The best new colours to decorate your dream interior with

New colours of the season

It’s essential for businesses to get the right associations when people see their branding and branded spaces – be it a bank or a café. By no means its any less important that you find the right colours to surround yourself with, that make your life a little happier day by day! That is why there are so many organisations out there continuously researching this topic, including the Panton Colour Institute, the Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre and Farrow and Ball‘s team of colour experts in Dorset – to name a few.

The science of colours isn’t an easy one, and we have come a long way from simple statements like “red is a passionate colour and blue is good for focus”. Researchers understand that associations change over time. It may depend on geographic location, culture and subculture. That’s why “…the colour of the year (is) so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Put Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute quite rightly put it. Why not visit the top interior design trends to look for in 2019 and combine the two for a fun renovation project? Here at Temza Design Studio, we like to keep on top of the game and give you various opportunities to create your perfect interior.

interior design for home office with comfy white armchairs, small wooden coffee table, open and closed storage, wooden desk

Spiced Honey by Dulux

Spiced Honey for Optimism

So let’s dive in! Dulux, one of the largest paint suppliers worldwide announced Spiced Honey as their colour for 2019. Apart from sounding extremely delicious, our interior designers think this golden, warm colour is created to induce positivity and optimism. It’s a versatile shade, which I think is essential. To be ‘colour of the year’ it has to be something that bridges different styles. Spiced Honey can have a warm minimal, almost purist look if used with brilliant white and natural oak. However, paired with gold and darker shades, it can just as well be something vibrant and luxurious – like Temza’s Design Studio ‘Eternity’ furniture pack, that would no doubt look brilliant against a Spiced Honey backdrop. Dulux even goes into detail on their website, showing ways to use Spiced Honey in your home interior.

interior design with painted walls by Farrow and Ball

9 new colours from Farrow and Ball

Colours Inspired by Traveling

Farrow and Ball didn’t leave it to chance; they are boosting 9 new colours for the season with inspirations from all over the world. From Japan, through India and back to France. It features striking red shades, the dark purple Paean Black, the dusky Sulking Room Pink, the cherry coloured Rangwali, and the rich Preference Red, all to bring warmth to the space. Cool shades aren’t behind, new on the palette is the dark blue De Nimes, the earthy, dark green-grey Treron and the vibrant green Bancha. All you need now is some neutrals to pair them with, and here comes the lighter School House White and the little more shaded Jitney.

interior design for kitchen with green painted walls

Farrow and Ball’s midcentury green, Bancha, named after Japanese tea leaves

Out with the Old, In with the New

The tradition of always having 132 colours in the current Farrow and Ball range is one that has lived on since 1946. Welcoming these 9 new shades means we are waving goodbye to old ones – though not forever, as all colours are still available through their archive collection. Therefore, our interior designers think it’s interesting to see how the tide has turned and try to decipher what made these 9 fall out of favour!

Some Smoked Trout with that Spiced Honey?

Clunch, Archive and Ringwold Ground are all neutrals with yellow undertones, which could easily be considered old fashioned colours currently. Our interior designers feel preference has shifted towards more beige or pink undertones and even though it sounds like a slight difference, believe me when it’s covering all four walls, that’s all the difference you need between loving it or hating it. Another archived colour, Smoked trout, is, funnily enough, a neutral light brown shade not too dissimilar to Spiced Honey. This case proves a critical point: colour is highly personal and what works for you, won’t work for others!

interior design for spacious reception room

Farrow and Ball’s now archived Smoked Trout

Dulux's Colour of the year Spiced Honey

Dulux’s Colour of the year Spiced Honey

Book Room Red, and Yellowcake, both in the archives now, are quite basic shades that you could say lack the complexity that’s so popular in today’s colour trends. On the other hand, Drawing Room Blue and Black Blue, I believe were found too close to the new De Nimes blue. It is something Farrow and Ball tries to take great care of when editing the collection. The last on the list is Turnsgate Green, and let me say, it doesn’t really surprise me. It might just be me but a pale, sickly green needs very special circumstances to work.

Change is Natural!

It’s only natural that both our personal and collective association with colour changes over time. We might have liked some colours when we were little (or last year), that we can’t stand right now. Likewise, a wine bar with deep red and chocolate brown décor 10 years ago would have come across as “very rich”, while today, you might consider it a little old fashioned. And that’s probably a great thing that gives us opportunity to rethink and reinvent ourselves through the colours around us. Temza Design Studio in London always like to keep in top of new releases and trends to offer every opportunity. Please visit our services page to find more information!

Serving suggestions' for one of Farrow and Ball's new colour: Preference Red

Serving suggestions’ for one of Farrow and Ball’s new colour: Preference Red

Top image by Duluxuk

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