How to create elevated experiences through successful restaurant interior design

What are the significant components in a successful restaurant interior design? Analysing and exploring interior in residential spaces and commercial spaces becomes different as each sector has its individual priorities. Our interior design team have discussed a lot of interior design within residential spaces during the lockdown. As everything is opening up, and we adapt to a new formality, it is important to traverse into the commercial sector and create successful interior designs to help businesses succeed!

What are you trying to achieve?

The interior design of a restaurant isn’t only to appeal one person or a family like a home, instead, you need to appeal and attract to a large variety of clients, as well as maintaining that relationship for repeat business. Temza Interior Design Studio is here to share the top design priorities when executing a successful restaurant to represent your brand.

When approaching an interior designer in London, the main focus is to gather a deeper understanding of the message the business is portraying and what it represents. Your initial questions are who are you trying to attract, what is your cuisine and what is your main priority for the restaurant space? The branding and menu need to be translated into your restaurant space and interior design. The idea is to create a beautiful environment to attract customers, but, even more crucial than that, allow your space to create an unforgettable experience through elevated design and smart planning.

Capacity and space planning

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Achieving great experiences, you must apply smart planning in space, layout and assessing capacity. Your stylish design can attract customers, but comfortability and convenience is the connection to elevated experience and unforgettable marks. Firstly, you must be strategic and realistic with your expectations. Our London interior designers want to make use of your space and create the balance of maximum seating capacity with a comfortable and welcoming ambience. Proportion and designing around your space is vital, so the aim is to avoid an inconvenient layout where it is almost impossible to move around due to big furniture and seating. Focus on the restaurant’s purpose and design to fit that aim. If it is a diner, you may want a layout such as Electric Diner in Portobello. For higher luxury experiences, create a smart design such as Sketch with comfortable seating and table placement.

Evidently, another priority is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant. The area where all food is made and the appliances are located. The rule of thumb is 60% dining area and 40% kitchen. The location and layout are key as you want the kitchen to be discreet, yet have easy access to transfer food and drinks. Our interior designers will help you achieve this and ensure that strategic layout planning is applied, and fluidity in a restaurant with direct movement is accessible.

Designing for heightened experience

Need some initiative with design? Incorporating a theme which corresponds to your brand and culinary style allows a space to represent their identity and allow you to venture and experiment in style and looks.  The Lebanon style and culture with the London sophistication inspired our interior design team with our Paramount project in Gloucester Road. The key is to translate and represent the space in correspondence to your brand. If you are taking this approach, make sure it is less trend-focused and that the design is timeless and durable.

At Temza Interior Design, we want the best and functional space for your restaurant interior, that is why we like to correlate essential elements with a question and possibility. Of course, seating and tables for the dining experience are required, but how do we heighten that? The placement is vital as you want customers to have a pleasant experience with relatively good views. Clients may not usually want to sit right next to the entrance of a restaurant as people are consistently entering and leaving. Another obvious point is there shouldn’t be seating nearer to restrooms, and this is something we can all strongly agree on. Small inclinations and factors like these will achieve that significant impact on memories and enjoyable experiences. Set the right ambience and design to fit your purpose!

The Final Touches

In London restaurants, it is important to have a solid image to attract customers; our interior design team want to go beyond and ensure that customers stay, enjoy and return. The interior design of a restaurant may be out of this world and have an impeccable impression, but, it won’t keep your customers if they feel uncomfortable due to temperature, smoke or smells. Yes, we are referring to the dining area as well as the kitchen. Our interior designers know the importance of installing proper ventilation and making sure the atmosphere is right! It might be a hassle to you and tempting to cover your eyes in this area, but in the long term, it may result in a loss of sales due to poor ventilation and no air conditioning. Examine the area you’re situated in, and the time of year it might be the most popular. These final and essential touches will be that closing priority to elevate your restaurant experience and create a successful design!

If you are interested in renovating your restaurant, or you are just moving to London with a passionate idea to execute, our residential and commercial interior design company is here to assist you with beautifully stylish and functional spaces. It’s easy and straightforward! Contact us today or complete our online booking form; we are passionate to work with you and achieve the dream space you’ve always envisioned.

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The interior design of a commercial space doesn’t please to one person or a family; it has to stand out and attract a large variety of people from start to finish. Temza Interior design is here to share our priorities in designing a restaurant for a full experience.
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