As a commercial business, we value the importance of branding and how it should considerably affect the interior design of your business. Branding through interior design is the physical transformation of the environment to strengthen the companies culture, identity and message. A companies goal is to flourish and succeed within its sector, and to achieve this; you need an excellent and memorable space which speaks truth to you. Branding should not end once the logo is finished; it should extend in the physical space. So, here is how Temza Interior Design and Build studio takes our services to the next level by reinforcing brand through interior design.

Deeper Understanding of Brand

Our job as an interior design studio is to recognise the client’s requirements and understand the needs of the business. Communication is vital when completing a successful commercial interior, allowing us to have a deeper understanding of the message the company is portraying and its brand. When a business approaches us to transform their commercial space, our interior design team ensures that these questions are all answered and considered even before proceeding with the design stage:

What is the company’s focus?
What is special about this particular brand?
Who is the target audience?
What first impression would I like to achieve?
Why is this all-important? Let us examine and break it down for you.

The environment should be a reflection of the brand and slogan. We can all establish a company connected to entertainment will have a different image to one who is based on finance or accounting. The design team notes all the critical elements to achieve a perfect representation of the brand, and this is done so by thorough communication and establishing the business style. For example, if your company focuses on environmentally friendly solutions or services and is a firm believer in a healthy lifestyle, your selection of items and finishes will have to support this idea as you cannot have a contradictory setting and view.

At Temza London, we take time to read into their mission statement and think on how to make your space highlight its unique features and values. Once we establish a complete idea of what you as a commercial business represent, we gather inspiration and apply to the concept. Our interior designers and the client want the company to be unique and stand out. Our Lakemore Project in Sloane Street has an office located in Dubai before they approached Temza London when making their London workspace. The design team were able to gather inspiration from the other workspace and have a clear idea of what design they were looking to achieve. It is significant to note that you want to apply the inspiration, not create a duplicate. Our focus is to create a dream space which is unique and distinct.

Application of Visual Branding Elements

While developing ideas and concept, the application of visual branding elements come first in hand as it is a fantastic starting point to visualise your space. At Temza Interior design and build studio, many things are taken into consideration when designing the area with your brands, such as logo, colours, layout, and complexity. It is powerful to have the logo or your design present within this space, encouraging a memorable impression and reminding clients who you are. This can be connected to the workspace by using company colours creatively and harmonically balanced. If it is overdone or present everywhere, it may become overbearing and tiring, so make sure it’s all in proportion.

Custom-made pieces can also be gratifying in your commercial space. Our bespoke joinery services and connections with suppliers have helped numerous businesses to obtain products which were personalised and unique to them. Our design team created a custom-made totem for Paramount with cut-out and illuminated logo for the exterior of their space, while considering the brand’s pattern and colour scheme. Small elements like this can truly work wonders to the overall space, whether it’d be in hospitality, retail or an office environment. Every detail matters and should be considered to fit the image of the company. While this is not essential or required, our interior design team believes it’s worth mentioning this option to allow an easier and guaranteed realisation to your vision.

Consider Layout and Fluidity

Space planning and layout is something we mention increasingly, and rightfully so as it is an essential aspect within the design process. Planning the layout of your space in the commercial sector will make a significant impact on the success of the business. Starting from the entrance or exterior, this will be the deciding point if your clients feel invited to come in. The first impression will determine if they’d like to visit or not, so you should greatly consider the look and style of the first thing customers will see.

Often, clients and interior designers make a mistake on focusing on the most communal area or the area which will be most used, and forget about the entire space such as hallways, entrances etc. Yes, it is important to pay particular attention to the centre of the business, such as the office workspace or cafe point. However, the less essential areas can’t be neglected as they all contribute to the look of the interior space. Don’t risk differentiating and isolating areas from each other, as interior designers our job is to guarantee that the overall business environment is in harmony and flawless, to represent the best possible image of your business.

Function and Comfort

When designing a commercial interior, specifically in an office workspace, functionality and comfort should not be disregarded. The well-being of your employees will only contribute positively to the success and image of your business; that is why a comfortable space within the commercial interior is an absolute must! Keep in mind, different areas or types of work require different incentives. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a positive and care-free attitude consistently; some employees can get stressed. Why not build a chill area for workers to have a few moments to rejuvenate? Incorporate some neutral colours, natural materials and some plants in the workspace to alleviate this. You can purchase some lovely greens such as this Kentia Palm to boost the energy and healthy lifestyle! Create an environment which is favourable to the employees, to the business and the overall brand!

If you are interested in creating your dream commercial space and want to build an environment which best represents your brand, Temza Interior Design and Build Studio has worked with many businesses to create a space which is unique and stylish. Our goal is to understand the message of your business and translate it into a physical form. Contact our interior design team now and book a free consultation!

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At Temza, we realise the importance of branding in the commercial sector, that is why we take up our services to reinforce your brand through interior design.
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