Looking to Create the Perfect Family Home Design?

Are you considering changing up your interior design for your family environment? It’s always a good idea to get in touch with interior designers to learn about the latest trends and practical choices. In this guide, our interior design experts will share a few ideas with you on how you can create a fantastic space for your brood with minimal effort.
Unsure on what’s likely to work best for the perfect family home? Here are the vital elements you’ll always need to consider when creating that ideal homely look fit for your family.

Focus on Space and Layout

Naturally, one of the first things you should always do when considering residential design is the way you plan your spaces. In the modern age, fluidity is key. This means that you are going to need to make sure your spaces flow well into one another.
When taking on a family home project, you should make sure to consider how each of your everyday family functions are likely to benefit from specific spatial choice. You’re going to need to consider space for comfort, but also for practicality and flexibility throughout the home.

For example, the wider open your spaces are, the more scope you will have, as parents, over your children, and where they may be. Children are hard to keep track of at the best of times – and the best residential design will surely help to make this easier for you!

There’s also the key point that the perfect family home should be a social space. This means you are going to need to open up your rooms and floors for wider interaction. More on this, the more space you establish, the easier it’s going to be to adapt your unique routines and activities. Flowing spaces create a fantastic sense of harmony!

Create Specific Zones

If you share your family home with multiple people, then the need for specific zones is crucial. Therefore, you’re going to need to ensure you clearly mark these zones and areas as clearly as you can. The best family home design is one which not only brings people together, but which allows family members to split off and enjoy their own private spaces and time.

The Temza Interior Design and Build Studio will work with you to create a unique space that gives each member of the family space that they deserve. Organisation is crucial for any London interior, family homes included. We want to make sure that your perfect family home is one which is easy to arrange, clean and set up from day to day. This is why bespoke joinery and carpentry solutions come in handy so often. We create unique spaces and rooms which can be multi-functional, offering specific zones for storage and everyday demands.

London interior design for families should also focus on occasional storage. This means that you may have specific spaces to store important mementos and memories in.

Consider an Extension

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If you’re growing a family, it will of course make sense to consider extending your property, too. This is likely to be a much more preferential option to selling your family home outright if you simply need more space!

It’ll be less hassle to set up extensions in the long run. For example, you could consider a new loft extension, and basement conversion, a conservatory or even a garden office. The fact is, all of these extension ideas will not only help to establish a unique, perfect family home, but will also help add genuine value to your property. In addition, ensure you have planning permissions to make this significant upgrade to your home.

Think About Colours

Family home design in London and elsewhere will need to be bright and eye-catching. Especially when you have young children, bright, pleasing colours will do plenty to help establish calm moods and to help stimulate positive behaviour. There’s also the fact that some colours can overstimulate little ones! For example, red can be considered an over stimulant in many cases. Therefore, avoid using this in kids’ rooms wherever you can help it! Try to envisage the look and feel of each room before you decide on a colour – as the aim of your room or designated space will likely dictate how you set up your interior design in the long run.

Children and family rooms are likely to look best in calm blues and neutral yellows, and softer shades. Try and focus on harmony throughout your family home design! You can read our blog post on the summer colour trends and which palette or scheme will be ideal for your home, we explore a variety of schemes perfect fit for a family home!

Interested in making changes to the way you present your family home? Make sure to get in touch with Temza now to discuss establishing a pleasing, exciting palette of colours and styles for years to come. Think comfort as well as practicality!

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