A guide to crystal healing and which minerals are best for your interior space

How to use crystals in your space?

A few weeks ago Temza London published our beautifully curated office display unit on Instagram. We embraced the opportunity to add a few new crystals too! Our interior designers asked you if you would like to know more about crystals, particularly crystals in interiors. As a result, we were delighted that you received our query with great interest and enthusiasm. So, here it is! A blog post focussing on stunning natural stones and their place in our homes. Read on and discover how to select your own crystals, where to place them and some of our favourites.  

What do crystals bring to us and how they change our spaces?

The word crystal evokes a feeling of luxury and enchantment, something precious and beautiful that is born from the earth itself. The very nature of their creation means they are unique with such a variety of colours, patterns and shapes available – perfect for adding a personal decorative touch to any setting. Inviting the outdoors indoors is a very popular trend, and crystals are just perfect for this. They enable you to enjoy an instant connection with nature that enriches the soul. After all, how can you fail to feel happy when you surround yourself with beautiful things? With their intrinsic repeating patterns and rugged allure, these magnificent minerals are becoming a big part of the rising trend, maximalism. With a `more is more’ philosophy, you can really let your personality and passion shine.

As well as their unquestionable beauty, crystals have a deeper meaning and a positive impact on the spaces we inhabit. Each crystal holds varying restorative energies that you can use mindfully around your interior. So, it will promote positive energy and clear away negative energy, therefore balancing your space and your spirit. Some promote peace and tranquillity, whilst others energize the area they are placed in. With so many benefits, crystals are becoming more and more popular in interior design, decoration and styling.

Crystals in interiors - Pimlico, London
Crystals in interiors - Pimlico, London

How to choose your crystals?

Picking your crystal is a very personal decision. In short, for any crystal to work on a deeper and more spiritual level, it’s essential to choose one that genuinely speaks to you. Try to notice your personal attachment! Which one attracts you? Perhaps you like its shape or its colour? Pick it up, hold it for a minute. How does it feel? Listen to your feelings and trust your instincts. Allow these crystals to shine through, with a few of the interior design team’s suggestions below:

Where and how to use crystals?

Selenite Geode

This stone is most notable as a cleansing crystal. Placed in doorways and entrances, it can help to keep energy clear and neutral in the transition between spaces.


A revitalising and comforting stone which signifies an abundance of energy and life! Citrine is well suited to a family or sitting room.

Rose Quartz

The soothing energies of rose quartz can be used to quell anxiety, ideal for the restful and romantic ambience of the bedroom.

Black tourmaline

This purifying and balancing stone provides psychic protection from radiation, and electrical energy so is ideally placed near electronics.


Benefit from the calming and healing energies of amethyst in an office or studio. The energy from this stone mainly works to improve intellectual and cerebral thought.

Clear Quartz

This cleansing and purifying stone is recommended for the bathroom where it will help heal and balance energies, preparing you for a new day.

open and closed storage with unique decor and crystals

Temza Interior Design Studio London favourites:

Green muscovite

This vibrant green stone stimulates the mind, intensifies inspiration, aids with problem-solving and helps develop intuition.

Pyrite or Fools gold

Representing abundance and prosperity, Pyrite helps to increase focus and boost energy and strength to take on a challenging task.


Even if you’re having a hectic day, you’ll be able to relax, find peace and solitude with this crystal nearby.

Madagascan Apatite

Firstly, this is a stone of manifestation, promoting a humanitarian outlook and service to others. It works to enhance group communication, aids in time management working on projects, plus promotes animal conservation (our Joy’s favourite).

How to incorporate crystals in your spaces in a stylish way?

To sum up, every crystal is fascinating in its own right, and Temza Interior Design Studio embrace and appreciate the natural beauty of crystals in their pure raw form. However, if you would like to enjoy crystals more boldly and creatively, here are some stylish homeware accessories that our interior designers would recommend. Starting with this Quartz trinket box made from pure quartz in pink or white, our interior designers love this touch of luxe to the dressing table! Head over to our Pinterest and get inspired with choice of colour, texture and stone.

Green Jasper Box by Giuliano Tincani £1481
Green Jasper Box by Giuliano Tincani £1481
Lumino Sand Agate Coasters set of 4 by Culture of Art £170
Lumino Sand Agate Coasters set of 4 by Culture of Art £170
Agate Decorative Object by Amara £75
Agate Decorative Object by Amara £75
Pair of Natural Druze Bookends by LuxDeco £388
Pair of Natural Druze Bookends by LuxDeco £388
Rose Quartz Bracket by Anthropologie £44
Rose Quartz Bracket by Anthropologie £44
Agate Taper Holder by Anthropologie £46-50£
Agate Taper Holder by Anthropologie £46-50£
Green Jasper Box by Giuliano Tincani £1481
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