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The ultimate beginners guide to designing a beautiful and functional bathroom

Designing a bathroom? We got you covered!

For such a small room the bathroom has a big role to play, so there can be a lot to consider if you’re planning on giving yours a facelift. Whatever you have in mind for your bathroom project, whether it is a spa-like retreat, minimalist en-suite or functional family bathroom, Temza Design Studio has compiled some useful tips to get you started! 

small yet practical bathroom in white colours in London

Elegant family bathroom at our Netherhall Garden project

  1. Set a realistic budget. If you’re not an expert in the area, be ready to revise it late. Once you start looking and understanding the market, you might willingly pay out more certain things that are of importance.
  2. Start with a concept. Peruse any pictures that catch your eye and think about why you like them. You ‘ll unlikely be able to squeeze everything you want into one space, so prepare to abandon any additional ideas you discover.
  3. Look at pictures of spaces that are similar to yours. If you have an awkward under stairs cloakroom – you’re not the only one! You might find great examples of how others with the same type of space use it. Look through Temza London’s Pinterest for your viewing pleasure and to gather inspiration!
  4. Once you’re set on style and colours, choose your tiles! Floor tiles are key, ideally they should be porcelain (it’s stronger than ceramic) and should have a good slip rating too. You can find many different styles and tones from Porcelain Tiles to match the theme you’re going for. Always view it in real life and order a sample , even if you need to pay for it. Then you can be sure you like them before you commit.
  5. If you’re after some real features but don’t want your bathroom looking crazy, choose a strategic feature wall. Our interior designers suggest either one shower wall or behind your vanity unit. Alternatively, both!
  6. Don’t forget the grout! It’s a small thing, but if you don’t get the colour right, it will bug you forever. Some tile suppliers offer complementary grout colours to their tile ranges. Most of the time you can just take your sample tile to a builders merchant. They usually have a set of grout samples you can use to match with your tile choice.
  7. While we are discussing the details, you need to decide on the trims as well!
Classic style bathroom from our completed project on Loftus Road

Classic style bathroom from our completed project on Loftus Road

  1. The vanity unit and mirror is the key feature of any bathroom. There’s a lot you can do in this area with some hidden led lights behind the mirror or wall lights, or even pendants either side of it. Of course a mirror unit with built in led can be very practical as well if it suits your style, here is one from Hollywood Mirrors which is practical, yet still stylish.
  2. Sanitary ware is one of those things that I always advise to go for quality over aesthetics, as a beautiful tap that starts leaking after half a year isn’t doing any favours to anyone.
  3. Only go for a special finish if you have the money set aside for it. Once you commit to a matt black or a bronze finish you will soon realise that it’s not only the sanitary ware but the towel rail, the shower screen hinges and the knobs of the vanity unit that all need to be coordinated.
  4. You should place lighting practically. Make sure you have plenty of downlights, especially above your vanity unit, and that they are all IP rated, which means they are tested to work safely in a humid environment. This goes for any wall lights or pendants as well!
  5. Plan out the accessories in advance. Think where you’ll need hooks and towel rings, niches or ledges for keeping your essentials in the shower area. If that’s not an option, try a hanging basket to keep things neat and tidy.
  6. Leave the finishing touches to the end. When it comes to plants, towels and bath mat, you can take your time. Wait until the bathroom is almost complete, so you get an idea whether you want to bring some more colours or patterns into the space, or just keep it simple.
  7. Don’t forget to have fun! Interior design should never be stressful. You will only have a good result if it comes from your happy place.

Temza Interior Design Studio hopes you enjoy this process as much as we do! Nothing is more satisfying than styling your own relaxing and pamper room to your taste. Find some bathroom inspiration for our projects on Instagram, to keep your bathroom always stylish!

Sleek niches inside the shower area of our Uverdale Road project

Sleek niches inside the shower area of our Uverdale Road project

If you are in doubt, or stuck with the process, you can look at our post on Clifton Hill bathroom design to get inspired. Also, you can reach out to the friendly Temza Interior Design team for some professional advice! 

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