At Temza Interior Design and Build Studio, we always keep ourselves informed of the current and want to share with our viewers everything we know! These trends for interiors have been recently picked up by brands and designers, and you may have already started to see a few in your favourite furniture stores. Here are some spotted Autumn/Winter trends for 2019/2020. Nonetheless, we, at Temza, aim to be timeless and not trendy, and in your own home you should always follow your heart, not trends!

Our everyday life can be fast and frantic, and it feels like more and more people are rejecting materialism to get back to simplicity. We have seen a general rise of concern for climate change, for example, where slowing down our consumerism habits is paramount. It is a year of seeking balance and thoughtful purchasing, linking a special message or sentiment to the furniture we buy. Additionally, we look for our homes to be places where we can shelter, feel at ease and express our ideal lifestyle. This is reflected in the choices we make and what suppliers are exhibiting for furniture, paint, flooring and soft furnishing. Here are some of the selected trends to consider and be aware of this following year.

Green hues and Biophilia design

Green has already been dominating the year, and this will be intensified next year. Dulux company has announced the colour of the year 2020 to be a soft green: Tranquil Dawn. A shade which expresses tranquillity and is inspired by the morning sky. Tranquil Dawn helps give homes the human touch, connecting more to our surroundings and find meaning. A perfect shade to express what we are looking to do in the interior industry and bring the real back to an age, which is so technology focused.

Little Greene Company has been working since 2018 with National Trust to develop specific greens. And more recently Farrow & Ball has collaborated with the Natural History Museum. “Colour by Nature” is the collaboration that was composed of 16 new colours as part of their new portfolio. These are good examples of luxury paint companies getting at the forefront of the green and nature trend.

The Biophilia design is something Temza London is familiar with and encourages with any interior project. It is important to add natural elements indoors to elevate our moods and create a harmonic balance. Some ideas for bringing the outside in are lots of natural light from skylight windows, large bay windows, French doors etc. If you are fortunate to live in a property which allows a lot of natural light, take advantage of it!

An abundance of houseplants. Any plantation in the home is a must, and the choices are endless from smaller hour plants to large fig trees! Need some plant inspiration, our interior designers guide for interior plants shows every plant which will fit your space. Even artificial plants are proving popular with more brands releasing a collection of artificial plants. These aren’t aimed at the commercial and restaurant markets anymore. Homeowners and renters are looking to bring a bit of green to their décor with these plants that require virtually no maintenance.

Structured simplicity - Natural materials

Currently, there is a strong demand for environmental and natural materials for us to implement in the interior and to connect. Linen and bamboo are good examples of this, where more and more suppliers want to create organic and enduring furniture which we consider special and thoughtful when purchasing. Sustainable and renewable fabric sees an increased interest, and we are moving with the age where the wellbeing of people and their surroundings is critical and desired.

70s Design Style revival

It may have started with our renewed love for Terrazzo and Macrame in the last few years, but trendsetters are saying that it will go further and take over as a new interior trend. So far, we have definitely seen more 70s inspired rooms in magazines and social media with high pile rugs, bold colours, and more “funky” or “bohemian” designs as of late. So keep an eye on this one.

Abstract and Geometric Art

Geometric shapes from modern art and graphic design are getting into the home with art frames, pillow cushions, vases and rugs. In interior design, we are visually stimulated with pattern and texture. Experimenting with shaping on furniture, layout or accessories, you can create unique spaces personalised to your liking and showcase your expressive and creative mind.


A blend of Nordic design and Japanese design, Japandi is slowly getting adapted by designers as a trend on its own. You’ll find furniture mixing the minimalism and wabi-sabi trends from Japan, and the simple, classic and quality design from Nordic countries.

Soft Minimalism / Softness

To continue with the living intentional trend, Soft minimalism or soft pastels colours are used into interiors to communicate a relax and calm living space. Colours like soft pinks, neutral beiges and muted blues are on the trend report. These can work beautifully with gold and brass details to truly exhibit a refined interior and style.

In conclusion, our interior designers note that we must slow down and stay put in human and environmental connection. Feeling disconnected to each other during a time we are so concentrated in technology, we can reconnect this through our space shared with others and reclaim a period of relaxation and spirit.

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