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Temza shares a design and build guide to polished concrete flooring.

Looking for a flooring alternative? Go for polished concrete.

Polished concrete is a sleek and stylish solution for a practical yet sophisticated interior. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean, which is great for busy families.

Why choose polished concrete?

-Polished concrete is contemporary, minimal and sophisticated.

-The absence of joints and a grid-less surface gives the floor a smooth, seamless look.

-It works in any room of the house – kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms all lend themselves very well to this modern look.

-It has a beautiful neutral colour that makes an excellent base for colourful or more extravagant  furniture and accessories.

-Polished concrete comes in a variety of different colours and shades, for those of you who are feeling brave.

-If the industrial feel is a little bit too strong, it can easily be softened  with rugs, cushions and pouffes.

-Polished concrete is hardwearing and easy to clean – just use water to keep it looking beautifully shiny.

-It has a similar look to granite and marble but comes at a fraction of the price!

Polished concrete is a great heat conductor, making it an excellent choice for underfloor heating. Contrary to popular belief, underfloor heating won’t break the bank and is often more efficient than other more traditional heating systems. It’s a great investment to get you through cold London winters and is becoming increasingly popular.

Design-wise, polished concrete flooring allows for a seamless look throughout the property and connects the inside and outside of the house, which visually enlarges the space without grid lines or joints disturbing the floor surface.

Where can I use polished concrete?

-in new builds – although make sure that the structure of the building can take the weight first.

-basement conversions.

-warehouse loft conversions or other industrial structures.

How much does polished concrete flooring cost?

The cost of polished concrete flooring can vary quite widely, and there are several factors that will influence what you pay:

  • the area you live in
  • the quality of the existing floors (in renovations) and whether any repairs are necessary before work can begin
  • the size of the house
  • the type of finish you are opting for (those with exposed aggregate finishes will cost more)

As a guide, a new polished concrete floor poured, finished and sealed will cost around £120/m²-£150/m². If you have an existing concrete floor that you wish to have polished, the cost will be approx. £50/m².

For more information on polished concrete flooring, from cost to installation, take a look at https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/polished-concrete-guide/

How is polished concrete installed?

  1. A mix of concrete is poured directly on site. Prior to this, the respective surface is reinforced with steel mesh and fibres. This technique is used to minimise the risk of the floor cracking.
  2. The whole space is filled and levelled using a laser, rakes, vibratory screeding machines and bull floats. Colour is applied afterwards if required.
  3. The final surface is closed off and densified by hand trowel and/or power trowel machines. This brings the cement paste to the surface, smoothing and hardening it until it develops a sheen. This procedure is partially dependent on the weather conditions. If it’s too cold (5°C or lower) fresh concrete can be permanently damaged; too hot and there is a risk of the concrete shrinking.
  4. Once poured and prepared, the concrete will need to be polished and sealed.
  5. Polishing either comes from cleaning and buffing the floor with a scrubbing machine or, better still, light diamond polishing to remove minimal laitance and bring out a medium sheen.
  6. The floor will then need to be sealed. A penetrative sealant that allows the concrete to breathe is used.

For further information on this method, take a look at this step-by-step video.

How did Temza implement it?

The concept behind our Wapping Project was to create a light, comfortable and modern family home. With a great appreciation of art and design, the client had a strong colour and palette in mind. The challenge for us was to create a stylish, minimal and harmonious foundation that would become the canvas for a playful, eclectic and quirky interior.

Keeping the existing brick wall, we agreed on polished concrete flooring throughout the property that would match the initial concept and complement the decor beautifully. But why polished concrete? What’s so special about it?

Already an industrial-style building, Wapping was the perfect property for polished concrete flooring – not only because the structure of the building was strong enough to take the weight of the material, but also because it genuinely matches the surroundings of the area and respects its historical heritage.

In order to soften the industrial feel we added rugs and textiles, which also create a cosier and more homely atmosphere.

If you love this look and are interested in using polished concrete in your home, get in touch with Temza today. Our team of interior design experts are experienced with polished concrete flooring and can help you to create a beautifully sleek-looking home with none of the stress and hassle to go with it. Visit https://temza.co.uk/ to find out more about our Design and Build service and get in touch with our friendly team today.

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