Currently, we are living in an age where we take more time to consider our purchases and item choices. Focusing less on nice or appealing pieces which so happen to be on sale, and actually contemplating if the item is meaningful and speaks to you. Due to this concept, personalised design and bespoke joinery have become increasingly popular within the interior design industry. At Temza London, we highly believe this trend will grow for future years, and our interior designers trust that this route of design is the way forward to a space full of character and a gained appreciation for the interior. Here is why personalised interior is now considered a new luxury and the reasoning behind it.

Exclusivity and Meaning

Choosing personalised furniture suggests you can enjoy a customised experience from initial design and concept to delivering a final product. The notion is more than solely purchasing from your favourite supplier; it gives a deeper meaning to the item as it has been thought-out throughout the designing stage and contains significance to the client. Personalised interior design allows you to add a special meaning behind the piece, which becomes exclusive to you. Exclusivity can represent luxury as it is not entirely attainable to others or the object may not appeal to another person, as it has a notable significance to you.

Whether it’d be a commercial space or residential, our interior design team believe that you need to create an authentic space with character, fitting the message of your business or the spirit of your home. Who doesn’t want to have a unique space? To differentiate from other interior and to create that distinctiveness, personalised interior will allow this and allow you to have belongings which are not identical when passing through a store.

Customary Joinery

What is the easiest way to create your unique design made to meet your needs? Customary joinery! With the help of a designer, you can create something special and exclusive – whatever it means for you. At Temza Interior Design and Build studio, we pride ourselves in excelling bespoke and customary joinery services, satisfying customer’s by providing stylish and functional solutions within their space.

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, excellent bespoke services will alter your interior and space entirely. Not only it provides complete control over any decorative and aesthetic suggestions within a project, but it also empowers clients to precisely design their joinery, which meets practical requirements. Our lovely Clifton Hill project uses custom-made items to add that unique touch to a home which already has so much history. Our interior designers love allowing clients to have a deeper connection with the making of your space and interior. Besides, isn’t it luxurious to have convenience, style and meaning within your interior space?

Personalised Suppliers

Depending on the products you are searching for or need to attain within a specific area, you’re in luck, as Temza has worked with an extensive list of suppliers which can offer items to be designer to your style, taste and liking. Here are a few of our interior design team’s favourites to get you inspired and give you a kick-start to the luxurious idea of personalised design:


Want to personalise your bathroom and design your dream space of relaxation? Drummonds is a fantastic supplier who can create customised bathroom sanitaryware for all styles! Have that luxurious bathroom that you can treasure and relax in after a long day. Everyone deserves a space to settle down and alleviate.


Focusing on accessories and subtle yet significant pieces for your interior space? Bazaar Velvet produces lovely rugs depending on your specification in choice of colour, size and texture. One item like this will accentuate your space remarkably and doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Allow yourself to have a statement item which will definitely catch the attention of guests.


A noted supplier to keep in your list is Oficina Inglesa who produces a range of personalised and handmade furniture. Their goal is to ensure that clients receive exclusive, highly personalised service, offering products made from carefully selected woods and materials. Our Clifton Hill project uses many pieces from Oficina Inglesa and because of this, it adds that particular element which differentiates from other spaces. 


Last but not least, At Temza Interior Design and Build studio, we always emphasise the importance of lighting as it can transform your space immensely. Now, why not personalise such an important feature and element within the interior design? Fritz Fryer is a great company which provides bespoke services for any lighting depending on the style and its purpose in the room. The magic behind personalised interior currently is that it can apply to everything! There is so much freedom to create a piece which is unique to you as many suppliers offer this service across London and worldwide.

Artisan Products

Artisan products locally manufactured by craftsmen- instead of buying products made on a different continent get unique pieces made in a sustainable way using local materials. Due to the small scale of production, they can offer customised products and services to any interior project. Nothing is as luxurious as having a wonderfully crafted treasure which is unique yet simplistic to be placed in your home. Also isn’t it a luxury nowadays to know the person who has made the item you now obtain? 


Our interior designers are always here to guide you and help with your bespoke joinery services and finding the best and most significant pieces for you and your interior. Transform your property or space into a luxurious abode and add character which represents you and your lifestyle. You may book a consultation with us here and let us help transform the space of your dreams!

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