5 Simple solutions to modernize your living room through interior design

Are you yearning for a change and what to drastically improve your living space? Want to accomplish the modern living room you’ve always dreamed of but never know where to begin? Our London interior designers have all the gear and skills to guide you on modernizing your living room through interior design.

Let us explore subtle and simple available solutions to create a significant impact on your living environment at the moment. Start renovating your beloved space now with 5 of our interior designer’s top tips!

Impress with Art

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The possession of artwork can be such a rewarding experience, especially in interior design. Artwork and pieces can be the missing piece of sophistication that your living room needs, especially when it is is personal to you. When possible, find a work of art which is bespoke or limited. As tempting and easy as it is to purchase a high-street print online, our interior designers guarantee this won’t grant you the same effect, look or desire when elevating your living room.

The beauty of obtaining art, which is personalised and full of character, it allows you to transform a blank or rejected wall and accentuate that space dramatically. Also, as an interior design company, we have a lot of knowledge of suppliers who can provide you with such services such as Quintessa Art, Modern Muse and Partnerships Editions.

Abstract pieces are your go-to for a modern interior. So, how can you start your journey in finding that perfect print?

Colour – You can follow the colour scheme of your room to keep it safe and classic. If you want to try and be a little more daring, don’t be afraid to add some new colour to refresh the palette. Visualise and remember it should harmonise and look good with your existing colour scheme!

Style – Artwork is all about being personal and having meaning to you, so always follow your gut feeling. Classic or impressionist painting is more suited for traditional interior. For a modern and contemporary look, find large-scale abstract pieces.

Placement – Think about your existing space and the proportion of your room to the artwork. If you are blessed with a bigger living space, our interior designers recommend a large print to occupy an empty wall. Bigger artwork should go to most exposed places which have room for display.

We have detailed tips and advice daily on our Instagram of many interior design topics and sectors, so make sure to follow us for more detailed solutions!

Take advantage of mixing pattern and material

The beauty of interior design today is that we have progressed so much, and our passion for exploring and experimenting becomes limitless. London interior design companies prove this as mentioned on our interior design journey blog post exploring the eras. We become unfamiliar with the idea of sticking to one thing, and instead prefer to layer material, pattern and texture to create some magnificent.

Take advantage of the opportunity and mix pattern and material by layering and introducing new accessories to accentuate your living room. A simple solution is to purchase new cushions, throws and blankets for a comfortable yet modern living room. Our London residential interior designers love Larsen Fabric’s collection with its range of pattern! Refresh the interior and create a cosy, luxurious feel with this accessible and easy tip.

Another great alternative is to purchase a rug for the centre of your living space. This will create a focal point to your residential space and provide a beautiful dressing for your floor. Order samples and allow your creativity and imagination to flourish when examining different textures.

Invest in modern, high-quality lighting

A statement lighting pendant or chandelier can be significantly impactful to your living room. Our residential interior designers highlight how critical lighting is on many occasions, and we still stand by it!

If you want to create a highly luxurious look, our residential interior designers are mesmerised by the Bolle Orizzontale by Galotti Radice! Want something more architectural and sophisticated? The Lunar pendant by CTO Lighting will be that missing piece for your London home.

To emphasise a modern living room for your London home, the more natural lighting to the space in question, the better the result. Majority of London modern houses have several windows to allow natural light. If given the chance and possibility, install new windows in your living room to add more life and luxurious character!

Small details create a bigger picture!

Small detailed finishes will be that subtle step in creating a complete modern living room that shines with richness. Recognise the expression, “The Devil is in the detail”? This statement stands true, as the finalisation of finishes will make or break your residential London home. Our blog post about our must have interior ironmongery is available for you to explore and recognise the significance of the interior design of your residential space.

Metal in the modern and contemporary style living room doesn’t need to belong to tables and larger pieces of furniture alone strictly.  Incorporate metallic accents such as hammered polish steel on metal-trimmed trays or edging of mirrors. You can find beautiful vases and accessories to style and decorate your living space. A clock is an excellent addition to a modern living room!

Our London interior design company love to create smart yet stylish solutions to your interior needs. Our Wellington House bespoke cabinets with metallic finished detail allow for a shelf to be glamorous and beautiful, adding that subtle touch with brass shelving dividers. Add that luxurious element to a modern interior with brass and marble!

Consider your colour scheme

You can never go wrong with a neutral colour scheme for a modern living interior. A neutral palette compromises with neutral walls and furniture, for that classic and simplistic look. Our interior designers point out that a modern lifestyle is straightforward and minimalistic, representing these elements through the choice of colour schemes. For living rooms, warm tones are most popular to create a comfortable living space.

However, our interior design team have acknowledged the rise of popularity in incorporating a fair amount of colour to a modern interior. If you are a bit more daring, and still want to contain some colour in your lifestyle, don’t be scared to use colour in the living room through statement furniture or statement walls. We love the luxury of a navy blue in the living room, for example!

To modernise your London property, using colour in furniture is a fantastic solution as it allows you to explore your creative mind and create refined interiors, considering texture and material. Whatever palette or scheme you decide, ensure to experiment and combine finishes and colour through the help of useful platforms such as Pinterest. Explore mood boards and create something that you can visually see to please your eye.

Need interior design services for residential properties in London? Make sure to get in touch with our interior designers and arrange a free online consultation today!

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