Interior Design Guide: Design the perfect kitchen

Are you looking to design the perfect kitchen to transform your home? Our interior designers are here to guide you on what features and elements will transform your kitchen and make it unique and beautiful!

Assess your needs and routine

Our interior designers note that there is a fine line between having a beautiful or aesthetic kitchen to creating the perfect kitchen. What makes a kitchen perfect? The perfect kitchen is what matches and fits your lifestyle and routine. Functionality is as necessary, or even more so, as the kitchen design and style. Consider how you’ll use your kitchen currently and in the future. If you are introducing a family, or if you are a single household. Maybe you would like to sell your property in the near future, all of this needs to be considered when designing your kitchen. Make sure to discuss this with the interior design company and evaluate the best solutions to fit your purpose and needs. Establish your focus. Are you an inspiring chef with a passion for cooking? Focus on designing preparation areas, so it allows you to have more flexibility and space. Perhaps your focus more on entertainment and hosting dinner parties. Our interior designers suggest concentrating on adding a substantial kitchen island with breakfast bar and wine storage. Go beyond aesthetic and stay true to the word perfect, creating an ideal layout and space for your residential space and perfect kitchen area.

Kitchen Appliances and Budget

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Our interior design team will inform our residential clients that high-quality appliances will usually equal to a better-looking and a longer lifetime kitchen. Cheaper appliances may fit the part and look decent; the most significant difference, however, is in the cooking functions and durability of the devices. Why do London interior design companies visit showrooms? Showrooms are the perfect way and solution to make decisions on appliances easier. Our interior designers suggest checking for experiences events such as Miele or our recent visit to Smeg Experience. Experience events for kitchen appliances is a great way to learn more about the latest cooking technologies and appliance possibilities to fit your routine.

Ensure to determine your budget and find the essential appliances to you. If the extent of your cooking capabilities is cooking pasta, for example, you can save the costs of investing in an oven with 100 functions. Always remember, be realistic about your needs! Plan and consider your priorities when fitting appliances to your perfect kitchen.

Worktops, Splashbacks and Surfaces

The interior design of a perfect kitchen compiles the style and aesthetic with functionality, especially when selecting worktop materials and surfaces. If you are a family home who loves having cooking activities with children, you’ll need a long-lasting and durable surface which can handle wear and tear. Our interior designers are here to give you an insight into what the best materials will be for you when designing your perfect kitchen.

London interior design companies will examine and discuss what may be the best material for you and your current situation, considering granite, stone, natural stone or quartz, for example. Our interior designers can confirm that quartz may be the most resistant surface, alongside ceramic or Corian worktops being durable options too. You may find beautiful Quartz worktops with a variety of colours in Silestone.

We love the look of marble; however, for the perfect kitchen, it is prone and sensitive to staining, so it is not something our interior designers recommend for the kitchen. Consider granite in the kitchen if you’d like a similar look. Overall, the kitchen surface should be smooth, so dirt doesn’t stay and contain. A patterned worktop will disguise the messiness and staining, for example, stone vein looks and wood grain. Be smart with your colour, material and pattern selection!

Finishing touches and Ironmongery

If you have worked with a London interior design company, you’ll recognize the famous phrase ‘the devil is in the detail.’ Interesting and intriguing handles is like jewellery. It can transform the simplest kitchen and make it look unique, adding that special touch to differentiate other kitchens. Our interior designers believe these beautiful and thoughtful finishes will create a glimpse of a wonderful kitchen. An interior design tip, if you use metal handles, match it with the tap finish. Brass or bronze will create a traditional look while black will look modern. Want to modernize your kitchen? Our interior design team love this polished chrome Grohe model for that sophisticated look. Consult your London interior designers and learn about the care and handle of finishes and styles of your kitchen taps and sinks. Our job is to help create perfect spaces which is convenient and durable to you!

Layout and Smart Storage

At Temza London Interior design studio, we are firm believers of smart storage solutions, and it’s undeniable requirement to perfect the interior space. What are some smart storage solutions for a kitchen? Pull out deep cabinets is excellent for easier access, dividers for drawers to avoid clutter and increase organisation with cutlery and utensils. Also, corner systems, pull out bins or even hanging rails for kitchen towels. As an interior design company in London, we are here to offer all the smart storage solutions for a more convenient, stylish kitchen.

The layout is also extremely vital to determine and think about. There are four zones in the kitchen: storage, preparation, cooking and cleaning. To create a harmonic and perfect kitchen, you need to ensure that you have a place for all of them and that they’re connected logically and rationally. Prioritise, evaluate and assess the areas of layout, and make sure it is designed to fit you and at your convenience.

If you are looking to perfect your home, property and residential space based in London, contact our fabulous and friendly interior design team here at Temza to kickstart your perfect home today! Our job is to create stylish, beautiful and functional spaces which are long-lasting and exquisite! Complete our free online contact form now!

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Are you looking to design the perfect kitchen to transform your home? Our interior designers are here to guide you on what features and elements will transform your kitchen and make it unique and beautiful!
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