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Latest technologies and smart solutions in window dressing

Latest technology in window dressing

Motorised window dressing systems are gaining more and more popularity in the past years and there are many reasons for this! While for high-level skylights this is the most practical solution, some like the convenience of closing bedroom curtains at a flick of a switch without leaving your bed.

grand and spacious interior design for reception room with large bay window with roman blinds, cosy sofa and wooden coffee table
Serena by Lutron Electronics

Floor to ceiling glazing and full glass curtain walls are the height of luxury in new built apartments and houses. Ultimately, it has put pressure on manufacturers to come up with a solution that’s easy to use when you involve a large number of windows, and it wouldn’t be practical to operate each shade manually. It should come as no surprise at this point, but opting for electronic as opposed to manual operation will add a considerable amount to your window dressing budget.

Design In Advance

interior design wih floor to ceiling windows and roller blinds
Silent Gliss

The network operated motorised systems has to be designed well in advance. Cables need to run to each window and motors built into the ceiling before they you close in the project’s construction stage. It’s also critical to know which model you are opting for early on, as all of them require different size ceiling boxes and types of cables!

A cheaper alternative is to go with battery-operated motors. They are much easier to fit later on in the project as they don’t require hard-wiring. You do need to deal with changing the batteries though, so this is definitely more hassle in the long run. Sounds a bit complicated? We always advise opting for a professional design service to take the weight off your shoulders.
There are many different brands on the market, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, our interior design team would like to give you a starting point with some systems we are using:

Premium Choices:

Silent Gliss – Electronic process to offer an efficient and silent blind operating system that offers a range of control methods.

Lutron – Over 50 years in the business of offering ingenious electric blind solutions for the home. A worthy investment for sure!

Basic Options:

interior design for a light living room with roman blinds
Archiproducts- QMotion Systems

Somfy – Battery or mains powered blinds that are high quality and long lasting with a variety of control options from handsets to wall switches!

QMotion – High-tech shading systems that are wire free, easy to use and even easier to maintain!

Controlling Motorised Blinds

interior design for a light living room with roman blinds by @qmotionuk
Audio Concept-Q Motion Blinds

Following on our last post dedicated to Blinds, the most traditional way of operating the blinds – if we apply the word tradition regarding new technology – is the hard-wired, switched option. This is great and easy to use, controlling the blinds from one point, as you would do with the lights. Usually, they can integrate into whatever automated home system. So, there is just one touch panel on the wall for controlling everything from lights to heating, AC and shades!

You will find that the majority of brands will offer wire-free options as well in keeping with today’s high-technology world. Our interior designers believe this is more versatile as you can use the remote control from anywhere in the room. Leaving your home’s wall space free and emphasising, even more, the impeccable minimal look! Currently, our interior design team are working on a project in London with plans to install a motorised system, which you can keep a look out here. A perfect representation of containing that clean minimalistic interior design!

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