5 Traditional Interior Design Rules We Encourage You to Break

If you have any interest in interior design, it’s likely you have come across a few ‘rules’ here and there! After all, knowing how to get the best out of your room can often take a lot of research and fact finding. It’s always a good idea to ask for help from an experienced interior designer!
However, here at TEMZA, we believe there are rules to break. Why follow the crowd? Here are five fantastic ways our interior design and build studio believes you can dodge around the same old rules and ideas – and still get stunning results.

Your Ceilings Don't Have to Be Neutral!

You will likely hear that ceilings ‘need to be neutral and white’. There’s an argument that ceilings do little for the overall interior design. However, we really think this couldn’t be further from the truth!

The colour and tone of your ceiling have more of an impact on your room than you realise. This is one of those awkward interior rules that really doesn’t make sense in the modern age. Choose a wallpaper design to add character and personality!

Patterned ceilings can make for fantastic interior design touches without crowding over over-stimulating a space. Simple pastel colours and mild tones can help to add a sense of calm. Of course, if you really want to make a statement, any London interior designer will encourage you to go really bold!

You Don’t Have to Match Up Furniture and Accessories!

Again, there is a school of thought across an interior design that suggests everything needs to match. Many people fear clashing patterns, colours and styles! However, we encourage you to explore textures, patterns and scaling. There really is no harm in doing a little inspiration research and experimenting as you go.

We understand where this thought, or rule, comes from. Not all patterns or styles are ever going to go together. However, it might surprise you which styles, shades and finishes you can mix and match to excellent effect. A repetitive look is safe, but boring. Our London interior design and build studio regularly works with homeowners to look carefully at risk-free experimentation.

Risk is a big factor. People worry that putting down styles that don’t follow similar patterns and look will instantly clash. Live a little – and ask for help from our London design experts!

You Shouldn’t Scale Back on Art.

This is one of those interior rules that can get confusing. Some interior designers say that you shouldn’t over-stimulate your space with artwork and features. We agree to an extent, but how do you really measure over-stimulus?
While we don’t encourage cramming walls full of art without some kind of breathing space, we do encourage you to look carefully at ways you can work art to your advantage. For example, why not use statement pieces? Art in interior design doesn’t have to revolve around paintings and pictures solely.

For example, you could consider using modern sculpture in many exciting ways. You could find inspiration in traditional cultures or the masters. Bespoke pieces – even covering joinery and carpentry – could help make your room look that little bit more unique. You don’t have to be an interior designer to see the beauty and flexibility in art. There are all kinds of interesting trends you can dip in and out of, too.

Move beyond the walls, too. Consider setting up creative lighting solutions and fittings to deliver colour and contrast to a space. Any interior, London or beyond, will also stand to benefit from small, decorative touches. Again, you don’t have to follow the crowd, and if your focus is on being unique, you need to step away from the same old, boring framed pieces, if you want to, of course!

A Small Room Can Still Be Dramatic.

One of the stranger trends we’ve come across in our interior design and build studio is the idea that you ‘shouldn’t use dramatic touches in smaller spaces’. Many people play it safe with softer colours in smaller spaces, as it will increase the illusion of a bigger interior, but again – isn’t life about taking measured risks? You could create an amazing atmosphere in a small space with just a few delicate touches of dark, brooding colours.

You could add intense depth and illusion to even a small box room by going darker down the palette. Have you ever considered how the use of metal and finishes in your interior design can accentuate this, too? Again, there is such a thing as going overboard, but bronze or gold touches could offer you the key to a stunning new look. Why not take a look at a few new colour schemes for your living room, no matter how small the space?

Our interior design team is always available to assist. If you are interested in professional London services for your home or business, contact us today or send an enquiry.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to Eras and Styles!

Finally – and this is a big one – there is absolutely no need for you to streamline yourself to one particular era. Want to mix contemporary with Edwardian chic? Interested in blending Art Deco touches with cubist art? Interior design is all about exploration and creativity, so why not mix and match some trends to fit your style!

Of course, everyone has different tastes and personalities. It is entirely your choice if you’d like to stick with one particular look or feel! However, eclecticism is very under-rated. More and more people are creating unique spaces by daring to mix things up. For example, you could choose to mix furniture styles, different types of artwork, patterns befitting specific time periods, and so forth. This is one of those interior rules that can work both ways – but we highly encourage you to risk thinking a little bit out of the box.

Dare to Be Different!

TEMZA’s London design studio always works hard to help people find that creative muse. Of course, not all your rooms or spaces have to be completely crazy or crammed full of different touches and pieces!

However, what we encourage is to go beyond those same tired interior rules and start thinking about how you really want to establish your personality across your home. You are not necessarily going to do that with catch-all templates! Come and have a chat with our team, and dare to be different when it comes to your own home design choices.

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