How to select the best upholstery fabrics in interior design

Are you looking around your interior and searching for a change or renovation? It might be that you are planning your interior design project and want to find the best upholstery pieces for a more personalised and characterful interior home or commercial space. As difficult as it may seem to find the perfect choice of fabric by selecting which colour or pattern you’d like, there is more to it than what meets the eye, and we have to consider the critical details of durability, care and aesthetic with type. That is why an interior design and build studio is the best assistance when it comes to choosing the perfect upholstery fabric for that ideal upholstered sofa, armchair and much more!

The Durability must come first!

Romo Fabrics

An exciting yet challenging task on your hands before considering the aesthetic of your fabric choice, we must look through the science and qualities of the fabric. First thing, how durable it is and how long it will last. There is no advantage to finding something that is bound not to last long and has early wear and tear. You lose cost and time with this, and as a London interior design company, the goal is to complete a long-lasting space for years to come.

A higher Martindale level is for better abrasion resistance and stain resistance for higher performance. Ideally, the Martindale level for seating and other more used pieces must be over 20,000. Anything less will be considered more for decorative use and not very suitable for furniture upholstery.

You must also consider other factors of your lifestyle, which may affect and indicate your fabric choice. Let’s say you have a more prominent family and some furry friends; silk or suede will not be the most ideal due to clawing and fur. The most resistant fabric, in this case, will be microfiber, nylon or leather.

If you were curious to find the latest Fabric trends in 2021 to use for Spring, Homes and Gardens show you all the options which everyone loves to introduce in their space.

Style & Colour to Add Character

With research and discussions with a professional, there also needs to be a compromise of the aesthetic and durability. So, let us have fun! Exploring patterned fabrics is a great way to help hide minor stains and more practical. As well as adding interest and movement into your home interior, it becomes convenient for accidental and regrettable spillages, which may be hard to clean up.

If you were curious to find the latest Fabric trends in 2021 to use for Spring, Homes and Gardens show you all the options which everyone loves to introduce in their space. Floral has become more prevalent during this season as we embrace the rustic vogue and cottage core style which we explored on our 2021 Design trends here. This pattern works beautifully well on accessories, seating or window dressings such as statement drapes.

Are you looking to focus more on solid colours and less on the pattern? Any velvet fabric on armchairs or sofas with a bolder and richer colour will embrace the luxurious feel of residential living space or reception for commercial uses. This material and textile make for an excellent and stunning performance for your interior design at home. Colour and neutral tones allow for decor flexibility and more frequent changes in the interior. So if you are someone who loves to be diverse and play around, this tip is for you!

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As an interior design company, we work with many high-quality suppliers who deliver beautiful choices regarding tones of colour, texture and design. Our top suppliers include Romo Fabrics, Colefax & Fowler, De Le Cuona, and many more. Our interior designers advise gathering samples and experiment. If you are somewhat of a maximalist, or you like to mix and match pattern and material, ensure you find a solution that fits your taste.

Our top tip, find a common element to experiment with when mix and matching. For example, focus on one colour, one scale of pattern or on the material to complete a set of your space. Don’t be scared to mix different colours and patterns! This can be for curtains and sheers, and not all materials have to be identical. With the help of a professional interior design company, they will b able to advise you and achieve your dream ideology.

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