chick and playful interior design with pink flamingo wallpaper, pink mirror, pinkbed spotted by Temza In Milano 2019

Top highlights from biggest design fair of the year. Temza shares their top finds and favorites from this year's Milano design week.

Top highlights from the biggest design event of the year-Milano Design Week 2019 

Milano design week is the most significant design event of the year and as passionate designers as we are, we couldn’t miss it. Every year the Salone del Mobile brings together half a million design professionals from more than 180 countries. It is genuinely an endless showstopping exhibition of creativity, ideas, innovation and extravaganza.  

We just could not miss it, and this year we visited for the second year in a row. We left London early in the morning and headed straight to the Salone. We spent 2 days at the furniture fair and one day exploring all the enchanting installations strewn all over the Italian city. 

As previously mentioned we were most excited about the new product launches, and of course, we were eager to find out what is coming up in design, what is going and what we should look for in the upcoming years. Needless to say, the exhibition did not disappoint. Maximalism at its finest, striking, bold, full of passion and energy. Today we are excited to share with you our highlights of the special event, and share all that we’ve seen and learned. 

geometry patterns in interiors spotted by Temza design studio at milano design week 2019
geometry patterns in interiors spotted by Temza design studio at milano design week 2019

We shall commence with our favourite topic-colours!

Observing the stands, we noticed that blush and rose shades are still very present in interiors. The colour schemes revolve around similar warm and muted red-ish tones like peach pink, coral, burgundy and salmon together in one interior. Would you go for it in your London interior, however?

Blush is often paired with mint, and it is truly a love affair. More combinations that made an impression were pinks complemented with warm coffee and chocolate tones. 

stylish interior design with peach pink chair, orange couch, blush and blue walls spotted by Temza at Milano Design Week 2019


cosy interior design for luxury blue, gold and neutral bedroom spotted by Temza at Milano Design Week 2019

And as seen a lot on Decorex’18, bold, saturated colours are very much in trend still, bringing the contrast and status back in interior spaces. The preferred hues are burnt orange and burgundy. Striking, yet warm and joyful! 

In colour schemes, everything seems to be leaning towards more colour

elegant yet modern interior design with eccentric black an white table, mustard and white couches and dreamy lightings spotted by Temza at Milano Design Week 2019
amazing bright carpet from @moooicarpets spotted by Temza at Milano deisgn week 2019


Big brands who would usually go with only muted and natural colours are now offering some courageous colours for accenting, and brands which were already keen on colour are combining them even more boldly. We’ve noticed large block colours contrasting against each other, typically 3. Playful patterns are replacing singular colours as an accent in the whole scheme. One lesson that we’ve learned is, you need to be confident to mix these colours, and confidence is ultra-trendy. 

Speaking of furniture-upholstered or powder coated furniture legs are popular as well, so there are less metallic finishes and more colours on the show! 

Subtle finishes as a complementing detail to the big picture

Interior decor with clay pitches and ornamented pot spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019

Brass is definitely stepping down, black painted and blackened bronze metal finishes are taking over. Surprisingly chrome is creeping in the wild maximalist picture too.  

dusty blue interior design with stylish Interior decor and handmade look finishes spotted by Temza at Milano Design week 2019
handmade look finishes,rough materials spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019

Matt finishes are still a preferred option. Interestingly enough soft buttered leather is becoming more and more popular, as well as pony hair. Both in soft furnishings and accessories, such as cushions for example. The natural theme continues with dark woods, handmade look finishes, rough materials, clay in combination with perfectly smooth polished glass. Coloured glass adds the last touch of special. 

Organic shapes and rounded geometrics

Grand white interior design with rounded shapes and arches spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019
rounded shapes and arches in interiors spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019


An exciting concept that we’ve noticed is furniture designs being lead by form. An example would be the leg of an armchair that extends and creates a support for the leatherback, or the leg of the coffee table protrudes through the face of a table. All of this resulting in an interesting material meet up.  

Rounded shapes and arches reign on. Playful circles and spheres popping here and there, mainly in lighting. Angles are out, even geometrical patterns or shape have rounded edges. 

Statement furniture pieces, health and wellbeing inspired

girly pink retro coffe table spotted by temza at milano design week 2019


light interior design with mustard and blue couches and stylish glass coffe table spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019


Just like in Stockholm, retro furniture has had its official comeback. Combined with modular pieces and coffee tables compositions. One coffee table is not enough anymore! You need four, five or even six, in different shapes, heights and materials. 

What better way to join the maximalist trend than with adding a statement piece to your London property. In Milano, we’ve seen classic retro chairs, freestanding sideboards with glass doors and many quirky bar trolleys. 

Free standing wireless floor lights in neutral and blush colours spotted by Temza at milano design week 2019


round forms lighting spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019


Things are not much more different in lighting design too, freefall light features, with extended cable wires or completely wireless solutions. The general theme is promoting physical interaction and tactile experience. Speaking of shapes, rounded forms, celestial and kinetic art inspired. Anyone else noticed the Renaissance hint?  

Final touches with effortless interior styling

The botanical theme in interior decor spotted by Temza at Milano design week 2019
cosy interior design for luxury blue and neutral bedroom spotted by Temza at Milano Design Week 2019

No matter how bold, dynamic and extravagant, the main feel most of the stands wanted to achieve was of calm and relaxation. Simple styling, raw, organic look, creating the feeling of a safe space. The topic of health and wellbeing was huge this year, and naturally, a lot of plants and greenery were incorporated as a symbol of biophilic design. The botanical theme is still here. However, it is moving away from the jungle and moving forward to desert oases with loads of cacti and wild plants. What is coming next, sea world perhaps? 

So what did you make of the fair? Salone del Mobile is a unique furniture catwalk. It is supposed to ‘wow’ you and grab your attention. You in return are there to look for the pieces and elements you truly love and incorporate them into your dream interior.  

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