smart storage solutions for small yet practical living room with white bespoke joinery, blue cosy sofa, Westminster, London


Temza design and build gives their expert tips for a small home

Need more space? Here are our interior designers top storage ideas for a tidy and well-organised home

With properties getting smaller and smaller and so many clever storage ideas out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. No matter how small your London space is, that doesn’t mean it has to be cramped and messy. Read our 5 easy tips for a clean and organised home. You can also visit our blog post for any open space properties, as Temza Design provides advice for any sort of property.

Start with the entrance and keep moving down the hallway

residential interior design light hallway in Hampstead, London

Netherhall Gardens 

Hallways are a great place for shoes, coats and bags, but they’re not the only place to store all those extra bits and pieces. Some closed storage cabinets on top of the kitchen cupboards or somewhere in the living room can be used for off-season clothes or things you don’t use very often, and are a really smart storage solution for small houses.

The space underneath the stairs is usually where people stash away unsightly things like hoovers and paperwork, but it doesn’t have to be disorganised and chaotic. Instead of just throwing everything in and hoping for the best, try breaking up the area with shelves or drawers. As well as looking much nicer, this clever storage solution can also save you a lot of time when you’re trying to find things. You can find beautiful designs and solutions, while still keeping it presentable and functional.

Different shapes and sizes of cupboards can also hide away any number of household items, from brooms and brollies to ironing boards and clothes horses, so spend some time experimenting to find some smart storage ideas that work for your space.

Fitted coat storage is another way of hiding the messy look of chunky coats and jackets, while mirrored doors will add more light and visually enlarge your hallway.

smart storage solutions for small yet practical corridor in Westminster, London
smart storage solutions for small yet practical corridor in Westminster, London

Wellington House

Fitted shoe storage is another excellent solution for a tidy hallway. Take a look at our Wellington House project to see how we made the most of vertical space to house a large shoe collection in a tiny hallway:

minimalist interior design for light bedroom with bespoke built in storage and cosy bed in Marylebone, LOndon


In a small home, it’s important to pick and choose furniture correctly so you don’t end up with a cluttered space. If you don’t have room for side tables, alcoves to the side of the bed can be a practical solution to really make the most of an awkward space. They’re great for displaying your favourite items and you can also fill them will designer-looking storage boxes to keep any mess out of sight. There are a million storage box designs to choose from, from minimal through to eclectic and fun, and they are a simple way to add some colour to the room.

Ottoman beds and headboards are both really clever storage ideas for small bedrooms. They allow you to use space underneath or to the side of the bed to store your things, and can remove the need for a bulky wardrobe or bedside tables.

We love Sueno for its beautiful headboards and practical yet stylish ottoman beds.

residential interior design in Bromley, London, Master bedroom with the wooden wall

Drakefell Road

Fitted well-organised wardrobes are a bespoke solution that might be just what you need, as they are tailored to your personal preferences and to fit your personal belongings.

Think outside the box – maybe you can even install a rail or some shelves above the bed to store clothes or other items in this otherwise unused space.


Make the most of vertical space in the bathroom in order to maximise storage whilst minimising clutter. A stacking rack in the shower looks neat and tidy and clears bottles and lotions from the edge of the bath.

Alcoves are a bathroom saviour. They can easily be installed in the shower or next to a bathtub or basin and are a great place to keep toiletries, or even some relaxing scented candles. Take a look at our luxurious Chapter Street project to see how our interior designers used alcoves to create lots of extra space and a stylish looking bathroom.

A little shelf above the sink is really handy and can give you more space for all of your pots and potions. A vanity unit can hide some of your other bits and pieces, and shelves or cupboards can even be a smart storage idea for many bathrooms.
The space above the toilet can be used, too – a small shelf for toiletries or towels could work perfectly here.

Use as many mirrored surfaces as possible; a large mirror can actually make the little space you have appear twice as big. Wall-mounted storage cabinets with mirrored doors are really practical and visually enlarge the space.

Hangers on the back of the door are a great bathroom hack and can give you some much-needed space for towels or dressing gowns, while a simple box or basket for toilet paper or cleaning supplies helps keeps things looking tidy and organised.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to learn more, check out our post on how to plan and carry out a stress-free loft conversion here for some more great tips that can be applied to all kinds of house extensions.

If you’ve decided you want to start planning and building your dream house extension but are unsure where to start, get in touch with Temza London Studio to find out more about how our design and build service can help you to create the home of your dreams. Our highly skilled and experienced interior design team can guide you through every step of the process, from understanding planning permissions to choosing and ordering the furniture to fill your new space with. Visit our website at  to see a few examples of some stunning house extensions in London and the surrounding areas that we have worked on, and to learn more about how our expert design team could transform your home, too.

residential interior design for light and spacious kitchen with small dining area in apartment in Westminster, London

Reception and Kitchen

Alcoves can be incorporated in other areas of the home too, including the office, hallway, and the kitchen. Although they’re great for displaying decorative items, they also come handy for storing books, candles, keys and more. Take a look at our Netherhall Gardens project for some more inspiration on how to use them effectively.

Storage in furniture
Footstools with hidden storage are both handy and stylish. Check out this clever storage solution by Soho Home – it’s great for storing those bulky winter jumpers that take up precious space in the wardrobe.

Wall-mounted seating

Chairs that are attached to the wall and can easily be flipped up when you don’t need them are a clever storage solution for small homes that can really help you to maximise the space you do have.

Raised platform – If your ceilings are tall enough, consider adding a raised platform to a room (or part of a room, if you’re in a loft or studio) and you’ll be able to stash all kinds of things within it: suitcases, winter coats, or even a whole extra mattress for unexpected guests.

If you love these clever storage solutions but need a little help adapting them for your own home, why not get in touch with Temza? Our expert team of interior designers will guide you through every step of the process, maximizing space and minimizing clutter so that you find space you never knew you had! Take a look at our website to find out more:

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