Last-minute Interior Design touches to make the most out of your Easter

It is Easter Weekend, and we haven’t forgotten to share all the expert tips and last-minute touches you can apply to your home this Easter! Our interior designers are inspired now more than ever for you to make the most out of your Easter and design a room and dining table, which will leave you feeling inspired and proud. Create subtle additions and choices for a significant and impressive impact when designing your residential interior for Easter 2020. Apply all the latest top spring interior design trends, and think outside the box to keep you motivated and positive when finalising your interior this weekend. Find our last-minute interior design finishes to make the most out of your Easter this year and showcase it!

Choosing a Colour Palette and Scheme

Let us commence a starting point, following your desired colour palette and style direction for the interior. If you are anything like our interior design and build studio, you know we love to experiment with colour and delicate touches for that extra, unique element. Our interior designers have selected some of our favourite schemes for this Easter 2020, inspired by Spring interior design trends and experimentation in colour, pattern and material from our beloved mood boards. If you are interested in seeing our interior designers motivation for mood boards, you can visit here for a thorough guide!

Spring Hues

Want a true representation of Spring in its full glory? Think bright colours, flower arrangements and fruitful or tropical vibes. Create an ambience which shows you have implemented the exterior into the interior and be as creative as you can! A popular floral choice is daffodils, and who doesn’t love adding yellow touches into the interior design of our London home? This theme is the perfect choice for you to go big in your floral arrangements; pinks, yellows, greens are some of the popular colours which will create an eye-catching and vibrant dining table for you and your family.

Are you looking for something more delicate and feminine? Of course, our interior designers have to mention the beautiful aesthetic of a pastel palette with muted tones of blush, sage green and sky blues. The advantage of this colour scheme is that it will enlarge your space as it creates a lighter indoors and has that soft approach we may be yearning during this time. Even the smallest and substantial ideas can apply to this scheme. Recognize the mini Easter eggs from Cadbury’s? That subtle choice can be the perfect pastel colour touch to decorate your table.

If you are looking for a more country-like feel and want to keep your interior design minimal and fresh, natural materials and earthy tones will exhibit that clean and comfort mood to celebrate the Spring holidays truly. Neutral tones and materials such as wood, rattan and linen are beautiful choices to bring the nature inside and keep the dining table and interior design of your London residence minimalistic yet refined. Why not purchase this beautiful Elodie Table runner made of straw and cotton? Our interior designers emphasises this look to bring and portray the rustic and raw feel to a reviving home.

If you want to be a little different this year and not approach the Spring interior design look, let’s explore a modern holiday décor. No one will be mad at you if you go for a monochromatic scheme or a black and white palette when decorating your interior and dining table. For unique touches, swap daffodils for dainty and delicate snowdrops, beautifully wrapped in ribbon. You may also add accents or statement by spray painting some eggs in gold if you’d like a luxe-looking approach and sophisticated set-up. Create a clean and refined look with a white base and accent colours of black, grey, copper or gold! Our interior designers recommend adding some quirky options such as this Egg spoon set by Amara, a fun and stylish accessory to complete your dining table.

If you intended to complete some fun DIY interior design projects by yourself or with your family indoors, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Create beautiful and impressive pieces in the comfort of your London home, with few products which can be easily purchased.

Easter Wreaths – A fun, family activity to do with children, partners or housemates! Individually design your eggs and gather elements such as greeneries, nest, flowers and ribbon to compose the most astonishing Easter wreath you can create!

Centrepieces – Want some contrast? Create a centrepiece with an opposing colour to your tablecloth or colour scheme, so it stands out and is admired in the room. If you are looking to change things up and want to swap out the floral arrangements as a centrepiece, our interior designers advise to use feathers and compose something magical and intriguing. This specific idea and concept work beautifully with a pastel scheme.

Why not be creative and construct a nest centrepiece? Portray and represent a birds nest for Easter and add your decorated eggs, natural materials such as straw and moss, and place them eloquently on your beautiful cake stand.

You can rely on Temza Interior design and build studio in London to share inspirations, expert tips and project ideas during this time and continue to support you as much as possible! Make sure to follow our Instagram as we share daily inspiration and interior design guides for any residential project which you need to complete! Contact us now for our online and phone consultations!

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