Are you ready to revolutionise your kitchen and create the beautifully modern, contemporary design you’ve always wanted? Temza Interior Design and Build Studio review the most popular kitchen trends and appliances for a modern kitchen interior design.

Kitchens are where a lot of magic happens, from gourmet dishes and family cooked meals to a communal area where everyone can socialise and enjoy. A superior layout with functional tools and appliances will absolutely transform your kitchen design into a contemporary masterpiece, allowing you to have an eye-catching London home in an affordable manner. Let us explore and unravel all the secrets you should keep under your wing.

Creating the Ideal Layout

When finalising your extension or finding the right interior door type for a room in your London home, bi-folds are usually the classic solution to integrate as they fold and slide across to save space. And, bring in that natural light, which is every interior designers dream! It has become a favourite for London interior design companies and continues to increase in popularity to establish that blend and integration of interior and exterior nature.

It stumps sliding doors due to the bundle of panels gathered together, not consuming as much space or leaving a large section that is blocked by a traditional sliding door. You also have complete control of your bi-fold doors’ fold, direction, and location if intended solely for the interior.

Do you need another benefit to use these trendy doors in London interior design? Bi-folds are mainly made from aluminium material. High in sustainability and also gives that elegant look. A beautiful example of this is the interior design of the London property in Bentworth Road. Slim and sleek frame, and containing the space which some London interiors can’t afford to lose!

You can gather a good idea of why bi-fold doors in London interior design is a must! So let’s dive in deeper into choosing the perfect installation and final touches for you and your interior design space.

Colour match & Design

Modern kitchen features and current technology installation need to be well thought through and designed to be functional yet stylish. It is essential to have a good plan and layout when thinking of the bigger and deeper picture. Electrical works, piping works, switches and meters need to be in harmony with your London kitchen design layout.

First, we recommend you have a clear notion of the kitchen arrangement. Using 3D laser scanning services and technology, complete a measured survey of your interior so you have a good reference of your kitchen plan and layout. Using a 3D laser scanning company will equip you with reliable and accurate information without the risk of inaccurate measurements to design your kitchen project.

Focus this time to discuss any built-in appliances, maximising space, taking advantage of the layout, and implementing the necessary kitchen tools to fit your lifestyle. For example, you may find an oven that also works as a microwave instead of buying both and taking up space. If you are working with a London interior design and build studio, this will be reviewed and planned with the company and inteiror designers.

Appliances in Drawers

When completing the interior design of a London kitchen, we like to keep it sophisticated. That means hiding any kitchen appliances which could be seen as visual clutter or investing in a stylish machine without risking a wallet burn. For any kitchen appliances such as dishwashers or fridges, we have the trendy use of cabinetry to ensure a discreet and sleek look. Fisher and Paykel are great at creating strategic and integrated designs to match the design plan of your kitchen.

A new way to integrate appliances in cabinetries? Elevate them and switch up the tradition of dishwashers sitting under your worktops. Use this freedom of thought to raise whatever appliance you’d like so it fits the convenience of loading and unloading, for example, without crouching or straining your back. A gorgeous dishwasher in black can effortlessly blend within the drawers of your kitchen design and will add that modern and contemporary feel.

Sophisticated Steam Ovens

One modern kitchen appliance we have seen circular through and requested a lot is steam ovens. In layman’s terms, a steam oven is a standard oven that cooks food with steam to maintain the foods nutrients as well as the colour. Suppose you love to host and are very sociable with the need to invite friends and family to dinner. In that case, this is an excellent investment to integrate into your kitchen interior design! This steam oven by Miele has a sleek finish for your contemporary kitchen interior. Interior Design companies in London will source the best appliances, with possible trade discounts, so you find something which is of high-quality, functional and, of course, stylish.

Make your Kitchen Smart

Have you come across a Smart Kitchen Hub Range Hood? Allow yourself to experience the joys of a smart-touch range hood suited for every person with whatever experience and knowledge they have in the kitchen. This modern piece of technology allows you to connect with family and friends via video chat and review your recipes on the screen, all while having a ventilation combo. Now, that is what we call a bright kitchen!

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and design a modern room for your home, our London interior design company will assist. We will assist with your home renovation and deliver a space that fits your needs, as well as your taste. Contact our interior designers today for a free quote.

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