Interior Design Guide: Design the perfect bedroom

Our interior designers continue the interior design guide series with a highly requested area of your London home, the bedroom. From how to design the perfect kitchen, high traffic and communal space, Temza discuss what makes the perfect and tranquil bedroom with the use of interior design knowledge and expertise. Here is the ideal guide in creating your sanctuary and personalised dream interior.

The Central Piece

As suggested in the name, your bed is your central piece for the perfect bedroom. Without a supremely fitted bed that complements your interior design scheme’s style, there won’t be much progress in upgrading and designing your dream bedroom. However, it goes beyond and more profound than just purchasing a nice bed-frame. Our interior designers take this time and opportunity to think strategically and intelligently, bringing in storage solutions to fit the clients routine.

The layout is incredibly important for a functional and sophisticated bedroom. Examine your bedroom, how much space is there? If you have a smaller space and can’t really afford to buy drawers and cabinets as you fear of clutter, this is where a handy bed comes in. Our interior design company shows you may benefit from a divan with built-in drawers. This alternative is perfect for discrete storage and creates ideal space-saving solutions. You may also consider your headboard or approach a similar storage solution such as our Westminster bedroom.

Determine what you think your space can handle. If you are blessed with a large bedroom in London, purchase your luxury and dream king-sized bed to make a statement. This approach will result in a beautiful and luscious interior when against a feature wall.

Our last point is to find something that fits the scheme. If you are looking for a more minimal and ‘Scandi’ look, our London interior designers advise a white-wash or light oak frame. Want even less? No headboard against a high-quality painted wall is also favourable! If you want a lush and elegant approach, an upholstered padded headboard will definitely transform your space. Find suppliers who deliver this service, something like this Aurelie French headboard will transform your bedroom entirely.

In conclusion, think about scaling and how well it fits your bedroom. We want to avoid the headboard and bed looking out of place!

Inject Colour or go Au-naturel!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary! It is the room you have complete freedom in designing to your liking, so make sure you accomplish this goal.

The selection in colour and aesthetic is what will create the atmosphere and environment you wish to have. In interior design, the perfect bedroom is your place to unwind and create a relaxing area which promotes tranquillity, so plan for this purpose. Find colours and compose a scheme which fits the reasoning, this will be the first step for the perfect bedroom. Assemble your ideal colour palette with what suits you; this blog post gives you a touch of inspiration with the most desired colours this year.

If you struggle with space again, you may opt for lighter colours which encourage light reflection to allude to a bigger space. Our interior designers also promote making a dramatic statement with rich colours. Introduce an extra element to lift the room with a bolder wallpaper for a feature wall. A beautiful blue marble effect geometric mural wallpaper perhaps?

Remember to design your bedroom to your taste; this is the crucial factor in making it perfect!

Be in control with lighting

During the day time, we want to embrace and showcase the natural lighting. However, when evening comes, we want to make sure that natural lighting doesn’t disturb our sleep and free to unwind. Having complete control of this will make a functional and beautiful bedroom. That is why a perfect bedroom equates to perfect window dressing.

Find a functional yet stylish solution which blocks any unwanted light when getting ready to finish the day. Our interior designers love layering sheer curtains with drapes, a sheer gentle touch during the day, with a beautiful set of curtains at night to black-out light. We have a whole series in window dressing from curtains, blinds, and motorised systems to fit your bedroom’s functionality and layout.

If you lack natural lighting, invest in high-quality lighting, which will create an ambient atmosphere. Our interior designers advise a warm temperature for a less harsh interior. Additionally, lamps are great accessory and item for a beautiful and elegant room. Our interior design company love the Aerostat table lamp by Fabian Lighting.

Texture will add comfort

Why is texture big in the bedroom interior design guide? It opens so many doors for you to experiment and find the ideal options to increase comfort, cosiness and the extra oomph you need. The art of layering texture is something you can explore in your bedroom, as many elements allow this opportunity to experiment and explore.

High-quality linen for your bed dressing creates a clean, finished look to your bedroom design. It is the perfect material for a simple and luxurious appeal, as well as being great for functioning purposes when you don’t have time to iron! If your goal is to achieve a neutral and minimal bedroom, this will be the ideal material and option. Silk bedding oozes luxury and elegance but will take up more time when wanting a perfect display. Balance functionality with style, ensure that it fits within your routine and lifestyle.

Accessories and decor approach this idea of texture, layering and emphasising comfortability. Our interior designers emphasise and promote how accessorising your bedroom is a must, and you find the perfect pieces for a bedroom very smoothly. Cushions, throws and rugs are essential requirements, allow yourself to explore and find glamorous items for the finishing touches!

Finally, add visual interest with unique artwork. We recommend you visit our ultimate guide to art, where our interior designers explain everything about the luxury of art and how you can implement it in your colour scheme.

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