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Temza's top tips and expert advice on transforming your home with minimal interior design changes

Get a completely new look applying these little but very impressive changes

Earlier in the year, Temza Interior Design Studio discussed home renovations. Any successfully completed project already? If you haven’t found the courage, the time or the money of course, but are still looking to refresh your London interior space, we have the perfect solution for you. Sometimes you can achieve great things with little effort and some expert tips from our interior designers.  

Trust us, it is easy to revamp your whole living space with subtle changes. Today our interior designers from Temza London have compiled a list of small refurbishments and changes that you can apply to your home interior, that would completely transform it for you and for your guests.


The kitchen is a great place to start. 

New splashback and perhaps new under cabinet lighting will surely seal the deal and leave impressive results for your London home interior. 

Another way to go is to repaint your old cabinets. Nothing says ‘new look’ like freshly repainted surfaces. Go for colour that would completely change the mood of your kitchen. Pop of colour always captures the attention and draws the eye away from the rest of the house. Want to go one step further, change the cabinet ironmongery as well. Temza Design Studio share their expert advice on choosing the right cabinet hardware and interior ironmongery. There are so many quirky solutions on the market, from colourful knobs to leather pull handles. Our interior designers personally love this T-Bar by Buster and Punch made from solid smoked bronze, adding that subtle edge to your kitchen cabinets. Depending on your home interior, there are many different finishes and colours to select from – make it yours.

A simple and easy alternative is to simply organise and declutter your worktop and cabinets. Clear the surfaces, hide or dispose of items and equipment you are not using daily. Display only favourite items. 

Style up your worktop and cooking area. Accessorising right is a key here. Display your favourite cookbooks. Introduce textures, mix and match wooden cutting boards, vintage silverware, clay pottery and clear glass vases.

Finally growing some herbs would not only bring the natural feel to the kitchen but will provide you with fresh greens for your favourite dishes. 

Living Room

If you are one of the lucky ones that happen to occupy a whole house or flat in London, the living room might just be the most used space of your property.

Start by merely rearranging the furniture. If the space allows it, a new layout every now and then completely changes the dynamic, and leaves you with the impression that you are occupying a totally different flat or house.

You might want to repaint or re-polish old furniture. And while we are on the topic, recycling and upcycling are a great approach, especially when your budget is small. Give life to old items. Be creative, and repurpose-stools can become tables, old trunks too. Use old books and bottles as decoration, instead of fancy decorative items and vases.

If you have decided to spend some money, however, invest in an accent piece of furniture. A beautiful and comfortable armchair could quickly become your most favourite material possession in the world. And remember to always choose quality over quantity. 

Hang mirrors and more than one, they would reflect the light and make the room visually look larger. Add light sources close to the mirrors. These would amplify the effect they would have in your interior. 

Hang paintings, poster or prints, anything that sparks joy. If you already have artwork displayed on your walls, perhaps update it, or swap places. These small interior design changes will sure transform your living room and make that much of a difference with minor changes.

Don’t forget about the plants and place fresh flowers where you can see them, visit our guide to plants that our interior designers have selected to bring life into your home.


Often the favourite and at the same time most neglected room of the house. Primarily a place for sleeping, it may seem unnecessary to beautify your boudoir, however with some little tweaks and changes, you could end up with a brand new and very relaxing space that would do wonders for your sleep quality. Plus it would reduce the number of clicks on that snooze button, you can thank us later!

Invest in window dressing. New sheer curtains will soften the light in your bedroom, creating a soft, cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Blackout curtains or blinds are also a must. If you are unsure, however on choosing the perfect window treatment for your home, have a look at our interior designers expert guide to window dressing.

New bedding is another easy and inexpensive change that will revive your room. So many options out there, this simply can not be an easier task. If you would like a bit of inspiration, Temza London Interior Design studio recommends The White Company for your dreamy and simple but effective bedding.

Tidy up, declutter and style. Well organised bedroom, well-organised mind, as they say, or do they? But indeed having a tidy, clean and relaxed space waiting for you at the end of a stressful day will be the comfort that you need.


Yes, renovating a bathroom is a serious task, but achieving a new look doesn’t always mean new tiles, sanitaryware and brassware. Simple changes, like choosing a new mirror or adding a couple of plants to your bathroom, make a huge difference and a big impact. Just make sure that they can thrive in such an environment.

Invest in designer lotions and soap bottles and refill them with time. Or simply purchase a beautiful set of dispensers that would match the interior design of your room. Add a little tray to finish the look.


Finally, we end the topic with the most commonly neglected areas of a home. When the design is concerned, hallways are often left behind, which is a big mistake since this is the first area of your home anyone who enters will be presented with.

Start by replacing your old coat hanger with a funky new alternative. Check these ones out from our article on The Independent that our own interior designers have selected and recommended. Place a decorative bowl on a sideboard for your keys, coins and other ‘pocket junk’ or DIY a fun key holder. 

Create a gallery wall by framing and hanging some of your favourite artwork or photos, but choose the frames carefully and make sure they go well together.

Repaint all the doors if the house allows it, this would completely change the dynamic of the interior and make a big impression. A surprising, yet effective solution when it comes to small changes that leave a significant impact on your home interior.

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