Interior Design Crimes to avoid

Looking at failed interior refurbs and outdated schemes is a guilty pleasure for many. If you are a listener of The Great Indoors podcast by Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Smyth, you might already be familiar with some of their most favourite and least favourite interior design crimes within house or apartment renovations. Such as diamante leopards and wall art with inspirational quotes. While Temza interior design and build studio are a big believer in personal expression when it comes to interior design, we still have five interior design faux passes that are not very valued or favoured within the interior design team.

The accent colours

While it was a trend of a decade and has widespread popularity in home décor, currently we are in the age with so many innovative and experimental options than to stick to the one colour in London interior design. Allow interior design companies to help you explore and make your property unique. Residential interior designers will have the experience and knowledge to create something more than just the one scheme. If the stylist or interior designer focuses on this trend only, it probably indicates that the comfortability of combining colours is lacking when renovating your house or apartment. 

Ultimately, there is a distinct limit of interior design freedom as you need to circulate all around one colour. For example, when buying an art piece, take a step back and consider this. Was it purchased because you truly admired the art, or did it incline more to the fact that it matched the colour of accessories on your sofa? Our interior designers are keen on self-expression in interior design and creating the dream space, so let’s evade this boundary and margin. Be experimental and create a palette and scheme of colours which are eye-pleasing to you, with the art of mood boards, you can unleash your inner interior designer.

The Matchy-matchy scheme

This interior design crime can go hand-in-hand with the previous trend mentioned; however, we will be focusing more on furniture with this particular statement. The matchy-matchy term describes something which excessively coordinated, and when something becomes quite repetitive in interior design, it might get dull over time.

You’re ready for your house renovation and are procuring furniture for that perfect London property. Of course, you can find the ideal table which you deeply admire, and conveniently they have some lovely set of chairs. With further examination, you find a coordinating sofa, and look at that matching side table! An easy solution to creating the interior style of your property, right? It is easier, but now you have duplicated an interior space, with the risk of copying someone else’s train of thought. 

For any interior design and build studio, our job is to create a ‘collected’ look, featuring a selection of materials, finishes and textures which will create a stylish London home. Research on some beautifully decorated homes within interior design companies, it is rare that you find matching furniture sets as the interior designer focuses on creating a space which is unique and individual to you. 

The Gift Shop scheme

If you have so many decorative items on your coffee table that you can’t put a mug of coffee down, our interior design team might agree with you that it’s pretty, but it’s unlikely that we would like to move in. Show homes and magazines often set us up for unrealistic expectations, so it’s down to us to use our common sense when it comes to the right amount of accessories! 

It is good to have accessories for design purposes, but too much of it can mean cluttered space. Try to find a balance of accessories to enhance the overall look of a space. Don’t overdo it with too many artworks or too much display at once. With recent residential interior design trends, everyone is now focusing on choosing selected pieces which bring meaning and spark to them. Our interior designers suggest, be assertive and select accessories which are meaningful to you, don’t purchase a large number of accessories because it may look nice in your interior. 

Avoid purchasing high street and ready-made art prints

Big appreciator of art? We are too, that is why when it comes to selecting, we try to avoid purchasing ready-made prints which are accessible to everyone. When completing an apartment renovation or house renovation, our interior designers want to encourage you to create a unique space and a reflection of your image and concept. Art in your home interior is an element of self-expression and feeling proud and passionate of your exhibited print, so how will you achieve this feeling through buying high street, ready-made prints where everyone else can purchase? For us, it is an interior design crime to have an art piece which doesn’t have a deeper meaning than just looking nice or fits wells in your home. Not only you risk a higher chance of having a similar interior to someone else, which with art it is very notable, you also don’t have an emotional connection with the piece. You won’t know who it was made by, what the inspiration is; there is no history for you.

Interior design companies are leaning more towards personalisation when finding pieces for you. Our personalised interior design is the new luxury explains all about finding custom-made pieces and mentions a few suppliers who can do this for you. The artful collection makes and sources a range of art pieces from paint to photography and graphic design. Have a brief or idea? They will discuss and produce the piece which fits you. Generally, you may pay more for a print, but it will be a feature in your London home, which is unique and timeless as it means something deeper and be more treasured.

Artificial Plants and pieces

Plants and biophilia have been increasingly popular and very current in interior design studios, as we are embracing our health and being balanced and sustainable. What is least desired is using artificial plants and flowers for your home interior. At Temza Interior design and build studio, it is considered an interior design crime as there is the possibility of buying a natural and authentic green, which is exceptionally beneficial as explained here. Of course, our interior designers won’t shun you if there is no other solution such as having pets who like digging and exploring, or not able to water high-hanging ceiling plants. However, our interior design team still aim to have a genuine product, and it’s healthier, prettier and makes a whole lot of difference in your home interior design. This applies to all items which replicate one thing but do not hold a purpose or function such as fake books as storage holders. To sum up, our interior designers will commonly find authentic pieces which provide functionality and use while looking sophisticated within your space.

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