The perfect Christmas Gifts for Interior Design Enthusiasts

Can you believe December is next week? We can’t either, that is why it is now time to start thinking of preparations and purchasing gifts to send to your loved ones, friends and family. Temza London is here today to share the perfect Christmas gift ideas for interior designers, interior design enthusiasts, or simply for anyone who is looking to enhance their home and environment! Our interior design studio is here just in time for Black Friday for you to find the best deals with some fabulous products for your interior space and property. Let us explore our options for a cosier and more elegant home!

For Research or Planning

Suppose you are eager to plan an interior design project at home with your partner or know someone who is considering a complete renovation to their home. In that case, this is the perfect occasion to research and purchase some interior design content and inspiration to kickstart their planning. What we love in interior design is that there is so many ideas, inspiration and options which you can dedicate time and inform yourself with. Fuel your passion and love for design with interior design inspired publications and books. ‘Live Beautiful’ by Athena Calderone explores how interiors are carefully crafted together to make sublime spaces and provides tips to enhance your own space. This is perfect for anyone looking to explore some options and need an inspiration boost to guide their way into the interior design industry.

You can also select specific reads depending on the person personality and tastes. If you know someone who is bold and loves an exciting interior, “Everything: A Maximalist Style Guide by Abigail Ahern” is the excellent read as it learns how to break the rules of traditional interior design and to seek for a bold and personalised approach. Take time to find a beautiful and inspirational hardcover as a gift. You will provide some inspirational content and a beautiful accessory to their coffee table.

Finally, purchase a planner such as this witty notebook from Amara. Allow the person in mind to note, plan and organise the essentials needed to complete a successful interior design project. Our blog post for successful results will give you an insight and be the expert guidance you need to start!

For Perfect Accessorising

This one is a given. We can all appreciate an elegant accessory to decorate our homes with, and there are so many accessories you can purchase for any room’s purpose. Understand if the person in mind is looking to accentuate their dining room area or living room, a beautiful vase can be such a rewarding gift as it allows the opportunity to produce elegant arrangements for special occasions. Our interior designers love this new in Eichholtz Sianni Vase, it is entirely artisan crafted, and each vase has a unique variation due to its beautiful bespoke value.

Are you looking for something quirky and unique? Why not this Giraffe table lamp to provide some light to the darker days and something to talk about and admire. Our interior design studio loves out of the ordinary statement items or pieces. It builds character into the home and catches attention; you may find many things like these on The Conran Shop also.

If you are looking for Christmas focused selections, it will be a good idea to offer the gift prior to Christmas, just as a little surprise and teaser to what may be arriving. Our interior designers love finding beautiful baubles and decorative pieces for Christmas, like these trendy ornaments from Amara designed for green and neutral schemes. Treat yourself as much as the other for a beautifully themed Christmas, we all deserve it! We have an interior design guide in hosting a perfect Christmas which you can definitely have a read and gather some tips!

For Elegant Statements

If you are looking to treat someone a bit more this year or want to purchase something which will accentuate the elegance of an interior, buy some contemporary or elegant artwork and statements to your interior. This is something dedicated when you truly know someone’s style and taste, as you want to select something significant to them. If they are someone who likes quite contemporary and minimalistic abstract art, Khur which is found in Quintessa Art is that absolute neutral dream to introduce into a home.

If you are interested in creating a personalised piece for someone, Modern Muse is an excellent platform to request bespoke art. Find an artist which you believe will fit the criteria and specification and contact with your request to create something now for your Christmas gift! Our interior design studio believe a personalised and bespoke gift is an ideal one as it shows how much thought was put in, and they can boast in obtaining something no one else has!

We hope this gives you initial ideas to offer some amazing and thoughtful Christmas gifts this year! Everyone deserves a special something, especially this year. If you are interested in more inspiration, make sure to follow us and engage on Instagram as we provide helpful tips like these on a daily basis! Contact our interior designers if you are looking to renovate your space and we will follow up with a phone consultation as soon as your available!

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