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Temza shares a comprehensive guide to interior design and build process.

All you need to know about Design and Build, explained by the experts at Temza London.

The term ‘Design and Build’ refers to a collaborative approach to construction. It means one team working together from the start to the finish of the project: from initial design concept through detailed drawings and specifications to effective construction management and fit-out. This team approach brings together a broad range of skills and expertise including design, project management, build, technical and engineering knowledge.  

All the processes are happening under one roof. They include estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, procurement, construction and post-construction. One entity (the design and build company) manages all contracts with other companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors and materials suppliers.  

What are the other options to a design and build setup?

In traditional project delivery, the owner manages two separate contracts. One with the designer (who manages their consultants) and one with the contractor (who manages their subcontractors). In this case, the owner or investor can often become the middle man between the two parties, having to actively aid in communication between designer and contractor, and help to resolve any tension and problems in general.

In a design and build contract, one company has the control and responsibility for the entire project. This way, there is no possibility for a breakdown in the communication. There is an overall collaborative and supportive approach that requires no further input from the client. Any problems arising during the build stage can often be dealt with in-house without having to make amendments to the original design intention, and if decisions need to be made that involve the client, these can be resolved with faster.

Benefits are already apparent during the design stage, as with the involvement of the construction team from day one, you can have a clear insight into the cost and constructability of different designs. All team members collaborate throughout the process to provide rapid project delivery. The final result will be in line with the original budget and delivered on time. Select a design and build company with the best credentials, experience, expertise and team. Happy team = happy client!

How does Design and Build work?

Our interior design team told you what a ‘Design and Build’ company is, and what additional benefits of hiring an excellent London Design and Build team can give you as opposed to using any ordinary London Construction Company. But you are still reading, so clearly you are hungry to learn more! That’s quite all right, that’s why we are here, and that’s why Temza Design Studio compiled for you a step by step guide to explain the whole process. 

1. Strategic project planning and initial survey

    Our interior design team work closely with our clients during the brief development. We provide customers with a site survey and a project feasibility analysis. Our interior designers then create the design vision, explore any planning limitations and advise on setting a budget and a timeframe. At the end of this stage, we will provide you with a program and a detailed scope of works. The goal is to help you and give the best advice on how to realise your vision. More information can be found on our About page for your security and assurance.

2. Project Preparation

After a solid understanding of your personal or business needs, financial and temporal requirements, site location, ideal project schedule and the building’s architectural and mechanical condition, the next step is to develop the design ideas. Obtain planning advice from the planning consultants, and closely monitor the progress of the planning application. Our interior designers also consult with structural and mechanical engineers; organise party wall surveying and building control, and perform a health and safety inspection.

3. Interior and Architectural Design

Next, Temza London will conduct enabling works on the job site. Some aspects of construction can begin during the design phase, like site cleaning, placing protection, disassembly and storage of certain elements likely to be retained. Meanwhile, the interior design team will deliver concepts, followed by detailed technical designs, mood boards, finishes, and samples presentations, along with FF&E specifications, bespoke joinery, kitchen and bathroom designs. We procure all materials, finishes, and fixtures. The interior design process can run parallel with all other works. We make sure we plan our design work around the construction schedule to meet your deadline. Working closely with craftsmen, suppliers, and subcontractors, the design team ensures that the correct materials are delivered, and installations are carried out to the highest standards and according to the original design intention.

4. Build Phase

We run all project management in-house. In fact, we work with a team of experienced site managers and skilled tradesmen who have been with us for many years to make sure each task is completed to the highest standards. 
Our experienced construction team delivers every aspect of the construction process, providing full construction services, from shell and core to complete fit-out works and finishing. We provide clients with progress reports regularly and ensure that the job is delivered on time and within the initial fixed budget. If you opt for one of our furniture or accessories packages, this will also be completed by the same in-house design team so that the scheme will run cohesively from the largest surfaces to the tiniest details. Temza Design Studio will deep clean the property, deliver and install all furnishings, fittings, accessories and artwork.   

5. Handover and aftercare

Once all work is done, and you are happy with the completed project, you will receive a personalised document with maintenance instructions, contact information for relevant services and suppliers, and all their warranties. At Temza, we offer a 12-month warranty for every project.

Why choose Design and Build for your London refurbishment, conversion or extension project?

If we haven’t already convinced you that opting for a design and build company will make your building project and by extension your life easier, here are some of the many benefits and advantages of the process:

  •  Quick delivery that always falls within the initially set time frame.
  • Smooth process, team collaboration and excellent communication, since one entity has total accountability for all construction and design elements.
  • You get better solutions for a better value. Design and Build gives the privilege to choose from a much more extensive selection of finishes and products due to the collaborative nature of the business. Design and build companies are usually able to negotiate the best prices with suppliers because of their close collaboration with the suppliers and having control over the specification as well as the purchasing process.
  • You are also able to discuss ideas in full transparency, get the best materials for your project that are tried and tested by fitters and tradesman.
  • Smoother process. Due to the uncomplicated nature of Design and Build project delivery, owners can reduce time spent managing a build.

Decided to delegate your business to our Designa and Build specialists, than do not hesitate to contact us! 

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