Top 9 interior design styles to choose from-which one is yours?

Top 9 interior design styles to choose from.

How is finding your style going for you? Still not sure where to start from? Today we are introducing some of our interior designers favourite styles for you to consider and experiment:


Inspired by the early ’20s and the simplicity of traditional Japanese architecture, focusing having only the essentials in your spaces.

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Colours: White, grey, brown

Textures: Natural wood, natural stone, white painted walls

Statement piece: Our interior designers recommend simple built-in furniture that follows the shape of the space

Sophisticated and delicate cosy Scandinavian dining area interior with two white suspended pendants and brown leather chairs.

Photo: Courtesy of Pella Hedeby   

-Sophisticated and elegant cosy Scandinavian style sitting room interior with glass coffee table, green armchairs and marble fireplace.

Photo: Courtesy of Liljencrantz Design


Similar as minimal style scandi has its roots in simplicity, however, there is a great appreciation of nature and natural materials as well as a yearning for cosiness and comfort.

Quick profile:

Colours: White, light brown, green

Textures: Whitewashed oak, animal fur, Knitted fabrics

Statement piece: A Wishbone chair, find the first model made by Hans J. Wegner with walnut tones

-Traditional style sitting room interior with antique Victorian furniture and accessories, custom made window dressing and a marble fireplace.

St. John’s Wood Project

Traditional / Vintage:

The style of those who are prone to nostalgia. To create a cohesive scheme choose an exact era (eg. Recency), or a country (eg. France) and only use elements from that style.

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Colours: Dusky rose, pale green, pale blue

Textures: Rich hardwood finishes, embroidered fabrics

Statement piece: A lion leg bathtub, the Burlington Bateau Style allows you to choose the feet finish you’d prefer


Cohesive might just be the opposite of what you are looking for. If you want to stir things up a little and mix and match styles, then Temza London suggest this is for you! You can pick a couple of different areas and styles or go all out with a wide range of traditional and contemporary elements.

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Colours: Navy, olive green, burgundy

Textures: Dark wood finishes, gold or brass, real marble

Statement piece: An antique bedside table with a contemporary pendant suspended above

Beautiful, extravagant, mid-century modern colourful hotel reception interior in White City, London

BBC Television Centre, White City

Courtesy of Soho House Group

Mid-century modern:

A style that can look very similar to eclectic interiors is based on the 50s and 60s design icons. If you are an appreciator of the architects and products designers of the time this one is for you. It’s not the easiest of styles as original pieces and good reproductions can be expensive as they are in high demand. In addition, hunting down second hand and vintage pieces will be a time consuming (although we’d say also extremely enjoyable) process.

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Colours: Mustard, burnt orange, navy

Textures: Velvet, cherry wood, leather

Statement piece: A George Nelson clock (or practically anything from Vitra)


Temza Design Studio expresses that this is the single most popular style today. Perhaps it’s a playful return to our roots, as it gathers inspiration from craftsmanship and celebrates how the objects around us are made.

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Colours: Dark grey, yellow, tan

Textures: Exposed brick, concrete, distressed leather

Statement piece: A neon sign

Beautiful, coastal style interior design reception room with white and blue decorative elements and light ash wood furniture

Dominic Blackmore

For Ideal home

Light, coastal style reception room design, with dark wood coffee table, decorative wall panelling and white fireplace

Simon Whitmore 

For Ideal Home


Do you love to daydream about the seaside and feel nothing fits your lifestyle and surroundings more than the holiday feel? Go light and bright with the coastal style.

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Colours: White, Blue, Red

Textures: Linen, Driftwood, Stack stone

Statement piece: Our interior designer’s recommend an oversized floral upholstered armchair on caster legs

Fun, colourful, interior decorated reception room with eclectic accessories, colourful patterned wallpaper and artwork

Sophie Robinson



‘Never a dull moment’ is what you expect from your interiors? Layering bold colours, unusual textures and wild patterns in an expressive and personal way is a big hit at the moment with the brave hearted.

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Colours: Pink, turquoise, yellow

Textures: Patterned wallpapers, velvet, fringes

Statement piece: Zebra rug (preferably fake!)

Classy / Elegant:

Surrounding yourself with relaxing, simple and muted colours and clean line elegant furniture that looks special and luxurious is a dream to many and a direction taken by many interior designers. Going for these formal style interiors are perfect if you often have guests around who you’d like to entertain in stylish surroundings.

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Colours: Beige, brass, white

Textures:  Silk, wool, natural stone

Statement piece: Sculptural console table

Now that you have read the quick, expert guide to design interior styles, which one is your choice, what is your soul striving for? Let Temza Design Studio, our interior designers would love to get your feedback!

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