Residential Interior Design Trends that will take over in 2020

Wondering what’s next for the year of 2020? Need some inspiration for any projects in the upcoming year?

Today our interior designers are here to discuss about the Interior Trends we expect to go big and have a significant impact for 2020. You may have read our trends forecast blog article about Autumn/Winter Trends here, that is why we want to give you more depth of the future interior design trends and styles that suppliers might focus on.

As residential and commercial interior designers in London, we like to design and plan spaces that are modern, functional and relevant to the area we live in, gathering inspiration through our surroundings and knowledge now. Let’s dig deep on what has caught our eye, focusing on our current and upcoming residential interiors decoration projects.

Organic Forms - Arches, tubes, rounded and bloated forms inspired by 70s

Organic forms are going to be seen across many decorative items. Arches, Tubes, rounded and bloated, these curves will soften modern interiors and become a focal point in a room. These can be structured like a masonry arch or decorative as part of the furniture and lighting choice of a room. This gives a soft element to the room, while keeping it stylish and elegant. Also, it is a feature which can easily be accomplished and located with the range of furniture, room styling and architectural options we now see in many interiors. Our Wellington House Project consists of many soft elements with this particular trend, including our Erin Dining Chair from Liang and Eimil.

As the year progresses, interior designers, customers and suppliers are fitting the natural elements, materials and want to consume something which is more organic and truly kept well. The focus is to keep a secure connection with our environment and bring nature indoors. Many commercial spaces are also applying this to create a more connected society. This trend is notably applied at The Connaught in London which was recently refurbished by Pierre Yovanovitch, using many round furnishings and arched murals.

This trend gets inspired by the 70s when shapes like tubes and rounded edges were often used in a product and furniture design, however, it was more vibrant and eccentric back then. So, for the outgoing and brave, our interior designers have found many decorative accessories which focuses on the organic shaping and forms which adding that extra wow factor to your living space. These contemporary Ebba cushions are fun as a statement piece in your living room or bedroom.

Dezeen: The use of rounded shapes in decoration item is typical from the 1970s in US and Europe.

Aged metal finishes

Exit polished gold, chrome and rose gold; we believe that aged finishes will be a selection of choice by many interior designers next year. From kitchen and bathroom brassware, electrical sockets, to lighting and furniture, we will see much-aged brass or bronze element incorporated. Antique brass is a reminder of authenticity, of decades passed and cherished. At a time when people are looking for more meaning and simplicity in their lives, it could be logical for this type of finish to become popular. 

Temza Mood Boards

This finish is timeless and will always be in fashion, regardless of period or era. Today, you can find antique brass door hinges, cupboard furniture, locks and latches, window furniture, door furniture, etc. The amount of choice and option is endless, and we believe it’ll be as accessible for the upcoming years. There is a process that manufacturer employ to make brass look aged straight out from the manufacturing plant. This means you will have plenty of choices either you like to shop new or vintage. Our interior designers love this unique and modern piece from Sweetpea and Willow with the use of aged brass and a soft element of the feathers. 

Biophilia - plants and natural row materials

Remember this recognisable trend and phrase? Our interior design team have probably noted this many times, but that is why we can’t emphasise the importance of this movement in any interior space. Biophilia is becoming a trendy word, but it is merely the art of decorating with plants, greeneries and making space feel natural and at one with nature. Don’t be shy about your plants and trees! If the options allow it, our interior designers always love the real natural plants for that extra cleanse in your home interior. In Layman’s term, you could translate biophilia design into #urbanjungle on Instagram. This hashtag has reached 3 million posts in 2019.

If you really want to embrace the healthy lifestyle into the residential interiors; add some relaxing and sheltered seating areas, a soft playlist of sounds of nature, or a small size water fountain and you are set. The idea is to recreate the four elements in your home: earth (plants and wood), water, fire (candles), wind. Is there anything more relaxing than being sheltered indoors and yet surrounded by the beauties of the natural outdoor space?

Warm colours - from earthy burnt orange tones to soft nudes and pastels

Regardless of the season, warm hues and in particular orange is a hue that will be getting more and more popular. Luckily, it is the colder season in London, so why not apply this now? Inspired from the 70s and perhaps slightly modernised into warmer tones with terracotta’s. This colour will be part of most soft furnishing specification in residential interior designer companies’ projects. Here are some decorative burnt-orange items that our interior designers have spotted which you can apply to any residential space.


And it doesn’t have to stop at the typical browns, oranges and nudes. We have seen many blushed inspired pieces brought into the interior as it becomes less known as a feminine colour and more as a beautiful shade which opens many possibilities and furnishing choices. You may apply this specific colour palette to the trends our interior designers have already discussed, and we are excited to see this colour schemes for future projects. 

Craft and artisan products, Slow design

Craftmanship is getting the projector light it rightly deserves. As people are looking for unique and simpler choices to decorate their home, products made by artisans are being sought out. Platforms like are getting more and more popular due to their DIY approach and lifestyle theme. The global eCommerce platform for unique and creative goods now connect millions of buyers and sellers, and their mission is to “keep commerce human”.

It is interesting that artisans offer different skills and abilities and get inspired by centuries of local craftmanship. Buying linen fabric from Estonia, ceramic from England or glassware from France is made accessible on the platform. Now even high-end retailers like Liberty or Conran shop partner with small local artisans to present unique, and authentic products produced in small batch in a bet to answer their clients need for such products.

Our interior design team hope you enjoyed reading this Residential Interior Trend Report For 2020 and would invite you to comment and follow what your favourites on our Instagram are. Find more on what our residential services have to offer and if you are looking to start an exciting project for next year, contact us now!

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