As an Interior Design Studio designing commercial interiors for clients in London, we are always keeping an eye on modern office trends, like digitalisation, mobility, and well-being in the workplace. By providing Design and Build services, we gather a unique set of skills to be able to help modernise any office space. Here are our interior designers top 7 favourite product selection from London Design Week for a trendy and modern office.

1. Height Adjustable Furniture Sit / Stand Desks

A height-adjustable desk is an ergonomic choice for the modern office

A High-Adjustable desk is the optimum solution for user’s well-being and productivity. On one side, it allows any desk to be customisable to the user height and this is a recurrent problematic when often the same desk is shared in a hotdesking/paperless office. On the other side, having a desk that allows the user to work standing up, introduces variety, keep a user physically engage. We weren’t designed to sit eight hours a day at a desk, so either we take breaks away from the desk which is difficult when performing a demanding task, or our interior designers recommend you could change your position from sitting to standing.

A Height adjustable table can be used as meeting surface or individual desk

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2. Mobile, Paperless, and Connected Office Spaces

Mobile – As people are moving away from the print and paper area and more towards working online and digitally, this is reflected in a modern office surrounding and commercial interiors.

More and more companies are offering flexible working and allow their employees to work from home one or two days a week, and as a result they include “hotdesking areas” which are desks that everyone, or a set department, can use depending on when they need to be in the office as opposed to having a fixed desk five days a week.

Paperless- From Slimline Pedestal to store less paper and stationary than the standard size pedestal, to secure locker located slightly further from the desk area so that individual belongings are locked overnight.

Connected – And to further support the digital trend, our IT equipment is also streamlined to hide cables, and charge our devices such as phones in a more streamline way.

Modern Office Products are always designed to minimise resistance and making the user focus on creativity, collaboration and efficiency, ultimately making days in the office more pleasant as well and stress-free.

Organisation is critical when succeeding in the Office, Temza London gives you some organisation skills to apply for your desk and workspace area. There are unlimited options when creating a harmonious space for when you work.

3. Informal Collaboration Spaces

Comfortable areas to rest, read, enable team collaboration. The current trend in office is to offer areas for employees to create acoustic creative hubs for employees to collaborate and have informal meeting as opposed to the formal meeting setting of having to book a meeting room and sit together for a fixed agenda and schedule. Start-up companies believe that it creates more engaged discussion when the environment is not so formal. Our interior designers rely on the creativity and inspiration from others; we thrive on contributing ideas to be an efficient worker. Inspiration is all around, and sometimes you need a break to appreciate the surroundings to apply to work.

Image credits: bossdesign

Image credits: bossdesign

4. Ergonomic Task Chairs

Chairs of all sizes, fully adjustable in height, width and material designed specifically for working, seated for many hours are the must-have in an office environment. Excellent support to back, knees and an armrest are essential. From an aesthetic point of view, leather is still the material preferred for executive offices, whereas you find fabric, plastic, mesh throughout a modern office. The swivel base is preferred for a desk sitting requiring the user to get in and out his seat often where a fixed base provides more comfort in a formal meeting setting.

5. The Well-being Trend

Perhaps a trend taken from Start-up companies and IT companies, this is slowly extending to all industries. The beginning of 2010 was more focused on adopting open-door policy and creating open-space offices where walls are no longer dividing individuals and teams. Now, the modern office space is all about informal meeting areas, creativity and collaboration. To stimulate creativity throughout the day, the spaces are divided in work, play and rest areas largely inspired by start-up companies.

More and more companies are grasping the benefits of more relaxed office design. These comfortable boundaries are aimed to deliver a happier and more relaxed workforce.

However, removing boundaries is not enough; to increase well-being in the workplace, plantation and sunlight should be an integral part of the office design. Plants in the office or break out areas for taking a coffee or having lunch are a great touch in this environment; and our interior design team agree everyone needs a bit of greenery for their state of mind! Using natural finishes like wood, natural fabrics for seating areas or partitioned walls, informal meeting areas also provides a relaxing element. Colours also play a significant role in having a more relaxed workforce, and a neutral palette is usually the preferred one for a calm and peaceful state.

bossdesign showroom, comfortable breakout area with moss walls

Neutral palette for a calm vibe

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6. Acoustic matters in open-plan offices

The previous trend was to abolish walls, and it is also essential to provide a quiet office environment for your employees. Our interior design team state that acoustic panels are great to absorb sound and divide departments or areas in the office space, which we believe it is agreed by the majority. They can also be placed on walls to absorb sound and be part of the décor.

In an open-space office, acoustic is an important element. Experts in office design have flagged that open-space offices where acoustic is not put at the centre of the office design, will eventually disturb employees and affect their workflow. Therefore, individual acoustic pods, acoustic dividers, and desk acoustic panels are getting increasingly popular. Our interior designers note that it is less formal than wall dividers but still has the same function with more style. It is not also just about panels, and most modern office equipment now offers an acoustic version. Some examples include closed or semi-closed pods which are informal meeting areas composed of an acoustic surrounding. There are many acousting solutions and properties available, our interior designers used these Hexa Chair from NowyStil for our Betbull Office Project. Even flooring, especially carpet, can come reinforced with acoustic properties. Finally, desks can now provide acoustic properties with additional padding.

Like a picture frame, this seating area for one thanks to its soft surround creates a shelter shell that provides comfort and calm.

Kinnarps showroom, Acoustic panels wall panel provide noise absorbing benefits and can be used to lean against

7. Add a Fun Element: Swing Chair / Spherical Chair

Don’t forget to add a playful element in your modern office. This can be used in casual meeting rooms or in break out areas for employees to just have a little bit of fun while working. At Temza Interior Design Studio, a happy place equals a happy mind, and we want employees to be inspired and creative while working in the office.

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Kinnarps showroom

Playful seating in this Meeting room with multiple work areas for small teams

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These stools are stackable and easy to stock in a corner. They can be pull out whenever they are needed. Ideal when space is limited.

Creating an office space which will encourage productivity and inventiveness is a key factor for our interior design team at Temza. A modern office requires a full selection of functional and interesting furniture to maximise the space which consumes majority of your day. If you’d like to read more about our complete hassle-free solutions for Commercial Design and Build in London, visit our Offices and Workspace page and transform your working environment.

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