Optimised office interior design trends post-pandemic

The global pandemic brought on by COVID-19 has affected us all in various ways. For office workers, the crisis has meant having to adapt to a different working style as well as big changes to everyday life. London design studios, for example, have had to start finding new ways to adapt traditional workspaces!

Many people have had to learn how to do their jobs from their very own homes and this new way of working definitely proved to have its faults and qualities! Could office interior design adapt to this ‘new normal’? What can they do to recreate that home-working convenience?

As more people return to work, there are definitely health and security measures that have to be put into place for everyone’s safety. That being said, that does not mean that the only interior design changes that should be made to the office should be available masks and hand sanitiser.

Below, you will find some of the ways in which office designs are changing and how commercial design services, such as interior design and build studios, are modifying the way we see office workspaces forever – for the better!

Creating a balance

One of the main attractions of working from home is comfort. It is only natural that people feel happier about working in a space that they feel comfortable in! A spacious aesthetic and a homely feel are now hotly sought-after. With that in mind, there are definitely a few things that you could do with your office’s interior design to help your employees feel more comfortable.

For example, maybe consider changing some of the old office furniture. Your employees will naturally feel more at ease and more comfortable working in the office if their chairs are supportive. Simply providing chairs with reliable back support and comfy cushioning makes a lot of difference. You could also try bringing in a bit more colour into the room, which would help add visual stimulation.

Post-pandemic, commercial design will be all about looking at hybrid models. That means, blending the best of home with office working.

Increase productivity by creating more comfort

In order for an office to function properly, everything should have its place, for efficiency and aesthetic reasons alike! Now that you have the time to think about redecorating your workspace, consider bringing in stylish new cabinets and furniture that will serve the space as well as the people inside. Creating a good relaxation area is also a great idea.

Any leading London interior design and build studio will tell you that comfortable offices are productive offices. There are large sways towards integrating residential features in commercial design. For example, you may find communal or even kitchen areas blending in to help capture that lucrative hybrid appeal.

Creating safe and private workspaces

Due to the severe contagiousness of the pandemic, companies everywhere have had to take extreme sanitary precautions in their workspaces in order to ensure the safety of all of their employees. You will no doubt have come across plastic separations, hand sanitiser dispensers, and even COVID-19 test stations. Privacy measures in office interior design have, for example, grown in popularity.

Now that more and more employees are returning to offices, make sure to create an environment for your employees that allows them to work together again whilst simultaneously being as protected from one another as possible. Modern office design should prioritise privacy, while encouraging safe collaboration.

Create clear passages through the office to optimise air circulation, creating distinct working stations for each employee, keeping them at a safe distance from one another. If you’re unsure how to maximise this, a top London interior design and build studio can help.

Sustainable, human-centric design

Although the pandemic has caused a lot of pain and suffering, there is no doubt that it has also caused employers to put certain things into perspective, especially the working conditions for their employees. That’s why there are so many sweeping changes to interior design leading into 2022.

The way that we picture office workspaces will never be the same again and commercial interior design and build studios are the ones leading us to these new, more productive, more stylish, more comfortable offices! Design and build studio experts now make individual people the focus – not necessarily functionality and efficiency alone.

This not only makes sense from a virus safety perspective, but also from the perspective of a business’ profitability and productivity moving forwards. An office that focuses on the health and wellbeing of its employees is prioritising its future growth.

Therefore, why not consider hiring interior design / commercial services to bring your workspace into the post-COVID normal? TEMZA is here to help, no matter the size nor style of your business.

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