Interior Design Consultation: Our process for a successful result

Even in difficult times like these, interior design companies can help you get your dream residential or commercial project off the road and into full, meticulous planning. Why may this be the perfect opportunity to plan your interior design project and renovation works? Now we are more engaged indoors and more aware and observant of our space and surroundings, we realise the need to transform and have time to restore your property whether it is a few selected rooms or the whole package!

Our interior designers are here to explain why it is the critical time to plan your interior design project, along with our interior design consultation process for a successful and flawless result.

No need for an in-person meeting

Luckily for us, we are a generation of advanced technology and virtual alternatives. A face-to-face meeting is not required nor obligatory to commence your interior design project or review the progress. Many solutions are offered now where phone consultations are the first step into discussing your residential or commercial interior design project. Also, if you’d like to see or have a more personable relationship with the potential interior design company you’ll be working with, platforms such as Skype or Zoom are easy to download and to use for video calling and meetings. Typically, our interior design team will visit the site and review to have a better feel and understanding of the space, property and atmosphere. But, merely sending us existing floor plans or any images of your space, we can proceed and advise on the layout and the best possible solutions to really capture your dream interior.

Our Process

Before we dig deep into how an interior design company like Temza can advise and assist your interior design project planning, let us review our process and what is included within an interior design consultation. Whether we have received your query through our website, Houzz, Instagram or email, we will respond immediately to any project of interest. At Temza Interior Design & Build Studio, we will inform you on our residential brochure and commercial brochure, just so our clients can gather a good understanding on what we do and believe in as a company. You may also view our completed beautiful projects that we are proud to showcase.

Firstly, we offer a free phone consultation to ask any initial questions. This starting point is critical as we discuss thoroughly your project regarding design ideas, taste and options, understanding your space and property and any initial essential space planning. Our objective as a London interior design company is to build a relationship with you and truly open up your design ideas and preferences. Take this time to answer any enquiries or questions you may have, our interior designers want you to feel confident about the possibility of your project and passionate about this exciting stage of your life!

It is also essential to establish a budget within this time or at least have an idea of how much you are willing to contribute to your interior design project. This will give our interior design team an indication on sourcing the ideal and best products for your specification, and avoiding the risk of any additional costs due to a decision change. Regarding the troubling topic of budget, our interior designers always suggest weighing in and prioritising. Bathrooms and kitchens are usually the areas which we should care in regards to using high-quality finishes and appliances, as we want to avoid long-term wear and loss of quality. With the advantageous free time, consider what the goal and requirement is within your residential renovation.

Planning and Realising!

If you have established every concern, question, clarification and excitement, our interior designers will help you jump start to the planning of your interior design job. Why should you approach an interior design company? With our experience in the field and advanced knowledge of what is currently trending or what we should be aware of, our interior design team will analyse and examine everything critical when completing an interior design project to perfection. All within the possibility of staying indoors and through online communication. How do you ask? Our London interior design company have listed some of the most important features which contribute to thorough planning of a residential refurbishment.

Scope of works – The experience of a London interior designer comes to play here. We help you define and establish the scope of works needed for your property. Our interior designers follow our bulletproof checklist, which allows us to plan the works realistically, both within time specification and budget. Our interior design company have completed many commercial and residential spaces within a strict timeline, and we continue to excel and deliver!

Creating Mood boards – If you do follow our Instagram, you’ll realise how fond we are of mood boards. So much so, we have a whole blog post on how to design one! Thanks to a variety of online tools and inspirational websites, we can define what your style is following on our consultation, and prepare a mood board with the style direction for your project!

Layout – Our London interior design company find the layout and space planning of your property is crucial. Our key is to maximise your potential space and create a fluid layout which will be functional to you and your lifestyle. To proceed, we only need an existing floor plan of your home, where we can advise and discuss the best layout.

FF&E Selection – We can start to work on your finishes schemes and furniture packages now! The benefit of working with an interior design company is that we have all the information regarding products and suppliers which will fit your project. Luckily nowadays, all the products can be sourced online, and samples can be ordered directly to your home. Take this time to research any potential items or pieces you particularly like and have an idea on what you are more drawn to.

How we can help you NOW!

At Temza Interior Design & Build Studio, we continue to be of assistance and help you realise a project into reality, particularly in this time. Our interior designers are available for online and phone consultations. Assisting your desired space renovation in creating an atmosphere which you are motivated, comfortable and positive! Contact us now and complete our enquiry form to start your interior project planning today!

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