Interior Design Summer Colour Trends in 2020

Today we focus on colour within Interior Design and what a fantastic way to start with exploring our favourite Summer 2020 Colour Trends. Currently, we are spending more time indoors and trying to promote a healthier lifestyle and embrace well-being, something which colour has a significant role in particularly in interior design. You can read this is in more detail from ‘How design can affect your emotions’ blog post. Bring your summer indoors with a beautiful colour scheme selection that our interior designers have specifically picked out for you. No matter your taste, style or existing design, we have explored the interior design summer colour trends in 2020 to fit everyone’s taste!

Beige or... Champagne?

Sherwin Williams                                                                      

Everyone appreciates a simple and neutral colour scheme, mainly if it’s a living room, dining area or bedroom. We are familiar with the term beige, but why has Champagne been introduced as a newer and more favourable term? Champagne now describes a light beige, adding a more luxurious and contemporary twist to the tone we love and acknowledge. Bridging the gap between grey and beige, Champagne replaces the cooler greys within interior design and has replaced the full grey interior colour trend for Summer 2020.

As this trend focuses on a neutral scheme, our interior design company urge to heighten texture and materials. Avoid a bland scheme by layering tan, taupe, stone and caramel shades, as well as experimenting with many textures such as wood, stone, clay or wicker. This is a critical and significant element which will work perfectly when achieving the minimalistic interior design look. Don’t be afraid of playing with texture and different types of surfaces! Combine gloss finishes with grainy or raw texture, and accentuate a unique touch to the neutral, focused scheme. Even adding colour to accessories such as this modern wall mirror from AYTM will create the sleek, bold statement to your space.

Grey, Green & Blue

On the contrary to the first Summer 2020 colour trend, it is possible to bring grey into the colour scheme, with the beautiful and luscious shades of green and blue. Grey complements green and blue as it adds a refreshing tone and engaging look to a more neutral space. Sage greens, mints, light blues are all acceptable and celebrated when adding to a grey interior. Our interior designers suggest completing your interior by using and encouraging naturalistic elements and furniture. Nothing portrays a more summer vibe when bringing the exterior into the interior. Feel inspired by nature and its hues! Beautiful wallpaper from De Gournay will create that selling statement and will fit exquisitely in the bedroom as a feature wall. We particularly love this colour trend as it stimulates health and opens up beneficial features such as plants, natural wood and tropical vibes.

Classic Blue with warm tones of bronze, rose or ochre

Our interior design company love the freedom and experimentation of a bold and vibrant interior, that is why we have selected this more eclectic and lively colour scheme. Pantone’s Colour of the Year ‘Classic Blue’ is the classic and ideal base for the palette and colour summer 2020 trend.

This retro revival interior design team will see many rich blue tones, pattern and layered metallic touches including brushed brass, bronze or gleaming gold. Want to find the perfect representation for this colour trend? Our interior designers adore this Wingback chair with chrome legs by Tom Dixon. Rounded and curved furniture is the perfect pairing for this colour scheme, as it will create an elegant and glamorous atmosphere using statement pieces.

Embrace the warmth

Summer arrives, and we think warmth, heat and relaxation. Match the warm season of summer with a warm interior consisting of neutral hues, burnt orange, terracotta and rusty reds. Our interior design company has seen an increasing demand for warmer interiors, and we are not surprised, as this colour scheme can work wonderfully in many spaces and schemes such as the monochromatic scheme. This colour trend will also work magnificently in commercial areas, particularly in this inspiring space ‘By Appointment Only’ Myer Marquee. Our interior designers also agree with the velvet fabric choice for this Summer 2020 Colour trend.

Hazelnut tones are open for a classy and sophisticated look. Ensure your flooring harmonically matches and combines with the interior. A lighter floor scheme and darker colour accents will be an excellent initial step to base this trend on. The interior design world is embracing warm tones as it creates a world to magnificent and otherworldly interiors. With red stone and marble, clay and finalising with a gloss finish, we’re open to seeing much more extravagant commercial space or home interior using this colour palette.

Romantic Lilac

A more recent and newer trend which opens up the opportunity for a more magical and softer interior is the use of lilacs, violets and colourful pastel approach. This Summer 2020 interior design colour trend allows for a more romantic and decadent interior, where we use the focal colour of lilac and experiment with soft yellows or beige tones, perfect for a magical bedroom. The romantic lilac has crept in the world of interior design from fashion influences, where a lot of lilac and violets are now found in clothing stores. Our interior designers describe this colour trend to be reflective, personal and unique. It also was explored in a recent Colour Hive Talk as ‘Reverie’, becoming one of the four foreshadowing trends for SS 20/21.

What materials will work with this distinctive scheme? Unique pearl and shell accessories are close to the pearlescent and iridescent look, which this colour trend needs. Furniture which is functional yet designed to appear it is something else such as a tufted rug or a cloud pendant light as seen from our Drakefell Road Project. Our interior design company also love this 2lg Studio lilac wallpaper to portray the magical and out of this world environment. Want to create an exquisite and personal room which allows you to experiment and be completely free? This Summer 2020 colour trend is the one for you!

Let us know if you want any more interior design trend selections, and we will discuss and explore everything interior design for your residential or commercial space! Temza Interior Design Studio is always here to keep you in the know about the industry, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and contact us today to start your interior project!

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