Top Spring 2020 Interior Design Trends

As we reflect on the current situation, our interior design company wants to showcase and encourage you to transform your sanctuary into something which you will feel completely comfortable, relaxed and a sense of positivity. Seeking inspiration and applying it to your precious space as we create the perfect residential interior design, ready for the spring season. At Temza Interior Design & Build Studio, we are stocked up with all the interior design knowledge and happenings from London interior design to other depths of the world. It is our interior designer’s job to keep you aware of all the exciting and most sought-out trends for this Spring 2020. Are you ready to entertain yourself and apply these ideas to your residential space? Here are the top Spring 2020 trends to look out for and use when renovating your beloved home and property.

Structure & Simplicity

If you’d like to approach this time of year with a calming and regenerating strategy within your lifestyle and surroundings, this interior design trend will be the ultimate solution and opportunity for you to create the calm environment you have been craving. Inviting, welcoming and restful are what our London residential interior designers like to describe this Spring 2020 Trend. The relaxed approach to the environment defines as not being overly minimalist, but just the right amount of subtle features to an organised and well-accommodated home. Interior Design companies have seen this interior design trend become increasingly popular in London Residential Homes and apartments, where sometimes all of us want to escape the busy city life and live in a sanctuary where we can focus on ourselves.

Elements that are well noted in this Spring interior design trend include natural materials, warm and soft neutrals as well as crafted, raw artisan styles. Our residential interior designers emphasise the structured-look, where we will focus on purchasing fewer products and focus on quality investments which will alter the unique feel to your residential London home. As the colour palette is mainly concentrated in using warmer tones and neutral shades, we turn to textures and natural materials being a considerable contribution when creating bold elements, as this substitutes an accent colour. Our residential interior designers love this wool abstract rug by Amara. This style mainly works well to create rustic kitchens, or modern bathrooms, to name a few examples.


You can hear about sustainable product sourcing for the last couple of years, but it is not out and getting only more prominent. Associating to the trend named above, sustainability has become a massive name within suppliers and residential interior design, where we focus more on the environment and use conscious decisions on what we buy. Our residential and commercial interior designers are here to explore what entails in following this noted trend.

Recycled materials are especially trendy in Spring 2020, starting from Terrazzo and products using a mix of recycled plastics, glass or stone. On the other spectrum, we find an increase in using natural materials such as wood, wicker and clay. Our residential interior designers can purchase beautiful, natural items such as this epic table, where you can add as a statement to your London Home. Want to dig deeper to the trend? You can find suitable items and local products as we avoid unnecessary pollutions by transport and travel. Luckily, many interior design companies are thinking more thoughtfully in finding suppliers who associate with this trend and more companies are going green, reducing carbon footprint!

Mixing old and new

Our residential interior designers are admiring this particular trend incorporating traditional settings and features with modern twists. Layering old and new while adding a personal and unique touch to the environment of your London home. As our residential interior design team works with more historical properties, we tend to note with clients that they want to keep its historical features and still maintain that sense of history. But, styling in intelligent ways where modern elements slowly come hand in hand and create a comfortable, yet chic and stylish environment. This Spring 2020 interior design trend particularly suits well with traditional homes, but adding personal style and touches for a unique interior. Our residential interior designers have used this for our Clifton Hill project, and we find how the reception fits perfectly well with this interior design trend.

Pastel Colours

Focusing on colour palettes and furniture, we had to add pastels to the list! A distinct interior design trend which can soften your residential space, and create a gentle and positive alternative more appealing than typical whites and light beiges. As we see Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, First Light, a soft, pastel and dusty pink which adds that soft touch to your living area or bedroom. Exploring further, we also note that Tranquil Dawn also fits the pastel category, showing its increased popularity within painting suppliers! These peaceful and appealing tones will completely transform your residential space, bringing light and brightness with its subtle and reflective moods.

Eclectic & Brave: 70’s & 90’s

Our interior designers will thoroughly explore this common trend as there are many stimulating elements which come together. This particular Spring 2020 interior design trend is for those who are brave, bold and eccentric! The luxurious feel and a sophisticated atmosphere, allow your creativity and experimental persona to shine through this particular interior design trend. Interior design companies have a sense of freedom when working with the eclectic style, as you explore many designs and looks in every room for your London residential home. Distinguished features such as curved furniture and accessories, as well as using rich tones such as Classic blue, bronze, ochre and brass finishes. Create statement rooms which stand out and are there to impress, by purchasing unique pieces such as this Anda armchair from Ligne Roset.

Our interior designers are there to assist you with residential and commercial services, creating magnificent spaces and keeping you on the know about the latest news in the interior design industry. We are on Instagram & Pinterest to keep you inspired, and online to complete your job. Contact our interior design and build company now!

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