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TEMZA interior design studio is here to pinpoint the small and significant details your London interior design needs to know, whether it is completing your dream home or adding that extra ‘oomph’ to a commercial space with a shared exterior space. Why will this guide be your ultimate saviour? Get ready to read everything you need to know when turning your garden into an extension of your home and the true compatibility and impact of bi-fold doors.

Why consider bi-fold doors?

When finalising your extension or finding the right interior door type for a room in your London home, bi-folds are usually the classic solution to integrate as they fold and slide across to save space. And, bring in that natural light, which is every interior designers dream! It has become a favourite for London interior design companies and continues to increase in popularity to establish that blend and integration of interior and exterior nature.

It stumps sliding doors due to the bundle of panels gathered together, not consuming as much space or leaving a large section that is blocked by a traditional sliding door. You also have complete control of your bi-fold doors’ fold, direction, and location if intended solely for the interior.

Do you need another benefit to use these trendy doors in London interior design? Bi-folds are mainly made from aluminium material. High in sustainability and also gives that elegant look. A beautiful example of this is the interior design of the London property in Bentworth Road. Slim and sleek frame, and containing the space which some London interiors can’t afford to lose!

You can gather a good idea of why bi-fold doors in London interior design is a must! So let’s dive in deeper into choosing the perfect installation and final touches for you and your interior design space.

Colour match & Design

No matter how well organised a photoshoot can be, anything can happen. Plans fall through, people get stuck, things break, etc. It is a simple fact but if you find yourself without a back-up plan, even minor inconveniences can end up causing bigger problems! Any good London design and build studio will tell you the same.

You can never be too prepared and knowing that you have back-ups, will save a lot of stress and time in the future. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, as they say. That goes for residential photoshoot demands and commercial setups! You may order items and pieces with next-day delivery and return if your original plan fails through. Ensure you specification has the plan B items and ideas so you can confirm if it’ll be arriving promptly.

Our interior designer experts also recommend having short-notice suppliers or shops on standby should you need replacement materials on the spot.

Hire trustworthy professionals

Not every bi-fold door has to be dark or made entirely of glass, although it is favourable as it allows more natural lighting. However, the beauty of bi-fold doors is the versatility in design, how thin or thick you’d like the frame and the choice of colour to blend in. Typically, you will find the top choice is grey, but nothing can stop you from matching the colour scheme through painting or lighter materials.

Allow your bi-fold doors to fit your London home perfectly through the versatile choice of colour, hardware, size and proportion.

Size & Panels

You have complete freedom and control of how open you want your bifold doors to be according to your space—folded to reveal a gorgeous open space and sleek when closed, allowing natural lighting to take full advantage.

The size of your bifold doors come hand in hand with the size of your wall: the larger your wall, the better use of it for stunning bi-fold doors. From there, you can determine how many panels will be used. Fewer panels can create a luxurious feel for the extension, so you are the judge of what will work well for your London home. An interior design company will fully assist you and your journey in installing the dream bi-fold doors.

Did you know this will also increase the value of your property? There are more benefits in investing in this beautiful feature than ever!

Dressing up your Bi-fold Doors

Now for the final touches! It’s worth considering if you’d like to dress your bi-fold doors, to have the option of blocking such an open space with light and what your best options might be.

Many choose to leave them uncovered to take full advantage of the space in the living room, open area, or kitchen. However, if you are someone who would still like the option of privacy, here are some interior designer tips in dressing them and allowing that option.

Curtains allow you to open and close, letting in as much light as you’d like. You can find elegant drapes, from heavy blackout to something a bit more sheer. It’s good to know that heavier and thicker curtains can also retain heat seeping through the interior, so it is good to have a look at and evaluate. Read everything you need to know about curtains here, from style to fixtures, tracks and length.

Many London homeowners also opt for fitted blinds for that neat appearance and avoiding the pouring of light. Blinds can be a very modern solution to dress bi-fold doors, as they are neatly tucked in and feel less heavy. If you are looking for more tips in selecting the best blinds, Better Homes & Gardens explains every type of blind to choose from!

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Our London interior design company offers London homeowners the interior and space of their dreams! That is why we deliver many build and design services, including installing extensions, bi-fold doors and how it fits your lifestyle and functional ability. Contact our London interior designers for interior design and build services!

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