The Future of Interior design – What we do to keep ahead of the London market.

Interior design is a highly competitive field, and you may wonder what makes a successful practice? Temza Interior Design and Build Studio was founded in 2012, and we have managed to deliver more than 50 top-quality Interior projects so far. Amongst many were featured in top specialised Home & Garden Press publications and quoted as a reference as Interior Design company in London. Today we will share a few industry tips with you to explain how we stay relevant and to keep ahead on the market.

Keep an eye on Interiors trends, materials and consumers needs.

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This one could almost link to pure marketing. Still, it is vital to “know your market”, and that means keeping in touch with product manufacturers, journalists, top interior designers, art and design circles to get inspired for current or future projects. We keep an eye on trends, brands, products.

How do we do that? Our interior designers have three procedures and methods to take.

We visit key trade fairs in Europe to discover novelties and network with key players in the industry. Our current favourites are Decorex (London), Salone del Mobile (Milan), Stockholm Furniture Fair, and Maison & Object (Paris).

We read specialised press print or digital, research and knowledge are essential to get ahead. With the information and inspiration we consume, we allow ourselves to discuss options with clients and let them have an insight into what is current and our input.

We are present on Social Media and follow key accounts too. The idea is to keep in touch with consumer trends and get inspired by other Interior influencers. You may follow our Instagram page in order to keep on the know about our visits, services, selections and projects!

Technology 3D Laser Scanning applied to Interior Design

This technology is relatively recent for Residential or commercial projects use but has been around for many years in construction and engineering projects. It is an advanced and extremely efficient technology which can be used prior to or during works. 3D Laser Scanning captures a physical object’s exact size and shapes into a computerised image as a digital 3-dimensional representation. Using highly accurate 3D scan data generated with 3D scanning, you can view as-built documentation in a virtual world. Effectively the scanner would create a 3D image of a room or a full house. It is not always explored due to its cost; therefore, it is typically recognised for larger Residential projects or Commercial projects which require full design & build service. Temza Interior Design Studio works with key players in this area to offer this service. Using this technology minimises errors or any oversights in the near future as the 3D imagery created and produced are exact and accurate.

Use of Modern Space Planning Tools with Computer-Aided Design programs

Minimizing human error and increasing customer satisfaction throughout a client’s Renovation process are two key, essential aspects here at Temza Interior Design Studio in London.

Our interior designers typically use Layout planning and Space Elevations, with CAD Planning Tools in every project as a standard. Our team uses AutoCAD and Revit applied to Interior Design space planning for 2D space planning. These software’s are introduced in many industries by architects, project managers, civil engineers. They provide ease of use and high-level technical detail that not many software can offer. Thanks to these CAD tools, it enables our studio in London to remain flexible and adaptable when it comes to Interior Design.

Virtual Reality solutions

Furthermore, Temza London offers 3D Room Visualisation and renderings. Based on the Interior Designer drawings and 2D designs, our Interior Design Studio in London can provide customers with digital images as close as possible to a real photograph of their completed project. This requires a different computer program, and the level of precision is impressive. Clients love to be able to see a visual representation of what their home will look like once the project is completed. Nice-to-know! 3D rendering images are increasingly used in extensive furniture catalogues as they are easier to create than lifestyle photoshoot pictures. It’s not just a tech gimmick!

In terms of going the extra mile, here at Temza Interior Design Studio, you can count on us an rely on our services!

With 3D rendering software, we can also create for our clients a 360-degree virtual reality experience of the drawings created by Temza Interior Designer. Virtual reality (VR) may make you think of gaming and entertainment. Still, it can be fantastic for clients to fully experience their new kitchen or entire home completely renovated when the reality is far from it. Sometimes all it is needed is a VR helmet, a smartphone and the right Virtual Reality application. Allowing clients into a room, other space, or whole building can enable them to appreciate aspects of a project they don’t take in from other visual aids.

We believe there can be an emotional aspect to it too. It is a great way to keep clients motivated and engaged with the end goal, especially when we work on a large-scale project requiring the client to move out of its property for some time.

Decided you want to start planning and building your dream house renovation but are unsure where to start?  Get in touch with Temza Interior Design Studio London to find out more about how our design and build service can help you to create the home of your dreams. Our highly skilled and experienced team can guide you through every step of the process, from understanding planning permissions to choosing and ordering the furniture to fill your new space with. Visit our website at  to see a few examples of some stunning spaces in London and the surrounding areas that we have worked on, and to learn more about how our expert interior design team could transform your home, too.

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