Furniture and Interior Design Trends in Autumn 2020

It is officially Autumn, one of the most favoured seasons as we see warm colours approaching, new collections and product releases and the perfect time to wind down, relax and embrace comfortability. Are you wanting to prepare your home or business for Autumn by following the most popular trends from the end of 2020? Our interior designers have observed and analysed everything interior design and furniture-related so you can be in the know of what is being favoured and admired amongst interior enthusiasts, suppliers, and designers! Today we explore the furniture and interior design trends in Autumn 2020.

Comfortable Cottage Chic

Indicated to be one of the most explored trends this Autumn, a cosy and traditional aesthetic resembling a cottage delight allows you to focus on the importance of natural materials, family styles and vintage beauty. The interior design world is keen to embrace the simpler and healthier lifestyles, especially during this year and its current events. You can learn more about creating a healthier interior through design in our blog post here. The term ‘cottage core’ was created to define this Autumn 2020 interior trend.

Our interior design studio admires its wholesome-ness and appealingness for enlightening the passion for rural spaces and cottage vibes. Create a charming and inviting space through warm whites, beautiful neutrals and the addition of muted colours such as blush, sailor blues and other soft pastels. Dulux has recently announced the Colour of the year 2021 ‘Brave ground’ which is the ideal tone to produce and implement this interior design trend and style.

Our residential interior designers recommend the exploration and mixture of textures to highlight and perfect this trend truly. Create an authentic and comfortable aesthetic through high-quality linen and cotton, woven wool, rattan and plush decorative elements to embrace the soft appeal. This trace round rug made by 100% cotton is that refined and delicious accessory to style your flooring for your ‘cottage core’ interior. Isn’t this the most ideal and needed Autumn interior trend as we approach a colder season? Create an environment which is comfortable, and that will allow extreme tranquillity to encourage a calmer mind-set and headspace for the end of this year.

Wooden and Cane Furniture

Bed Threads 


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An extension of the ‘cottage’ look trend, we return to targeting natural materials and enduring values within the interior design and furnishing sector. Sustainability is still a key and vital element in everything interior design, as we are eager to see a healthier world which focuses on the wellbeing and care of the environment. So, it is no wonder we see more and more suppliers and designers exhibiting natural matters and items for your residential or commercial space.

Add a raw and cosy effect within the design of your space through materials such as wood, linen, rattan and cane. This can be found on seating, side tables, headboards and many other furniture, especially targetted for the living room or bedroom. Our interior design team believe this cane Armchair is that perfect addition to your home as it is charming, classic and timeless!

Use this opportunity to add and explore vintage items and furniture to create that raw and natural look in your home! The traditional and delicate appearance will enhance neutral colour scheme and complete that beautiful rustic look you were searching for.

Magical Touches

What do we mean with the title ‘Magical Touches’? Ultimately, it is adding unique elements to your home or business space which seem other-wordy and mystical. If you are eager to add some vibrancy and character to your space, our interior designers believe this trend and description will provide you with all the right tools to create a beautiful and unique aesthetic. According to furniture, we see the growth in jewel-toned inspired items to provide you with rich colours in any room of your space. Emeralds, Garnets and blues will complement the cold season and enhance your interior with its elegant and sophisticated look. It may also reflect tranquillity due to the healing effects and origins of jewels and crystals. We see a familiar pattern and theme for Autumn 2020—the yearning to relax and keep calm through many aspects of interior design. need inspiration on what a jewel-toned inspired item may look like? Something as minimal as this beautiful Phoenix cabinet by Julian Chichester will create that illusion.

Expanding more within this Autumn 2020 interior design trend, we are seeing a more exotic, oriental and intricate pattern and design, particularly Japanese inspired to spice up the London interior space. It emphasises the raw design and material trend, showing imperfect forms can actually contribute to a beautiful idea and component. Embrace the unfamiliar and visualise to create an intriguing and eye-catching interior in your London home or commercial space!

Did you guess the following trend for this Autumn? As an interior design studio in London, we are here to enlighten you with the desired and admired elements and phases in interior design. Our Instagram page is the perfect source and outlook to get everything you need and to gather inspiration!

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