Setting the trends for 2018-what, how and why?

Setting the trends for 2018

Decorex International is one of, if not the most important Interior Design event of London and we were only too excited to visit. This year is full of color, playful geometry, patterns and interesting shapes and we have summed up the 6 most prominent trends we have noticed this year!

1. Burnt Orange

It’s hard task to reduce the new colour trends to a single colour, however our design team has unanimously elected burnt orange as the colour of the coming season. We have seen furniture pieces, wall covers and light fittings in orange, and with its versatility we feel that it can be very playful and cheerful in industrial interior, while elegant if used as an accent on a neutral colour pallet.

large comfy grey sofa wih brigh cushions

2. Contrasting Colours

When creating colour palettes, it’s a good practice to use one vibrant colour to add accent, however it seems that was only until now. We have seen lots of bold colour combinations this year, of vivid and contrasting colours, which is something new and hard to leave unnoticed. As opposed to last couple years where gradient colours and ombre were all the craze, which is from a colour theory point of view many complementing colours of slight shade difference next to each other, now we have seen bigger and bolder contrasts at many of the exhibition stands. You might think ocean blue pared with yellow is very predictable colour combination, but what about deep turquoise and blush pink? Or rich plum with striky yellow? We leave it up to you!

bright interior design for living room with blue walls,, yellow sofa
gradient wall from orange to red wih neon lips and comfy velvet high chairs

3. Florals and Fauna Inspired Motives

Seems like nature inspired designers more than one way this year. Natural materials are very much present, there’s rich woods, veneers, and an ever widening variety of natural stones. Marbles seems to come in any colours and patterns now and onyx, agate and other stones are also fighting for our attention.
But nature is also present figuratively, in patterns and shapes. Fabrics, wallpapers and accessories are an obvious choice for floral décor, however we also spotted some cool brass light fittings comprising of leaves, flowers or branches, showing high level of craftmanship as well as playfulness.

dreamy interior design for bedroom with floral wall and comfy bed
modern and stylish interior design sspotted by TEMZA design and build studio

4. Arches

If the colour of the season is burnt orange, the pattern is definitely arches. They were already a big hit in Milan Furniture Fair earlier this year and it seems like this particular shape has no trouble finding its way to the UK market. We have seen arches used in furniture and lighting design both as applied patterns and as shape of the whole object. It’s really interesting to see how product designers can use something so simple, and come up with their unique ideas about it!

interior design with gradient green furniture and a plant

5. Geometrics

While geometric patterns are popular year after year, they seem to be getting more and more intricate. The use of simple forms like a circle or triangle was very new and unusual couple years ago, now it feels like all sorts of complex patterns are happening and designers have taken geometry to a whole new level. It can be playful on a cushion or a throw, as we have seen on Niki Jones’ accessories, but it can also be very luxurious and elegant, such as the intricate cut out leather panels we have seen from Genevieve Bennett.

geometry patterns in textile

6. Brass

The trend forecasters of the interior design world seemed to all have different opinions on what will the most popular metal finish of the season be. Brass has been extremely popular season after season, and even though copper, rose gold, blackened brass and polished nickel are all said to be the next big thing (amongst many other) and we certainly have seen pieces in different finishes, brass still seems to be reigning on!

interior design in neutral palette with round mirror

We have truly enjoyed the show and events like these are inevitable for our industry for orientation and seeing many great products being launched for the first time, but it’s equally important to keep in mind that trends are there to bring awareness to particular design styles or items, and you have to find yourself in the trends! We, at Temza, aim to be timeless and not trendy, and in your own home you should always follow your heart, not trends!

Top image by Extreme Design

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