The critical 5 elements a London interior designer focuses on

Everyone can appreciate and love interior design! Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing space and home? What differentiates from an appreciator and admirer of the interior to an interior designer is finding the deeper connection and distinguishing the critical element is what makes an interior design successful. Temza London has discussed our process of completing a successful result and project. Still, this blog post digs deeper and gives an insight into what critical elements we always take and mainly consider into an interior design project. Here are five critical elements our London interior designers focus on for the ideal interior design of residential or commercial space.

Understanding the concept of space

Analysing the space we are working with and gathering a clear idea on how we can use it well, is exceptionally significant for the bigger picture. Interior design is the design of space. Everything needs to be evaluated to proceed with an interior space project. We are talking about ceilings, floors, wall, partitions, architectural structure, all of this is so, so important! Building around the space of an interior, and strategic space planning is essential, and it is a massive impact on an ideal environment. Interior designers establish specific zones for a purpose.

Open-plan spaces, we design to create a harmonic setting while accentuating distinct zones. You can find many gorgeous open-plan spaces and ideas from Elle Decor, or visit our Chapter Street project.

Another example will be designing small spaces. We think intensely in creating an illusion of it appearing to be larger, as well as installing smart storage solutions, so the use of space is wholly benefited and appreciated. Space planning and layout is a whole topic in the interior design itself. Lucky for you, we have a blog post on this which will give you a bigger image and perspective on how critical it is to be a successful interior designer, and an Interior Design and Build studio. Studying measurements, thinking of storage solutions and selecting the right furniture is all necessary within the interior design industry.

Defining the direction and style

When our interior designers say defining the designs direction and the overall style or theme, it means to allow yourself to learn about your client’s taste, needs and preferences. The one thing we need to distinguish and emphasise is, it is about the client. The job of an interior designer is to help visualise and realise their vision and the specified. Excellent and thorough communication is extremely essential to really grasp an idea of style, or enable the client to reach the point where they are satisfied and learn the style they like. You can determine the style by reviewing the keywords in interior design and making a comparison. Does the client like a traditional and elegant look? Do they prefer a contemporary approach which is linear and modern? Is there lifestyle relatively minimal and straightforward? Maybe they will appreciate a Scandinavian approach to their design. Small details in someone’s lifestyle will help define a style which is visually admired, yet functional and comfortable! There are so many terms in the London interior design realm; the objective is to find a term which resonates more to you.

Visualising Textures & Pattern

The wondrous world of texture, materials and pattern! Where do we start? Texture in interior design adds the depth and visual interest in an interior and environment. We connect with it visually where it draws us and catches our attention, to physically where we are enticed to touch and feel. The crucial idea to this is establishing the correct balance and prevent it from becoming too overbearing to the interior design space. Having the experience and knowledge in contrasting textures will give you a massive advantage and transform your room design into something ideal, not lacking but yet not overbearing. Our interior designers like to take time when it comes to texture and pattern. Colour and materials are considered, where the pattern and texture are used within the room, what style is the interior focusing on.

Here is a useful tip; to create a more comfortable and rustic feel, focus on using rough textures such as stones walls or counters, as well as shaggy accessories such as a rug or cushion. This brings a closer look to nature which transmit a cosy feel. Smooth and sleek materials emphasise a luxurious and sleek look!

Highlight with lighting

As mentioned in our previous blog post about lighting, “The key to getting the perfect lighting scheme for your new home is in understanding and combining different light fixtures and layering different types of interior lighting.” If we have worked hard to turn a dream interior into reality, we want to highlight it in the best light it has to offer. Our London interior designers focus on lighting as it is something that affects us every day. The art of layering lighting and fixed lighting is one to excel at if you complete a successful interior design project.

Temza Interior Design studio works closely with many suppliers such as CTO LightingLee BroomPhos Lighting, and many more. Quality in lighting is vital, and the experience of layering. Master this technique, and you are a professional interior designer.

Elevating aesthetic with function

As touched on earlier on, thriving interior design is incomplete if it is not functional. You may have many beautiful things in your home, but if it is not functional or comfortable in your space and for you, you’ll feel the disadvantages later on.

Focusing on functionality and aesthetics is essentially what an interior designer does and is required to do. You become strategic with layout and space, allow solutions such as bespoke joinery and allow the space to be personal and individual to your needs and daily routine. Our company brochure shows why functionality is so vital to Temza London and why it makes us stand out!

If you are ready to transform your interior today, contact our professional interior designers and let us prove to you why we are good at what we do!

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