At home this Christmas, and taking up hosting duties? Let Temza show you how to make the most of your festive interior design.

If you’re hosting Christmas at your property this year, there are going to be plenty of things you need to consider.  But have you thought about your interior décor?  Our interior designers at Temza know all about making a home beautiful.  But what about Christmas interior design planning?  Getting your home looking great for Christmas with smart and subtle solutions is what we love doing and our interior designers are here to share all the secrets and ideas!  Here are our fantastic tips and tricks for Christmas decoration and hosting preparations you can put into action right now.

Stick to a Theme or Colour Scheme

In all interior design, it is so important to stick to one or two schemes or themes! For a magical festive touch, you should think about traditional colours and shades. Or, you could go completely contemporary and left field!

For example, think about a winter white, with touches of frost. This is a great thematic choice for minimalist homes. All you need to do is tweak your interior space to emphasise white decoration. You can use glass and cool tones, fairy lights and magical baubles which really highlight the crispness of this palette. For example, take a look at the bauble from LuxDeco, which you can add to your tree! This scheme moves away from the warm, traditional style, but still accentuates the festive spirit. 

Or, alternatively, how about an icy blue? You could add inspiring, cool blues to your tree, as well as across your hanging decorations. From pale blues through to deep navy, blue is endlessly elegant and accentuates the winter vibe and wonderland atmosphere to your interior. You could even use faux fur cushions in the colour to maximum effect. Our interior design studio always recommends soft furnishings as much as any other.

Focus on neutral colours and textures! If you’d like to master the use of neutrals for the Christmas period, the key focus here is to make use of the textures and materials you use. As neutral tones aren’t usually associated with the Christmas season, it’s still a sophisticated and elegant scheme to bring a unique approach to your home.


Think about soft materials and shades. At Temza Interior design studio, we believe adding feathers to wreaths, centrepieces or any other decoration, for example, can be a beautiful and gentle touch. Introduce beige or pale tones, particularly natural ones, to your dressings. Pinecones and wooden features, for example, offer a lovely Christmas element to your interior space. You could even add in touches of gold to emphasise glamour. Add in some glamour with these gold branches by Amara suggested by our interior designers, for example!

Getting Organised

Organising yourself for hosting duty isn’t always going to be easy at Christmas. Therefore, be sure to keep lists! List any food or drink you need to get in for guests. Make sure you’ve bought and wrapped all the important presents! Of course, decorations for your interior should come high up your list, too! It is on ours at Temza London. Nothing is more disastrous than forgetting something on the day or evening. Focus on this step during the early stages to save you from stress and last-minute inconveniences later on.

Be sure to make a list of tableware, too. Get these lists going early to avoid muddling through at a later date. The more you can do early, the less stress you’ll have later on! That applies to all planning.

Think carefully about Christmas food menus, too. Are you hosting anyone with allergies? Be responsible and approach intolerances head-on.

Choosing the Best Space for Your Lifestyle

Where are you likely to host your guests?  It’s here where you should add focus, particularly when it comes to Christmas decoration and winter styles. It is critical to establish which areas will most likely be utilized and you may focus on the interior design of the space. For example, your kitchen is where majority of the work will take place and be prepared, therefore make sure it is clean and functional to work around. Majority here would use the dining room or living area to decorate and host.

One of the key areas to consider planning for your dining room is do you have enough space for everyone to sit around your table?  Take a look at our interior space planning tips for more ideas on how to work this to your advantage.

Overcrowding at Christmas is a no-no – so plan ahead!  If you’re the host, make sure you have clear access to the kitchen, by being head of the table so it is more convenient to travel.

Further Decorating Tips

Let’s consider a few more decoration essentials for a magical festive season.

  • Think about your Christmas tree. Read our full guide on building a stunning tree – and make it your centrepiece, whichever room you host in!
  • The exterior of your room is just as important as your interior design as it is the first thing your guests will come across. If you are fortunate to have a large exterior, consider your outdoor lighting and make use of this advantage. Don’t have a garden or a big entrance? Not too worry! Our interior designers believe a lovely wreath on the door will greet your guests wonderfully and can be extremely unique!
  • Dress to impress your guests at the table. Build beautiful arrangements, but keep a balance. You don’t want to go too overboard for practical and spatial reasons. Choose cutlery sets and napkin rings, for example, to gently and carefully add festivity to your table. Experiment with the dynamic levels and playing with scale to really add that wow factor to your table!
  • Fairy lights and candles, too, can have a significant effect on that festive atmosphere. Our interior design team always emphasise the essentials of lighting into every occasion, space, interior design and room. Keep things warm and cosy! Nothing beats a beautifully lit fireplace to stay in the spirit!

Enjoy the Season!

Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time!  Use our fantastic tips and really bring down the hassle of hosting festivities at your home this year.  Ask for help from family and friends, and make sure to create plenty of lovely memories.  Enjoy the time you have together in a wonderful interior space!

Temza’s interior design and build studio works tirelessly to create spectacular spatial looks for homes of all sizes.  Intrigued by our Instagram?  Want to transform the look of your home beyond the winter?  Follow us for more ideas, and get in touch now for your free consultation.

Top image source: Amara

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