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Let us explore a feature which takes up the majority of your home and should be carefully considered when completing an interior design project: flooring. Flooring is a very unique and an essential aspect of your home and business workspace, as it creates a significant impact on the overall look, as well as serving a purpose to fit your lifestyle and routine.

Today our interior designers discuss everything you need to recognise and consider when choosing the correct flooring for your residential space. It’s no surprise to us how difficult it may be to select and dictate the flooring of every room in your property, that is why an interior design company is perfect for assisting you with the job as we have the extensive knowledge and understanding on the topic. Want to explore the initial ideas of interior flooring? Temza Interior design is here to help!


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Before we tackle the aesthetics and styling options, it is significant to mention that functionality and maintenance is something that should be highly examined when picking the correct interior flooring. This specific factor should conclude your choice in correlation to your lifestyle and routine. What does this mean? To put it simply, the flooring you choose must fit your lifestyle and how much time you have to spare when taking care and maintaining your floor. Let us take carpet flooring, for example, an excellent material to add warmth into the bedroom; however, it is something which will need to be vacuumed regularly. Are you able to dedicate this time and fit it into your routine? These are questions which you need to evaluate when finalising your choices. Review your options and establish the best fit material for you; for example, there are unlimited options for carpet flooring materials.

If you are a single house-hold looking for minimum work and maintenance, your low-maintenance flooring of choice will be vinyl flooring of tiles or plank, as well as laminated. Of course, it is nothing like a glamorous oak wood or engineered wood flooring, however, with proper search and examination, you may find fantastic options which will provide a more straightforward solution to fit your criteria. An interior design top tip: use rugs and runners for areas of the home which have higher-traffic and are prone to be more used. It will also protect your beautiful flooring so it is long-lasting, and will accessorise your home elegantly such as this stunning rug from Nordal. Make sure to communicate the essential features you want with your interior designer. Will you install underfloor heating? Consider your budget as well as fitting the purpose of your room and your routine.


As critical and vital as maintenance, the longevity of your flooring choice plays hand-in-hand when finding the best turnkey solution for you. We will be walking on this floor every day, so evidently, this factor needs to be taken into consideration. A London interior design company goal is to search for high-quality flooring within your budget, so it lasts for a long time without having to update or alter in years to come. It is vital to evaluate rooms with the highest traffic and which are more likely to suffer from wear and tear: living rooms, kitchens, hallways etc.

Our London interior designers can advise on the best flooring for each room and its durability to your circumstances. Here are some considering factors which you may need to examine:

  • Pet-friendly home: Carpet may be a nightmare to clean with cat hairballs or other mishaps, make sure to fit your flooring to your household.
  • Family Home: A larger family means more use of flooring and traffic.
  • Child Safe: Avoid slippery and hard surfaces. It may look glamorous and luxurious in the interior, but won’t be the case if there is a nasty fall!

Research on the life expectancy and durability of the flooring materials, to give an insight on what may be the most fitted solution for you and your household.


Now we reach styling. Overall preference is a dictating factor at the end of the day, but, it should flow and be fluid with the interior décor and architectural structure of your London home. Let us commence with colour.

Light flooring in smaller rooms is perfect to create the illusion of a larger space as it reflects natural lighting while representing naturalistic elements. If you are looking for a timeless scheme, in addition to a palette which will complement anything and allow you to update furnishing regularly, neutral colours such as lighter browns, oaks, honey tones and greys will fit your style. Our interior designers suggest you to gather inspiration from nature and focus on these tones, it is a classic look and will create that harmonious flow we are trying to achieve within the interior. Dark wood flooring will add warmth, intimacy and comfort to a larger space. Our London interior design company suggest to explore your options and test the shades with natural lighting and artificial lighting. Colours can drastically change according to the time of day, so revaluate which room is mostly used in daylight and others in the evening to detect the best-fitted shade.

If you are willing to focus your budget on flooring, you may also find some beautiful intricate detailing and patterns to spice up specific rooms in your London home. From famous patterns to planks and herringbone to more daring styles like chevron, mosaic and Versailles. Our interior designers will help you to finalise the flooring to fit your interior design and style. Are you daring with your floor selection? Why not go for the Ecru from Bolon Flooring? Allow yourself to be expressive and find a style which you know you’ll be able to have a part in your everyday life.

Want to complete a residential renovation today? Temza Interior Design and Build Studio provides you with the perfect packages and turnkey solutions for your interior design project. Explore our services today and make sure to enquire, our experienced interior designers are here to assist and complete the interior of your dreams!

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