An Interior Design Guide for a successful Commercial Office Workspace

The interior design and build process of your commercial office workspace are incredibly significant. Why is this? In creating the best version of your working environment, you enable yourself, employees and customers to let out the best versions of themselves. Your surroundings can create a massive impact on the productivity and motivation of those who are present, that is why your office workspace should be optimised to encourage these characteristics and drive the success of your business and company. At Temza London, we want you to have the best representation of your company and to exhibit it in your commercial office workspace. That is why our interior designers have gathered the main elements to consider when approaching your office workspace and working with an Interior Design & Build company.

Dynamic spaces

Currently, office workspaces and companies are integrating other commercial components into their space as a rising trend this year. Interior design and build companies are now approaching offices in a more modern way of thinking by integrating rest areas and allowing dynamic spaces to encourage the well-being of workers and their mental state. Designing for work, rest and community, adapting elements from other commercial spaces to the workplace has proven to optimise the overall performance as employees are more productive as they’re comfortable and relaxed. It is vital to create distinctive areas while still maintaining a fluid layout and having a consistent style throughout. 

Our interior designers demonstrate this interior design trend for our project located in High Holborn, where areas are functional and keep a consistent theme to the representation of the brand. Communicate your priorities and ideal layout of your office to an Interior Design & Build company so the interior design team can work around this and design a space which is true to your brand.

Establishing the business nature and its functionality

When considering functionality and the ergonomics of your commercial office workspace, let’s dig deeper into what interior design and build studios are trying to achieve. Creating a successful office interior design means maximising the use of space in an intelligent way. Realistically, our interior designers plan around the scale of your office workspace, understand more in-depth what the nature of the business is and find smart solutions which can maximise the comfort and the layout planning of your business.

Design for your businesses nature. Is your commercial office designated to finance and accounting? Our interior design team will create an office workspace, so it is relaxed and will allow total focus and concentration. Subtle elements like allowing blue furniture or colour to the office and adding acoustic solutions for complete absorption will benefit for this kind of business. Have a creative office studio and want the atmosphere to be positive and encouraging? Create zones or consider open layouts for the benefit of your business and environment structure, using quirky and modern furniture to match the energy of the office environment.

Practicality and Style

We want a space which is sophisticated, stylish and aesthetically pleasing; however, it is critical to keep practicality in mind when applying it to the commercial office. London Interior Design & Build Studios can help create solutions which are favourable to the business environment and your workers. It is easy to find furniture and pieces that you really like the look of. However, the shape, size or position of this might not be convenient when locating it in the office workplace and workspace. Fortunately, many suppliers specialising in commercial office furniture such as KinnarpsNowy Styl and Vitra have a range of collections which can be bespoke and designed to fit your office workspace. 

Our interior designers will share subtle tips which will create a significant impact on your commercial office workspace. Create a positive space for your workers by adding plants and greenery. As this year we focus on sustainability and focusing on environmentally friendly answers and solutions, adding naturalistic materials and elements will undoubtedly encourage workers and subconsciously transmit a positive atmosphere for a productive, inspired and motivated space. Suspended plants can give you a unique feel than placing a plant in the corner, for example. Nonetheless, this simple feature will work wonders in an office workspace and create a fantastic office interior design.

Looking for a Commercial Interior Design & Build Studio in London? Our interior designers have completed many successful commercial spaces which focus on branding, maximising their space and staying true to their message. Find our commercial brochure on our website and contact us now if you’re looking to create your dream office workspace!

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At Temza London, we understand the success of your business can be influenced with many things, especially your workspace. Here we have completed an interior design guide for a successful commercial office workspace.
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