How to strengthen your cafe interior design

If you are running a business and café in London, you most likely realise the importance and critical purpose of needing to stand out to differentiate why your space should be the ones for customers to visit. Your business relies on others to connect with you or find connections in your café. It relies on being an environment which will allow social situations and keep them coming back, making the space inviting and relaxed. At Temza Interior design and build studio, our commercial interior designers give you everything you ought to know for the perfect and classic café environment which will keep you running for many years to come. Here are some key factors to strengthen your Café interior design.


Focusing out of the interior design aspect for a brief second, our commercial interior design team believe this is an element that will create an impact on the long-running of your business and café fit-out. The location of your London café is predominant when analysing what clients you want to attract and how much business you’ll like, which is a lot! At Temza London, we are already aware of the limitations when finding a commercial space which is affordable and convenient. Analyse the area and research the competition, make sure you thoroughly are aware of what needs to be done to make your café interior design and fit-out be it, to stand out. Educate yourself and establish individualism, you may come forward to a Commercial interior design and build company knowing what you want to achieve.

Inimitable Branding

Evidently, your space and café interior design needs to reflect and represent your brand and what you stand for. You can extend your message and brand to the atmosphere and environment of your commercial space with subtle yet extremely intelligent solutions with discussing and communication to the commercial interior design and build company. If they have an idea and some context of what you want to achieve as a business, our commercial interior designers can guide you with the smart design steps to achieve this.

Our Manna Dew Project focuses on “achieving unmatched texture with a mission to redefine gluten-free standards.” The client wanted to focus on creating a new and trendy interior as their crucial advantage was that they were the first café to open a gluten-free service, hence reflecting the space which was fresh and unique.

If your café promotes a healthy lifestyle and uses organic ingredients, reflect that in your café interior design by choosing natural textures and materials which are visually interesting and promotes your ideas. Ligne Roset uses sustainable materials and provides exquisite pieces which are high-end, long-lasting and eco-friendly.

The correct design approaches

If the title seems ambiguous, let’s break it down for you. Coming hand-in-hand with branding, our commercial interior designers want to know what your ultimate goal is when launching your London café. Here are some examples:

Creating a special place to get noticed – If you want your café to be a destination for people to seek extraordinary experiences. In today’s age, social media is very influential, and most likely people want to visit café interior design which is ‘Instagram-able’, meaning pretty, fun and unusual. Your design approach then is to find original and quirky furniture, finding a colour palette which is visually eye-catching and looks good on pictures. Features and smart, unusual solutions are what you need to explore with your commercial interior designer.

Creating a cosy and friendly setting – Want a café interior design which is a reliable place for someone to relax and unwind? If aiming for a traditional approach and have a traditional message, you will want to design your café fit-out to be homely and allow the space to be used for work or casual socialising. Create relationships with locals who like to spend some time in a beautiful café space. When achieving this style, it is often an eclectic mix of styles using vintage, chic, industrial and Scandinavian influence. Find some Scandinavian furniture selections from our blog post here. The biophilic element will emphasise this and be a charming atmosphere to attract and keep customers.


Our commercial interior designers are here to mention again this vital feature, yes, light! Are you surprised? Well, customers need to be able to see your delicious treats and creamy coffee to celebrate and share with others. If you aim to achieve a relaxed and comfortable café fit-out, ambient lighting using beautiful pendant lightings is very achievable and will transform your space immensely. Our commercial interior designers are well familiar with excellent suppliers to offer you fantastic lighting solutions such as GubiLee Broom and CTO Lighting. Light up your space! Provide the best light which will glow from the exterior and invite the public to see the beautiful café interior.

The Exterior is as crucial as the interior (or even more!)

Finally, our interior designers mentioned the interior design and fit-out of your Café; however, for someone to enter an environment, they must have a first impression of the exterior beforehand. The exterior of your café is just as important or even more than the interior, as this is your key feature to grab attention and invite them in. Your London café needs to be striking and eye-catching for customers to be able to approach and commence their journey of being a regular to your reflected café interior design. Our commercial interior designers worked closely on the exterior of our Gloucester Road project, which truly reflects what this commercial space was about and has the unique element which is aesthetically pleasing when the public passes by. Make sure the surface of your London café reflects your branding, message but also considers the location and competition. You want your business to stand out and grab eyes, not blend in and be hidden.

Want to strengthen the interior design and fitout or your London café. Our experienced and friendly interior design team can assist you and transform your space into the best reflection of your brand. Visit our portfolio for some of our commercial interior design and fit-out projects, and make sure to contact us now to book a free consultation!

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