Look out for these 2021 Design & Build Trends!

As the memorable year, 2020, is soon approaching the end, we are all eagerly inclined to remodel and update our design and space to create something more comfortable and optimistic for 2021. We have researched, witnessed and gathered inspiration from our own sources on what is to come for next year in interior design and build! In this article, we will explore designs, architectural features, furniture, schemes and much more.

Are you ready to upgrade your home and create an environment which embodies cosiness and relief? Our interior design company come to you with the design and build trends in 2021.

Cocooning and Extreme Comfort

First on the list is analyse and view your room as a retreat or a lustful escape. Majority of this year, we spent our time indoors, so this is the ideal opportunity to change it up and design as if you were escaping to a comfortable cottage.

Commence with selecting furniture which represents warmth, luxury and comfort. Our interior designers mean deep cushions, curved and gentle forms, anything which translates a homely comfort! This Little Petra chair by &tradition is the perfect piece which symbolises this specific 2021 design trend. The idea is to keep a neutral and relaxed colour scheme, focusing more on the tones of muted and neutral colours rather than exploring them. Add the interest and movement with pattern and texture; chunky and thick textured fabric such as wool and shaggy pieces, with the layering and matching of linen and cotton.

The final touch is to use natural and raw materials. This is a critical factor which will determine the ‘escapism’ effect, especially in a busy city. Exposed brick or stone walls are unbelievable for a cocooning appeal! Unfortunately, this might not be a possibility for many people, but there is also the opportunity of panelling and cladding. Take a look at our bedroom at Drakefell Road project. You may use various material such as brick, stone, and wood, all which contain a natural and cottage feel.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Our first trend translates the idea of making your interior into a retreat, and this design trend explores the elevated potential your outdoor space can give you! This time our interior designers promote and encourage you to style your outdoor space as if you were styling your indoor space. Now that we accumulate socialising with the outdoors, we want to prioritise this area specifically, especially when in need of some fresh air to keep good wellbeing.

So, where do you start? Designing your outdoor environment essentially requires the same consideration and process as indoors. Stick to an equivalent colour scheme as your home interior—layer pattern, colour and materials to create an environment which represents your taste and style.

Find the essential furniture; let’s start with seating, a ‘coffee’ or side table and footstools. Rattan or weave outdoor furniture will give you a modern feel. Our designers love this Ocean Maldives sofa with its modern forms and geometric design. If you want to accomplish a more traditional sense, incorporate some rustic throws and cushions, particularly during the colder seasons.

Roof Natural Lighting

There seems to be a reoccurring theme with the emphasis of mixing the indoors and outdoors. This build and design trend explores how you can brighten up your space and save costs while doing it from electrical bills. Roof windows or skylights and roof lanterns are clever and modern solutions to brighten up your home, and embrace nature.

Our woodside avenue which you can preview here or on our Instagram feed proves how much larger space can feel with natural lighting and locating windows on the roof still maintains that privacy while having great use of light. As you will spend more time at home or in your garden, make sure you create a space which is bright and healthy!

Vintage and Modern still in harmony

A design trend we are familiar with, and it is still going strong for 2021! Our interior designers see the rise in popularity when we mix and match vintage and modern design elements together, creating an appealing and engaging space. This distinct process generates more eclectic approaches and styles. Our interior design and build company particularly love this approach for the bathroom!

Mix a contemporary base and add vintage touches. Antique and ornate mirrors on walls are ideal and provide a gorgeous aesthetic into any room. Copper frames emphasise the vintage feel and also increases the idea of comfort and relaxation. If you want to find furniture for our dining room, kitchen or living room, bold rich natural colours such as green are gorgeous and rewarding! Search and select in antique furniture shop or markets. If you want to find the ideal piece, make sure to read our complete guide in antique shopping!

We wish all of our viewers, clients and enthusiasts a wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones. Let us turn the chapter and create a new year which is successful and fulfilling! If you are looking for a complete refurbishment this upcoming year, contact our interior design team in London today.

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