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Quick guide to finding the perfect finish, plus Temza's favourites

Brassware finishes which you will love

Wherever possible, we love any excuse to jazz up a traditionally dull piece of furniture, and so when the tap hype came around, our interior design team got involved. Nowadays picking your perfect hardware finish can be quite the task; gone is the 80’s era of chrome or brass, now you are practically spoilt for choice!


Whether you are going for a Utilitarian vibe with a copper finish or you want to bring a pop of colour to your space, the rulebook has been thrown out the window and makes way for a new era of sanitary ware finishes that our interior designers can’t get enough!

contemporary black brassware finish for bathroom and kitchen faucet designed by Massimiliano Settimelli
Massimiliano Settimelli
contemporary brassware finish for bathroom and kitchen faucet designed by Arne Jacobsen for VOLA
Arne Jacobsen for VOLA

Why Taps?

We get it; taps aren’t precisely the most significant aspect of a home, so why bother going to that extra effort finishing them off in a unique way? Regardless of the style, you are hoping to achieve; taps are both necessary and functional. They’re one of the few parts of your home you will use every day, and likely by anyone visiting.

With that said, it seems like a no brainer that spending time and money to invest in something that can be both valuable and aesthetically pleasing is a must! Like a good bracelet, taps can be the bathroom or kitchen accessory that finishes off the look. A statement tap will not only tie your room together, but it will bring depth and character to your space.

black and white kitchen with beautiful kitchen white faucet finish designed by Arne Jacobsen for VOLA
Arne Jacobsen for VOLA

Finding Inspiration

With this evolution of bathroom and kitchen hardware coming from something purely functional to combining with interior design, we have seen all sorts of quirky styles hit the market over the years.

In keeping with additional needs, almost every brand is offering different finishes, bringing a unique touch to your bathroom/kitchen. Different finishes exist such as nickel, brass, bronze, copper, gold, stainless and black. Even coloured are making their way into homes to bring a unique focal point that perfectly combines style and functionality.

brassware finish for bathroom and kitchen faucet designed by Rockwell Group+Gessi
Rockwell Group+Gessi

Brands such as Axor and Hansgrohe who have pushed the boat out with their collection of 15 polished, brushed or standardized special finishes – allowing you to enhance your space the way you envisioned, and bringing as they say ‘the ultimate personal touch’ to your home. You can get your monogram engraved onto the taps for a luxurious personalised touch that will get your guests talking.

brassware finish for bathroom faucet designed by AXOR
brassware finish for bathroom faucet designed by AXOR

Knowing Your Vibe

However the most important part to creating your dream room of course is knowing your vibe first and foremost. Are you going for a Scandi style? If so, Temza Design Studio recommends a clean matte copper finish against a white basin and splashboard. It will create the minimalist feel without being overly plain. You may visit our blog post about Scandi inspired furniture that Temza London fell in love with. Perhaps you are aiming for a monochrome vibe, in which case, a black finish would make the statement in your bathroom or kitchen.

Black taps have been gaining in popularity for a few years now. With 2017 being the pinnacle year for this trend as we saw an influx of matt black finishes come to the market, and our interior design team love it! This understated finish not only creates a crisp, clean look but also is classic and timeless. It’s ideal for an investment piece if looking to go for a more upscale feel.

Interior design for white bathroom with black brassware finish designed by Donbracht

The industrial style is all the rage at the moment; with brands bringing out some really unique designs such as the Union range at Crosswater which is mounted to the wall and comes in 4 different finishes of chrome, brushed black chrome, brushed nickel or brushed brass with industrial style taps. This is the perfect example of a statement piece that is an affordable way to bring something extra special to a room.

Whether you’re going for something old school, simple and understated or aiming for more of a tough-luxe feel, which is sinuously contemporary, the current market is brimming with inspiration that is sure to see you off to a good start.

The Future of Tap Finishes

2018 is set to be the year of the throwback, as we are seeing more old school statements coming back to the market, it looks as though the current ode to black is just the beginning. Our interior design team are certainly keen to see how far the industrial vibe goes, or whether we will be seeing more classic elegant looks making a comeback, with simple clean-cut warm brass finishes.

We think there will be a lot more two-tone this year, as we are already seeing interesting contrasts happening from black and chrome to black and gold; so definitely watch this space for more juxtaposing ideas coming together.


brassware finish for bathroom faucet designed by AXOR

During our Highgate project our interior designers opted for a Red Gold brassware for our hardware, this made a real statement with a striking effect that really brought the room together.

Would you love something like this in your bathroom?

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