can confirm are countless. Following the colour scheme of your home is your safe options when you are new to the art world. Add dynamic and spontaneity with a contrasted and complementary tone. If you are confident to make that art piece the centre of attention and are proud to talk about it, go for it! You may even refresh an interior by mixing old and new. Finding a modern and abstract piece and placing it into a classical or traditional interior can help avoid the look of a museum and strengthen your London home. Think wisely and create a visual image.

Artworks are mainly found in the living room, dining area of the hallway. Still, currently, interior designers and clients embrace art so much where it can fit anywhere within bathrooms, bedrooms, entrances etc. Proportion and scale are critical, and smart acknowledgement and common sense come hand-in-hand when choosing that ideal spot to exhibit. Larger pieces are located in more exhibited areas with greater space, while smaller artwork will be displayed in emptier walls which are narrow or already quite busy. If you would like an idea, you may explore our portfolio and find the closest layout to your home. Temza Interior Design studio love art so you’ll be viewing a lot of interiors with different pieces.

Our interior design team is always available to assist, and we portray a true sense of passion and willingness to help guide you into your beautiful dream interior. If you are looking to turn that dream into a reality, don’t hesitate in contacting us today with your ideas and thought process. Let us collaborate and work together to produce something magnificent!

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