How to plan a worry-free Interior Design Photoshoot

Organising a photoshoot can be stressful if you’re undertaking one for the first time and looking to generate the best aesthetic for your interior. There are many things to take into consideration to enhance through final touches, and it can get a little overwhelming when finalising and planning!

From the various people to hire, schedule planning and locations to materials, equipment and everything in between – there’s a lot to think about. Setting up an action plan for any kind of interior photoshoot is a great start. But how easy is that to put into action?

Of course, the best thing that you can do to prepare for any photoshoot is to surround yourself with the right team. However, even with the best professionals out there, an ill-prepared shoot will never work well. With that in mind, here at TEMZA, we have compiled a list of things for you to consider before planning your interior design shoot!

Organisation is key

Possibly the most important thing to remember is that organisation and being prepared on the day is critical. Planning a residential or commercial photoshoot means getting multiple people and groups to work together and what is usually is a relatively tight, fast-paced schedule.

With that in mind, start the organisation process as early on as possible. For things to run as smoothly as possible, timing is everything and planning for the specific times that people, items and situations will arise will prevent unnecessary headaches. Leave yourself enough time for your interior design shoot to take place! This can be 3-4 weeks before, for example.

Create a common schedule that can be seen and reviewed by everyone involved in the project, with critical dates, times, deliveries, workers, etc. Make sure there will be no workers for commercial settings or external people on-site to interrupt your commercial photoshoot, for example. A checklist is also ideal for tracking your progress and ensuring you are ticking off everything needed before, during and after the photoshoot. Find a complete property photoshoot checklist to help you give an idea and use the template.

Creating a spreadsheet with the items needed for the photoshoot will help you keep track of everything. You will first of all have to consider all of the items required for each set and remember to always check the delivery dates! As interior design shoot experts, we know how hard it is to wait around on materials.

It also makes sense to plan for each room you intend to use, residential or commercial. What will you need to dress or style each space? A London interior designer may be able to offer you some helpful advice and pick out the finishing touches for you when capturing your interior in the best light.

Always have a plan B

No matter how well organised a photoshoot can be, anything can happen. Plans fall through, people get stuck, things break, etc. It is a simple fact but if you find yourself without a back-up plan, even minor inconveniences can end up causing bigger problems! Any good London design and build studio will tell you the same.

You can never be too prepared and knowing that you have back-ups, will save a lot of stress and time in the future. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, as they say. That goes for residential photoshoot demands and commercial setups! You may order items and pieces with next-day delivery and return if your original plan fails through. Ensure you specification has the plan B items and ideas so you can confirm if it’ll be arriving promptly.

Our interior designer experts also recommend having short-notice suppliers or shops on standby should you need replacement materials on the spot.

Hire trustworthy professionals

For any photoshoot to succeed, you need to be able to rely upon your team. It truly is a team effort, and everyone plays an important role, from styling via interior designers, photographers, publishers if introduced, assistants etc.

This is especially the case when it comes to your photographer – the process is not as easy as someone simply holding up a camera. Just as with all artists, different photographers specialise in different modes. You will undoubtedly need to hire an expert who is capable of showcasing what exactly you are trying to promote, be that certain focal points, statement pieces, specific structures, the environment, etc. A portrait photographer will have different ideas and processes as opposed to those who specialise in lifestyle and interior, so it is not all about how much you like the photographs of a photographer, it must be genre-specific.

It’s not always easy to take on all of this yourself, so trust a design and build studio or interior design experts to help you get up to speed. You may find many freelancers on platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer, for example. Create a job post with your requirements and wait for photographers to share what they have done and how it may relate to your brief.

Inspect your setting for the right resources

You have the ideal shoot date where the whole team is in agreement, and a plan of action is created. Have you reviewed how the weather will be that day and what it might mean for your setting? Unfortunately, if you are located in London like our Interior design studio, there is no way to predict the weather! But, depending on the conditions of the day, you will need a reliable photographer with the necessary equipment just in case the lighting is a bit dull, and the day is dreary.

Your greatest enemy will be light! If cloudy, ensure you use a tripod and appropriate lighting to fill out the darker areas and shadows. Likewise, if during the day some rooms are catching direct sunlight, it is best to avoid for harsh shadows and inconsistent lighting. You will have to consider the placement of the sun during your chosen times for the shoot, in relation to the location, and the weather. Commence with rooms which do not create a large contrast when photographing. It is the photographers job to ensure consistency between the rooms and post-production to ensure they’re all evidently from the same project.

Planning a worry-free interior design photoshoot does involve a lot of preparation but the time that you spend preparing will ensure a successful and efficient shoot. Remember to give as much information as possible to your team, especially to the photographer!

For more information from a top interior designer who can help you with your photoshoot, contact TEMZA on +44 207 932 0307, or go ahead with completing our online booking form to find a London interior design studio that you can trust!

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