Our team of interior designers and construction experts consists of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and personalities, who all share the same values and passion for creating beautiful spaces. We come from various fields of design and construction which allows us to share our knowledge and skills to deliver projects of the best standards. We work with trusted consultants on all aspects of the project, from planning to garden design, to ensure seamless delivery of an in-house solution for any and every need.

We are a creative team with extensive industry experience and diverse specialisations.

Pawel Sipta CO-FOUNDER & DIRECTOR of TEMZA Design and Build Studio based in London



“I never come to the client with a problem, only with possible solutions.”

Pawel is the co-founder of TEMZA and our Construction Director who makes impossible things possible, such as “Moving in before Christmas”, no one believes until it actually happens.

As a construction manager, he has to deal with the ideas of the client and the design team and all the bespoke, problematic, one-of-a-kind items they propose. He loves a challenge.

Sonia Pash CO-FOUNDER & DIRECTOR of TEMZA Design and Build Studio based in London



“Nothing gets me more excited than delivering to people their dream homes.”

With 10 years experience in Real Estate, covering rental, sales, developments and investments, Sonia’s passion to property was extended to construction and interior design field.

She enjoys travelling and visiting new places and can generate new ideas with the speed of 100 per minute.

Ina Moiseev Accountant of Temza design and build studio



Ina has been with TEMZA almost since it was started and helped the company to grow to the stage it is now. Her organisational skills help to bring order to chaos of hundreds of orders, invoices and receipts.

Ina likes cats, croissants and a minute of quite while everyone has gone to site.

Portrait photo of Julia Janosa Senior Designer at Temza London



“I like this pendant, but I’m not in love with it. Can we look at three more options?”

Julia has a vision for every project. She sees the final result before picking a single colour or material, and while others would get lost in details and make compromises along the way she makes sure everything comes to life as it was meant to be.

If she’s not cycling to a meeting or hovering over grout samples with utter concentration you’ll find her in Temza’s kitchen making smoothies for the team.

Ada Hukalowicz Interior Designer of temza designand build studio



“If we make this part 1.5 cm wider we can just have an off the shelf pull out laundry basket here!”

Ada’s experience at joinery manufacture helps us to deliver outstanding design of bespoke joinery items. Everything is developed and specified to the very tiny details. Focus and attention to details – that’s what makes a good interior designer.

Alexandra Venkova Interior Designer of temza designand build studio



“Can you please take some nice pictures on today’s meeting for Instagram?”

When it comes to putting packages together Alex is simply the best. Her creativity, focus and patience helps to bring this part of the job to perfection.

Alex loves travelling, museums and a good breakfast spot.

A dream project for Alex will be a rustic industrial loft apartment with many recycled and antique pieces, oh an a good amount of plants!

Norbert Dubrowski Procurement Manager



“Don’t worry, it’s already on site.”

Managing orders and making sure that everything gets delivered on time and in right order is an important task for a successful project completion. You need to have great communication and organisational skills to manage this kind of job. That’s why we have Norbert.

Maria Nazarova Property Consultant Portrait



“I found a dream house, let’s make an offer?”

Finding property is a very challenging task, but Maria is up for challenge. She has all the skills to be able to find am ideal property in London. Her experience working in Real Estate company and for the biggest property developer in London, combined with best education in this field (She received Masters Degree in Real Estate from Cass business school), making her the best of the best in what she does.

Joy Designer Dog of temza designand build studio



“Has anyone seen my Kong please?”

Designer Dog – that’s what takes Design Studio to a complete next level.
Joy has lots on her shoulders: design decisions, customer relations, HR issues. She is a real multi tasker.
Joy has a good taste in everything: she goes for organic salmon for her breakfasts and expensive dog treats for her snacks, she also loves good velvets and linens.