dreamy easter decoration with eggs and bunnies

Easter inspired decoration ideas and advice for your dream home

It is time to revive your home décor with these top spring inspired ideas, just in time for Easter.

Anyone else excited that Winter is over and Spring is finally here? It is time to open up the windows, let the fresh, crisp air in, allow the sunlight to shine through and brighten up your space for festivities and celebrations. Easter is fast approaching, and at Temza design studio, we just can’t wait to flood you with spring-inspired decoration ideas to prepare you for those family gatherings. If you are anything like us, creative and organised hosts, you are in the right place! Keep reading to learn what is trendy this spring season and how to dress your table to wow guests!   

easter decoration inspiration with easter eggs and flowers

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easter decoration inspiration with easter bunny and eggs

Flower Arrangements

The easiest way to bring a little bit of spring to your home interior is with flowers and fresh blossoms. Our interior designers love visiting the Columbia Road Flower Market for unlimited decorating options and arrangements. Flower arrangements come in all sorts of sizes and colours. There are two main directions you might want to take. Option one has to be branches and buds, these will surely remind you of everything blooming and coming to life. Why not go for pussy willow or the all favourite magnolia? Magnolias are flooding London around spring and are possibly a perfect touch of nature for your London home. The second option is simple, yet romantic bunches of tulips, daffodils, peonies and poppies. These are delicate and unpretentious and will bring romance, freshness and softness to your interior.  

Flower Arrangements for Easter

Speaking of the actual flower arrangement, we will look back to our trip to Stockholm in February, exploring the 5 best interior design ideas. Quickly, we noticed a trend of minimalistic, ikebana inspired bouquets. Simplistic, yet incredibly delicate and elegant.  

Another direction you might want to take is block colour arrangements. Pick various kinds of flowers and stick to the same colour, using different shades of it. You would definitely end up with a designer looking, sophisticated and very special piece.

dreamy easter decoration with eggs and bunnies

Spring Colour Palettes

If you would like to take a step further or you’re in the mood for a big project, painting and redecorating might be a spring project for you. Whether you would prefer to go for patterns-floral or geometrical, these are the trendy colour schemes our interior designers have found that you must follow, or at least incorporate in your London home decoration. 

A white and blue-a classic combination for a relaxing atmosphere. 

  • Muted Pastels-blush, peach or pistachio-to enhance the existing natural light in the space and create a soft, delicate and elegant environment 
  • Earthy Tones-to reconnect with the reviving nature and bring a rustic, natural, raw feel  
  • Navy blue, pink and plum-bold and striking, yet intimate. This eclectic choice of materials adds personality to a room.  
  • Beige and neutral shades-another classic, taking over the favourite grey and white-minimalistic, yet inviting, cosy and calm. 

If you’d like to find the perfect neutral colour for your London property, our interior designers share their advice for landlords on using the best neutral colours. This may be beneficial for you too, so get inspired!

dreamy easter decoration with eggs and bunnies
easter decoration with blue eggs and a nest

Table Decor

If you have family or friends over, why not decorate the table to make it feel even more special? Simple tricks and additions can make all the difference. Here is Temza’s design studio take on Easter decoration, plus some tips you might want to consider.

Pick a colour scheme. For instance, we are going for pastels. Warm beiges have been around for a while, however, this year they’re accompanied by milky ice cream tones. Inspired by the 70s. The new neutrals add softness and calmness to the quickly returning retro era. We got so excited we prepared two palettes for you to choose from-blush and emerald green. The colours have been all over the recent design exhibitions and are here to stay, as they indeed bring joy and happiness! Quirky and fun for the expressive maximalist, and sophisticated and contemporary for all the minimalists out there. A perfect balance!

  • Add that special touch. For us this was hand painting eggs. In some cultures painting Easter eggs is a family tradition. No matter if this is the case for you, it is a fun activity you can enjoy with your family, friends or colleagues. Team building or bonding exercises, it will surely bring up your creative side and lift up your spirits. Plus you will end up with cute, unique and authentic decorations that make your festive table during spring extra special.
  • Choose artisan looking stoneware as your tableware. Not only these look incredibly authentic, they also add charm and unpretentiousness to your table. The White Company currently have an Artisan Stoneware collection for your decorating pleasure. We have seen beautiful glazed ceramic pottery in coffee shops and restaurants a lot lately. It is about time these make a permanent move to our homes too!
  • DIY a Centrepiece. We went simple with this one-a couple of cherry blossom branches and a few Easter egg baubles in pastel tones. This idea is for everyone who would like to stay in budget, yet wants to incorporate the festive mood into their interior space. Needing to buy a staple vase to arrange your branches? Why not check out this Mine vase from Orrefors Kosta Boda, where we can choose the white or blue for your relaxing atmosphere.
charming table decorations for easter with cherry blossom brunches, eggs and easter bunny
charming table decorations for easter with cherry blossom brunches, eggs and easter bunny
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