Interior Design and well-being: How design can affect your emotions

At Temza, we believe your space and home should be your ultimate sanctuary, and our interior designers strive to design a space which meets the ultimate comfort, fits the client’s routine and checks the style and design. Of course, it is essential to have the perfect aesthetic when having a home as this is where you spend the majority of your life, but, we also have to consider how the interior design and decoration options can subconsciously affect your mood and mentality. Our interior designers discuss the importance of interior design to one’s well-being; how it can affect your emotions and how do we design to increase your mood and happiness at home.

How Interior Design can subconsciously affect your mood?

Without us realising, the interior design of your property can significantly stimulate and affect your feelings and well-being as we are visually exposed and influenced by our surroundings. Many factors contribute to how we feel especially at home; ideally, space which you want to feel yourself entirely and in the best possible atmosphere and mood. In commercial interior design, our interior designers aim to create an environment which reflects the message of your business and company. In residential interior design, we want to create a space which is a reflection of you, your lifestyle and your style and taste. Let us review what elements will alter your mood and state of mind and how we approach them to increase positivity and health.

Organisation & Storage – Evidently, a well organised and planned area will keep you relaxed, calm and positive. Living in an environment which is extremely busy and untidy will condition your mind to associate it with disorder and strain. It is vital to plan and avoid this possibility when building and designing your residential interior design project.

Function & Perception of space – Our interior design team brings attention to this as spacing and layout is a well-considered factor when finalising your area to fit your emotional needs. Interior design & build studios need to judge your space and design, as well as arrange to its advantage.

Colour – Are you surprised? The psychology of colour is a huge spoken topic when connecting your choice of tone and your state of mind. Colour works as a stimulant and depending on what shade you choose; it will highlight specific emotions and feelings.

Texture, Elements & Material – In interior design, the choice in finishes, material and textures within furniture and accessories can enhance a sense of comfort resulting in the individual’s well-being. In interior design & build services, this is explored a lot as you tend to choose options which are sustainable, long-lasting (a long finish and easier care will always keep you satisfied) and well-suited.

Lighting – At Temza London and many other interior design and build studio’s will agree, light is critical! Your choice in lighting will make or break your interior and designated areas, so this needs to be acknowledged to create that positive feeling when you are home.

Now we have reviewed factors which contribute to how you may feel at home, let our interior design team give you some insightful tips on how to design to create the best possible environment for you and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Design for your comfort

A comfortable environment will result in peace of mind. In residential interior design, our interior designers are experts in creating smart storage solutions to keep any important items, belongings or documents visibly hidden but conveniently stored and allocated. Temza London has created a blog post all about smart storage solutions in detail for you to check. Decluttering your home and removing all distractions will improve your productivity and allow you to relax as you are free from a hectic space. Accessories are great to style your home but do not overdo it to the point where you struggle to place something such as a cup of coffee.

Perception of Space & Layout

Coming hand in hand with organising and storing, planning, and designing the layout of your space marks what you feel at home as well as what guests may feel when present. Our interior designers focus on how we can make an environment inviting and open, manifesting a positive atmosphere. Choosing furniture which is proportionate to the space is crucial. Want your area to feel larger? Incorporate a large mirror on the back wall such as this stylish choice by LuxDeco.

Arranging furniture and making good use of space will encourage this inviting mood. Creating dead space can support negative energy, such as arranging the majority of furniture against the wall. A proficient distribution and smart layout will increase your spirits, and our interior designers can assist this.

Colour & Lighting

Colour is a visual stimulant to affect your emotions. Depending on the shade, it will pinpoint particular emotions and heighten it. Blue encourages tranquillity and relaxation. Yellow is associated with happiness, joy and light. Green is said to reduce feelings of stress and resembles nature. Researching on colour is an excellent way to select which option you are more drawn to, this can then be incorporated with painting and decorating or your choice in furniture.

How do you highlight your choices and accentuate your space? Lighting! At Temza London, we show great importance to lighting, which you can find everything you need to know about lighting here. Have lighting which allows flexibility and layers. Dimmer lights can help achieve a relaxing environment which encourages comfort. When needing to be productive or accentuating a larger space, brighter lights and layering will accomplish this. Psychologically, we are more positive and productive when daylight, so if you are fortunate, incorporate as much natural light as possible to maximise your well-being and mood.

Biophilia & Texture

As our interior designers have discussed, the biophilia trend has become increasingly popular in residential interior design. Bringing life indoors will emphasise and accentuate your health and positive attitude. Adding plants is an evident and suitable element, which you can read more about in the interior design guide of plants at home.

Biophilia doesn’t just limit into incorporating greenery. It also practices the use of natural materials. Using organic materials such as wooden furniture and flooring will create a harmonic environment which allows you to be grounded and tranquil. Subtle decisions such as a rich texture from a rug emphasise comfort and relaxation, to happiness. This Lilla Rug is natural, hand-made and luxurious! Inspire from elements and use these ideas for a perfectly harmonised interior design which will help your well-being and positive spirit always.

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